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  • childauthor_345 2d

    The phenomenon is rare
    when house changes into home
    Victory touched me at last but ,
    Alas , I wish but I can't hold the time
    How long the couplet goes through
    So avidity turned out to be a #tailrhyme .

    • Splashes of comet , vista! Wait for another fall ��

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    Thirty moments making poetry

    Sole columns seeks for palm
    For blue hope , not to calm
    But wait fuses in qualms
    (&) Last road dominates

    As evenings chase sunset
    Inspite being offset
    To meet , eyes are Silhouette
    (Whilst )Someone stands parallel

    I'm trapped in jar of lights
    In hymns of her whet nights
    (As ) Nomad gaze(s) banal heights
    For blithe solace to mend

    ~ quatrain all about apprehending object in a life .

  • childauthor_345 3d

    #Learning remedies of uncertain divergence , I lost maps going to cedar - stations .

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    Sometimes , the rain weeps
    As the sombre of hidden leaps
    It's invisible to be felt through
    But I've learnt the diversity in streaks

    Eclipses are such a pounding luxury
    How long , the home of galaxy waits
    To see sunshine with the moony reflection
    I learnt a lot but spring too have a date

    Perplexed alphabets since tiny torches --
    Lighting , I learnt how autumn rejects breeze
    A visit I urge for , Where humanity is residing ,
    take me to there , please .

  • childauthor_345 4d

    Bent trees hail autumn to shed old injuries
    Anonymous wish to make the season freeze
    To gaze illuminating illusion of snowy smile
    Steps never fail , evidently stages by juvenile

    The crown of swallows on unsocial terraces
    Ends the thirst of rest , of mildly modified old chair
    Gladiator - time chops the empty road to cut the teary races
    Not a destined destination , but sometimes faces shadows infatuated faces

  • childauthor_345 5d

    #Metaphor is the muse of unheard calls of poet ,
    Sometimes covered with thorns of rose , sometimes covered with snowflakes lying in blank basket.

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    To set in the lap of skyline
    Sun search for landlocked sand
    And to the conflux of loving flowers ,
    Love is a growing garland .

  • childauthor_345 1w

    Melancholic #metaphor is just a term for her poetry
    To mesmerize me at every stanza of life like hilly stations.

    { Sa - her , l'eau - water }

    Your smile is watermark to my spring ,
    And inaudible steps heals more sooner than verse ,
    To get to dreams , screamer needs no wing
    And belonging to you is most astounding delusion in this universe .

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    Being summer is more soothing than winter sometimes , just the wait is of a medieval sane rose .

    A laugh in the sea of sadness ,
    Create splashes of tulips on fainting dress ,
    Making a shriveled weed bloom sometimes
    And within her glimpse , I prepare many rhymes

    The noise is music to his ears
    As he has travelled to trenches of fears
    But when the shed glown with floral harness
    He saw her as a light in the sea of darkness

    Life is a barren field frozen with snow
    And her venust voice gives warmth in row
    Her elflock is evergreen as an exhibition of dark wonderland
    and as soon she entered my field in charismatic culture , all shined in flow
    And at between of distance , I saw that
    Love is a growing garland .

    ~ drops of L'eau , as rain o'er rose , as life o'er lifeless , as love o'er sa .

  • childauthor_345 1w

    White pages do have an asset of dark poesy
    And white dove is escaping black lawns
    Pink covers tie itself in silky currents
    And here I'm waiting for another dawn , in you .

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    614th courage

    When spells concise
    She fetched a change
    Yet crossing by 3 squares
    I stopped just after your range

    Out of 613 failures ,
    I still look for a (your)smile
    I was so close that
    Thunder brought back the love ,
    lost in a while

    I've seen many markets
    And learnt recipes of pompous hope
    But how I ain't a unit yet , being aloof ,
    " Your" is a thread and "our" is a rope

    Again , I've no gold coins
    As fifteenth copper claims
    But the velocity of cheeky stardust
    Is what I aimed , what I aims .

    ~ aerogel floating over magical colonies .

  • childauthor_345 1w

    ���� wow
    you're tears of sky , falling on barren heart of mine .

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    Gullible streets of hometown are longing , wouldn't you come ?

    How far you've gone , poet
    Fetching craters of second luna
    Won't you slide for a while , for a tea of my share
    Cause , only memories hold heat & coldness is everywhere

    Have you touched the hands of my poetry
    It's still ringing with sensations which you n your smile gives
    Won't you like to scatter mellifluous tales out of your lofty voice
    Cause , Blizzard letter is the only treasure I got , bliss is still an asset of yours embossed in my fertile invoice .

    ~ as an emblem on gifted note .

  • childauthor_345 1w

    My journal can be huge
    if you write my name
    With blueish sparklers
    On remaining roads
    Belonging to .

    [Primis = first
    Secundus = second
    Tertia = third
    Denique =" and finally"
    Thou = you ]

    True parrot = a species of parrot.

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    Pristine punctures to punctual profoundness


    Lifting flashlights to floodlights ,
    Lighting luxurious lamps to catch the kites ,
    My lexicons drifted in checking alphabets when
    I urged for beauty to enter in your imperial Indigo twilight


    I cradled true parrot to gift thou --
    A vocabulary of mine whom I failed to split
    Twelve petals got caught in midst of storm now
    When I leaked my refill on bird's waterstone outfit


    I chased all the nurtured notes of nightingales
    To rest and wake up next to your mellifluous anklets
    My diary again got wet when it met some fascinated angles
    Actually , my dream got unredeemed whilst your image snarled in my bracelets


    Stamping symphonies in stake
    Finding you betwixt adorned peaks
    I found ride of life and love need beguile breaks
    What 'bout fireflies , they are a moment leap , just a wait , for you to speak ---

    Vintage words.

  • childauthor_345 2w

    Have you seen loo breakin the heart of a humming bird
    And a fragile neat nest too
    The shout's epicness - in roundabout
    An ant screams that way
    Behind my eyes , on laburnum bay

    Poet poetry and piece ,
    Epics , stories and peace
    Everything bends it's shape when cart rolls on
    Greatest forts - laughs ahead on concrete
    Some places never moves on

    Inhabitable habitat and two lovers walk in two feet
    Apart of the shiny elements
    Ducklings grow and dear place , you changed me

    ~ lantern measuring remained energy

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    Flipping blink , weed slinks

    Mirror opposes
    Sunset falls wide of music
    Meadows look yellow
    Making hope - a pinprick
    When monsoon runs to hug
    A quarterly drowned hand
    A love(r) completed his heart
    By being a snowflake.

    ~ her smile and her fist in aloof

  • childauthor_345 2w

    Uneven odds at track

    Draw a composite skyline
    Midst foggy way , o'er unseen lines
    Remunerate stillness of fine design
    Till then I'm weaving , what your smile define

    ~ gravels gazing glamour getting gloomy.