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  • chinu27 2w

    Graceful memory

    Sitting side by side
    and holding each other's hands.
    Oh, such a graceful memory it is,
    to feel nostalgic.

    The day's warm sunshine,
    hitting our eyes,
    the cold breeze, sending light shivers,
    and then you,
    smiling and covering me with your jacket.
    Oh, such a graceful memory it is,
    to feel nostalgic.

    The cozy and warm little nights,
    we spent with each other,
    watching movies
    and dancing to our favorite songs.
    Oh, such a graceful memory it is,
    to feel nostalgic.

    The mornings with each other,
    with a cup of tea and radio,
    sitting together on the balcony,
    the chilly wind hitting our faces.
    Oh, such a graceful memory it is,
    to feel nostalgic.

    But then,
    I lost you,
    I lost us.
    A foe of mine, called death,
    came for you, and took you away,
    from me,
    leaving me like a living dead.

    The moments, our love,
    and of course, our photographs,
    are all that I still have.

  • chinu27 3w


    (Author's P.O.V.)

    Both Taehyung and Jackson panicked when Y/N collapsed and fell in Jackson's arms. Also, both of them were equally shocked about Y/N's confession.

    "Y/N! What happened?! Get up!!" Jackson panicked while shaking Y/N a little aggressively.

    "W-wait a second, I'll just call an ambulance." Jackson said while searching for his phone in the pockets of his jeans.

    Taehyung immediately panicked. He cannot let Jackson go away with Y/N just like that, especially when she just said something shocking and collapsed all of a sudden. He developed a strong doubt of Y/N being given the forgetting candy. He sensed it in the car, when Y/N was acting weirdly and too different from her own self. And now, when she collapsed, his doubt became even strong.
    He wondered if Hoseok had given her the candy, and if yes, then why in the name of heaven would he give this candy to Y/N.

    But right now wasn't the time to think about all of this. Right now he had to see Y/N, and most importantly, stop Jackson from causing any other trouble.

    And now, he had no other option left rather than facing Jackson.

    Jackson finally found his phone and got up from the Sofa to call an ambulance when he suddenly bumped into someone.

    He looked up at the face of Taehyung and freaked out.

    "What the hell?! How did you come in here? Who are you? Why-"

    "Just shut up for Lord's sake Parrotbeak!!" Taehyung interrupted Jackson,while being completely annoyed.

    "Y-you, get out of here before I call the police."

    Taehyung scoffed and said, "They won't be able to see me until I want them to. Now if you please shut up, let me do my work."

    "W-who are you?" Jackson asked while stepping back towards Y/N.

    "Oh come on, I won't ever hurt her. It's my duty to protect her, and unfortunately, you too, as you are a part of her family. By the way, I am Taehyung, Kim-" Taehyung was interrupted by a flying slipper, which he dodged immediately.

    "Really?! You are testing my patience Jackson." Taehyung said with an eyebrow raised. "I told you who I am, Kim Taehyung, Y/N's guardian angel."

    Jackson stopped from throwing another slipper when heard the name.

    "So........... Are you the Taehyung.... Y/N talked about?"

    "Yes dumb head! Finally, you got it."

    Taehyung didn't fail to notice sadness falling across Jackson's face.

    "Aish! I should already stop this drama." Taehyung said and immediately teleported in front of Jackson. Both of them looked at each other (or maybe stared at each other?).

    Suddenly, Taehyung's eyes began to emit a golden-white glow. "Jackson. Forget whatever just happened. Go straight to your home. Now repeat. What did I say?"

    Jackson's pupils expanded while he said, "I'll forget whatever just happened. I'll go straight to my home."

    Taehyung nodded and then said, "You are free to go now." Jackson nodded and went straight out of the home.

    Taehyung sighed and looked at Y/N. He picked her up in a bridal style and went to her bedroom, making her lie down carefully on the bed, and covering her with the blankets.

    He crouched on the floor beside her and pulled a strand of hair away from her face.

    "I don't know why you said that, probably due to the effect of the candy." He stood up and walked towards the door. Before opening it. he looked back at her once more,

    "But I would ask you to stop giving me these butterflies. I am afraid to fall in love


  • chinu27 5w


    (Taehyung' P.O.V.)

    "Thanks TaeTae." Y/N said and smiled.

    Did she just call me by a nickname? It felt so warm. My heart just did a back flip in my chest.

    The sky was shaded with crimson and pink hues. The sun bading us a goodbye for the day, while the breeze decided to just make the atmosphere a little cool. But despite of the beautiful surrounding, I was just focusing on the girl, who was sitting in front of me right now.

    How can I not protect this girl? How can she so easily say she doesn't care if she dies?

