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  • cherry_blossom6 15w

    Excuse me, Do you have a band Aid? ✨

    Because i just scrapped my knees falling for you ❤️✨

  • cherry_blossom6 15w

    I got a problem, but i think its more like an issue because ❤️

    I mISSUE❤️

  • cherry_blossom6 15w

    Your chapter in my book is over.

    It will forever be one of my favourites ❤️

    But i cannot keep reading it... Hoping for a different ending.

  • cherry_blossom6 16w

    Uhm hey i just finished working out

    You know what else can work out ?

    ✨ You and me ✨

  • cherry_blossom6 17w

    Do you know why coffee shops are going out of business ? ❤️

    Cause their coffee are not keeping me awake.

    BUT YOU DO ❤️

  • cherry_blossom6 22w

    My Heart Always Misses You,
    Don’t Fall For Anyone, But For You,
    Be My Queen, I’ll be Your King,
    You Be My Home, I’ll be the Door.

    Seeing You, I Get Floated Towards You,
    You Are Flower And I’m Attached With You Like a Stem. ❣️

    When I Walked To Ways Of Your Dreams,
    I Walked Long And Couldn’t Get Back,
    Like Papers Stay Stick With Papers,
    I Wanna Stay With You Like That.❤️

    Let’s Make A World Together,
    If Gets Sulked, We’ll be Normal Instantly,
    Will Fill Your Bag With Happiness, ❤️
    Will Give You a Dream House.

    These Words Are Not Fake, I’ll Make It True,
    I Pray To God, For You, ✨

  • cherry_blossom6 22w

    When I grabbed your wrist tightly, your bangles broke
    I keep them safe, the broken pieces of your bangle ❤️

    It’s been many days since the last time my eyes fell asleep
    I have no one here, except you

    Oh girl, no one is beautiful than you
    Not even the stars, moon, sky or land
    When I’ll place my head on your shoulders
    It will be the most beautiful moment, ever ❣️

  • cherry_blossom6 23w

    Innocent One
    No One Is Prettier Than You
    Not Even The Stars
    Or The Whole Universe Or Moon ✨
    And If There Is A Chance
    When I Put My Head On Your Chest
    It’ll Be The Time
    That I Feel My Very Best❤️

    I Know It Will Look Nice
    When Your Earrings Touch Your Face
    And Your Beautiful
    Dark Hair Will Hide The Nights And Days
    The Stars Will Keep Looking For It
    Even On Today
    But In The End Their Effort ❤️
    It Will Even Fade Away

    I Am Going To Give Up Everything For You
    I Am Going To Give It All Up To You
    And In The End I Will Dedicate My Life To You ❤️