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  • chief_priest 3w


    What you've become?
    A dream of mine that came short of a reality
    You're the sun, I'm the sad lonely Pluto,
    Multiple planets of what I fail to comprehend setting a distance between us
    In you I find my warmth ye beaming celestial being
    Yet here I am wasted and dying in the cold.

    Your love was poison, it sucked out the life in me
    O dear! I await you, let me die one more time
    That I spend the rest of my feeble life,
    Basking in the glory of your paradise, maybe hell
    Then the world shall know I was one hell of a lover.

  • chief_priest 11w


    I'm beginning to forget how it premiered,
    Those fresh memories running stale already!
    Retrograde amnesia induced by the present worldly pleasures
    The struggle, the hassle, gradually going down the drain, yet I act like it's all good
    Enthusiasm of the old days, did you forsake me already?
    Or am I just being the lowly human that I am?
    The gruesome reality which I've always avoided.

    Take me back in time,
    Roll up those curtains of memories,
    Rewind me through the path you took me through,
    Holding my hands and showing me all, bits by bits,
    Maybe then I'd rise up, with my gaze towards the goal,
    Running the race and making you proud again.

  • chief_priest 17w

    Low-key, we suppose just dey garden of Eden, make we just dey schurp avocado and apple everyday

  • chief_priest 17w

    Three Big Dots

    E choke, E asphyxiate, E tight
    No be so life suppose be na
    Make everything just soft
    Make we chill till we comot this big sphere
    But no, wahala just full everywhere
    Life con dey be like war film wey get plenty episodes
    Elemi lo ma last sha
    Cheers to all comrades at war.

  • chief_priest 28w

    When I'm alone,
    Groaning in solitude which mere words cannot explain,
    The gently moving wind doing justice to every pore on my skin,
    Serving as music to my ears,
    Relief for the pain,
    Dopamine for the grief,
    Liquor for the sorrow.

  • chief_priest 30w

    Ellipsis (...)

    To the devil,
    Hey man, this isn't like the usuals. It's a letter of appreciation. I'd like to thank you for all you did. For the torments, the sufferings and for the exhilarating addiction. You've played an important role in making me what I am today, infact you were more like a catalyst. Making me wallow in a life of sin was your trademark. What a toxic relationship it was! You were wining and dining whilst I was suffering and dying. Well, all you did lead me back to him, the Messiah, the saviour of my soul, in whom I'm forever happy.
    Not Yours Sincerely,


  • chief_priest 32w

    I wonder...

    As I flipped through the books of old,
    My attention was trapped by brother Matthew's.
    Four men I saw,
    Peter and Andrew, James and John
    I'll make you fishers of men,
    Then left a duo their nets and followed him.
    The other party left their father.
    Then I began to wonder, what was the catalyst
    A statement convinced them all!
    The folks asked not a single question
    Was it Jesus just being supreme?
    Was it the scripture being fulfilled?
    Was there something they saw?
    Is there a part of the story we don't know?
    I wonder...


  • chief_priest 32w


    Another spoiler alert
    Life's a movie,
    You happen to be the hero
    You've got to end it by dying.

  • chief_priest 32w


    Spoiler alert!
    We're all in a video game
    Quite unfortunate we happen to be NPCs
    Each step you take has been programmed
    Welcome to life!

  • chief_priest 34w


    My hoodlum lover once said:
    There's something special about me
    My heart is made of glass
    You trespass and break it,
    I'd take a large chunk,
    Look you in the eyes,
    And stab you to death.