    Y/N was continuously looking at me, it felt her eyes were telling me something. She was not even blinking. I shifted a little towards her. It seemed as if she didn't even notice me getting closer to her. She was too busy looking at me, I could sense, she was admiring me, which made my cheeks turn into a deep shade of pink.

    Suddenly, the moment, our moment was interrupted by some idiot.

    "Hey Y/N! Is that you?" I looked away to see it was Jackson. Damn! Why does this guy exist? Why does he always have to be near Y/N?

    Y/N looked away from me to notice Jackson.

    "Jackson, hi!" Y/N got out from the car and smiled at Jackson. I teleported outside the car, to observe this Jackson a little more closely. He smiled at Y/N and hugged her. Why does he have to hug her? Can't he just maintain some distance?

    "You didn't come to the school Y/N. Is everything alright? Sana and I were worried for you." Jackson said while pulling apart from her.

    "Oh Jackson! There's no need to worry about me. I just.." She paused and glanced at me for a very short time, then turned to look at Jackson, "It was just some household work I had to finish with aunt. So I had to take a leave."

    Jackson nodded and held Y/N's hand. Does this parrotnose know a term called social distancing?!

    "Y/N, were you talking with someone in the car? I don't know why it felt like you were talking with yourself."

    Y/N gave a nervous smile and then said, "Oh yeah, I just, recently developed a habit of talking to myself." Jackson nodded and then both Y/N and him began to walk to Y/N doorstep.

    Why does this clown have to follow her till there? I felt myself getting angry.

    "Jackson, you are really sweet. Thanks for caring so much about me." Y/N smiled at Jackson. What's up with this girl, I don't get it. Why was she being so cheesy all of a sudden, and that too with Jackson?!

    "There's no need for thanks Y/N. You know I am and will always be there for you, whenever you need me."

    "She doesn't need you right now." I mumbled, loud enough so that only I can hear myself.

    Y/N opened the door and went inside, followed by Jackson and me, of course.

    "Jackson, you know, I am really happy today, to have friends like you, who care for me. And look at me, I can't really do anything." She sat down on the sofa while pouting. She looks so cute while pouting. I was about to sit beside her when this Jackson already sat beside her.

    "It's not true Y/N. Your existence alone matters a lot to me. Our friendship, your love, is all what I need." Jackson said and I raised an eyebrow.

    So this punk likes Y/N. My doubt has been clarified now.

    "My love?" Y/N asked Jackson. God, why was she acting like this. She is not a dumbo.

    "Is that really enough for you?" Y/N asked and Jackson blushed. Eww.... He looks so... So much like an Orangutan while blushing.

    "It's more than enough Y/N, it's... It's everything." He said and Y/N giggled.

    "You know Jackson, I like you, but I like Taehyung more." She said all of a sudden and my eyes widened along with Jackson's eyes.
    Did she just say she likes me?

    Before I could say anything, before anyone could speak, Y/N collapsed on the sofa, falling towards Jackson.


  • chinu27 5w


    "But Hoseok, what if he doesn't tell me?" I asked him while he smiled.

    "He will. Ask him when you feel its's the right time." Hoseok said and it made me more confused. How am I supposed to know when it's the right time?"

    "Stop thinking about this. Taehyung will know once he is near you. I can sense him. He's out of Father George's room. He might reach here in any time."

    "How am I supposed to do so? All the things that you are saying are so confusing Hoseok. The more you avoid a thought, the more you think about it. And right now-"

    "Here." I was interrupted by Hoseok, who was giving me a candy. "You need this."

    I looked at it and said, "I never said I need it. Besides, I don't really like candies."

    Hoseok's expression changed into a shocked one. "You don't like candies?! Are you even real?" I shrugged and he sighed.

    "Anyways, eat this. This will help you not to think about all this. It won't really erase everything from your mind, it'll just transfer the thought to your subconscious mind, and once the time is right, you'll automatically ask Taehyung about the truth."

    I hesitated a little and ate the candy. Immediately, I felt a shiver ran down my spine.

    "Don't worry. It might make you feel a little euphoric. Nothing else."

    I nodded and smiled at him. Suddenly, I felt someone holding my wrist.

    "Let's go Y/N." I noticed it was Taehyung, who was not even looking at me at that time.

    "Why are you in such a hurry Taehyung? Won't you spend some time here with me?" Hoseok asked and Taehyung shook his head.

    "Not right now Hyung. I am not in a good mood. Besides, its getting late."

    Hoseok nodded and waved both of us a goodbye. I jumped and waved him back while he chucked.

    Taehyung took me out of the headquarters and we both headed to my car.

