just pouring my heart out

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  • cherish312 22w

    Just observe and listen to one next to us without judging or imposing your opinion.
    It is a soothing therapy to ourself in its own way.

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    We humans, have the power to
    Impose humane emotions to most inanimate objects
    But also the weakness to
    Ignore basic feelings of ones next to us

  • cherish312 22w


    Everywhere I Look,
    Insecurities is staring at me,
    Hiding behind the curtains of violence, hate and ..........

    Everyone I look,
    Even in the mirror,
    Insecurity hiding behind ego, rage and ............

  • cherish312 23w

    # lets_fight_together

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    The Thing I realised is, Hate is a communicable disease
    it spreads fast and affect one's mind
    The worst and dangerous part is
    it even spreads to the one that treats the disease.
    And is very difficult to recognize oursell thest like everybody else.
    Hate is slow poison that changes the perception of world one sees.
    It is like cataract of the mind.
    So friends just try to asses our own steps because it is evil in disguise.
    Have compassion for the victims and high vigilance to the self.
    It can be cured only by love and love alone.
    Always reflect on your steps and thoughts

  • cherish312 24w


    Each generations pass on baton to another,
    successors of them can either
    run forward with it or,
    standwhere you are,But
    please dont run backwards

  • cherish312 30w

    Love is like a perfumes, it just fills the space that you give it.
    So just increase the space for it.

  • cherish312 31w


    Intensity of frustration is the gap between your expectation and reality

  • cherish312 31w

    underestimate the things you can do
    in short tine
    Overestimate the duration
    Of a long time.

  • cherish312 33w


    I am a time traveller who oscillates between past and future
    And sincerely trying to travel to present because that is where other two are created


  • cherish312 35w


    Deep down everything we do is for personal satisfaction even, selfless sacrifices.

  • cherish312 35w


    Greatest foe is always within...