    "Are we going this early?" I asked all of a sudden.

    "Yeah. I don't want to stay here right now." Taehyung said and sat inside the car while I started the car.

    I pouted and mumbled, "I wanted to stay here a little more."

    "What's up with you? Did Hoseok perform some magic on you?" Taehyung asked and inspected me from head to toe.

    "No way. He's so cute. I liked him, especially his smile." I said while smiling a little. I started to drive the car, and soon, I was blazing the car."

    "Are you in your senses? Slow it down." Taehyung said while panicking.

    "Aww... Are you scared my guardian angel?" I asked while laughing and he glared at me.

    "I am not scared Y/N! I am just worried you'll get into an accident if you keep speeding up like this."

    I giggled and said, "I don't care. It's fun."

    I continued driving my car in a rough manner and finally reached home. I switched off the engine after parking the car and turned to look at Taehyung, "See, we are fine. I told you, it's fun."

    "That's because of me idiot! Three times, three times you were about to collide the car with other vehicles. Only if I wouldn't have cared enough for you, you would have been dead by now!" Taehyung scolded me. I pouted and looked down at my feet.

    "I am sorry." I mumbled while Taehyung sighed.

    "It's okay Y/N. But don't do this from the next time. It's dangerous."

    I nodded and looked at him. Suddenly, I began to shift towards him a little bit. I touched his right cheek from the back of my hand.

    "Thanks Tae Tae." I said and smiled at him.
    The sun was setting, and the sky was full of orange and crimson hues. The breeze was a little cool and surprisingly, everything seemed to be going on in slow motion. Everything felt so light, light as a feather.

    "Hey Y/N!!!! That's you right?!" Suddenly someone interrupted us.

    And that someone was Jackson.

  • chinu27 6w


    @Miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you Writersnetwork for the ❤

    Just one of my drafts����.

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    The more I ignore,
    The more I suffer.

    Piffle conversations,
    unpleasant people,
    Stupid emotions,
    kill me all the time.

    The more I ignore,
    the more I suffer inside.

    A poison,
    mixed with considerable amount
    of emotions, verbals and humans.
    I am better alone,
    better than corroding with them.

    But again,
    the more I ignore,
    the more I suffer inside.

    Can't I just run away,
    To a whole new,
    another small world?
    Away from this globe,
    of captivating lies.

    My aesthete is dying,
    in this dull place.
    Moments, memories, melodies,
    everything fades.
    Alew escapes me by
    such an ignominy given to me.
    They say ignore it,
    and live with it.
    They say endure it,
    and be with it.

    But how can I?
    The more I ignore,
    the more I suffer inside.

  • chinu27 6w


    (Y/N's P.O.V.)

    "And this Y/N, is the department of new angels, where all the angels are given training for their specific works." Hoseok pointed towards a big room, where I saw so many angels, jotting down something in their respective notebooks. The department was less of a department and more like a classroom.

    "How do you decide who'll be an angel?" I asked Hoseok, who was standing beside me.

    "That's a big procedure. Every soul that enters the heaven is keenly observed for time. Their wishes, their deeds, their thoughts, everything is observed. If overall, a soul is as pure as the rainwater, the soul is selected for the training of an angel. Once the training is cleared, the soul becomes an angel."

    "Wow!" I exclaimed as Hoseok began to lead me further.

    "So" I began after a little pause, "Can I become an angel?" I asked and Hoseok froze.

    He turned back to look at me and there was something strange with his look. I couldn't read his expression.

    "Are you okay Hoseok? Did I ask something wrong?" I asked with concern and he immediately shook his head.

    "N-no Y/N, nothing at all." He bent a little forward towards me and examined my face a little. I looked away from him due to self consciousness.

    "Hmm........ As far as I know, no!" He said and I was shocked.

    "But, I am pure. I think so." I said and he laughed a little.

    "This is why you keep disrespecting Taehyung?! Taehyung told Jimin about this once and Jimin told us all, I swear I couldn't control my laughter after knowing this." He said and began to walk forward.

    "Hey! Wait for me!" I said while catching up on him and walking beside him." I never really disrespected him. And what do you mean by us?"

    He looked and me and said, "You're a little too curious Y/N." I gave a shy smile and looked down at my feet with a pout.

    "It's okay, you see. Well, Taehyung has 6 friends, including me and Jimin. The others are Jin hyung and Yoongi Hyung, Namjoon and Jungkook."

    "Jin Hyung and Namjoon are in the other dimension for some work. Yoongi Hyung is also assigned to his specific work, which unfortunately he didn't really share with me. And Jungkook is here in Seoul, though I don't meet him a lot due to my work. However, you can ask Taehyung if you want to meet him."

    I nodded while understanding him.

    "How come this building looks wrecked from outside, when it's so big and beautiful inside?"

    "That's because it's only for heavenly beings. You were able to come here because you were with Taehyung. And now, I want to ask you a question Y/N. What do you know about Charles Y/N?"

    "Umm... I know that he is a very powerful demon. He is a foe of Taehyung."

    Hoseok looked at me a little amused. "Do you know the cause of their conflict?"

    I nodded and told him everything that I knew, only to see him frowning at me eventually, which made me afraid.

    "Do you trust Taehyung Y/N?" He asked and I thought a little before nodding my head.

    He sighed and said, "Don't trust him Y/N."

    "But why? Aren't you his friend? Why are you saying this?" I asked, completely confused over what he just said.

    "I am a friend, but also a well wisher of everyone Y/N. Don't trust him. And for the answers, I would suggest you to ask him."


  • chinu27 6w


    (Author's P.O.V.)

    Taehyung and Jimin stood together and looked at the door in front of them, having the name plate of Father Joseph.

    Taehyung turned the door knob to open the door, revealing a medium sized room with white colored walls. The room gave vintage vibes. Nothing much was there, just two almirahs standing side by side near a big window, through which sunlight was seeping in. On the center was a big office table, along with an office chair, where father George was sitting, busy in doing his work.

    "Taehyung, I believe you want some answers, am I right?" Father said without looking up at Taehyung.

    He nodded and said, "I do father. And you very well know that."

    Father kept his pen down and looked up. He then noticed Jimin, standing right beside Taehyung.

    "And you, Jimin. I believe you are here to accompany him." Jimin smiled and nodded.

    "Well then I would like you to excuse us Jimin." Father said while standing up and stroking his white beard.

    "I would have surely obeyed you father. But I think I know everything going on here. And Taehyung being my best friend, I can't leave him alone to argue with you here, can I? So I came here for his support."

    Father sighed while Taehyung and Jimin took steps towards him.

    "Father, you knew it very well, god knew it very well, but still you assigned me as someone's guardian angel." Taehyung took a pause and then said, "Charles is after me, and now, after Y/N. She is an innocent soul and has nothing to do with our war. But because of my duty of being her guardian angel, I can't kill anyone, which leaves me to fight by being on defense mode."

    Father nodded and said, "I don't see it as a major problem Taehyung. You just have to protect the child's soul."

    "But I do see it as a problem, Father. You know it very well, Charles won't stay back, especially now when he knows about Y/N. Being defensive isn't always a good option."

    "Taehyung, I repeat it again." Father said while standing in front of Taehyung, "I don't see it as a big problem, and I believe neither you do. Something else is bothering you, or more specifically, Y/N's safety is bothering you, isn't it?"

    Taehyung looked away and murmured, "Of course, because I have to protect her."

    Father chuckled and shook his head a little. "Remember, you're the one who always says that you are one of the most powerful angels?! We have assigned you the work knowingly Taehyung. Take it as a test of your potential."

    Taehyung sighed. He was about to speak when Father interrupted him, "Your will power is your real potential Taehyung. Don't let it become weak. You know it very well who is more stronger. Charles is just another mere demon, who was once on our side, but chose to be on the other side."

    "That was his karma. Remember Taehyung, Karma is the most powerful cycle, in all the dimensions. With that, I hope you have no more questions."

    Taehyung wanted to ask more. He wanted to argue but somehow he stopped and nodded.
    "I'll be going father. Have a great day ahead." Taehyung said and went out of the room, leaving behind Jimin and father.

    "You very well know father, Taehyung is still left unanswered. Y/N is innocent, she has no part to do in all of this going on."

    Father nodded and looked down on the floor, "I know Jimin, I know it very well. But as I said, Karma is really powerful. And Taehyung's Karma will come back to him."


  • chinu27 7w

    @Miraquill @writersnetwork

    My brain can't think a lot these days.....��.

    Thank you WN for the ❤

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    A warrior and a queen

    A fusty little feeling,
    suppressed me all the time.
    Making me feel like I am never enough,
    making me cry.

    How pathetic it was,
    for a warrior to be emotional.

    Of course, I am a queen,
    but a warrior too.
    Logics, practicality and intelligence,
    shall rule my mind,
    instead of some worthless emotions,
    that make me cry,
    while my crown falls down.

    Because I am warrior and a queen.
    I have my kingdom to protect,
    and an ego to maintain,
    along with my ethics and brain.

  • chinu27 8w

    A bit filler chapter, I am happy to introduce Hobi in this chapter. If you want, you can skip the chapter, next one will be a little bit important from the story's point of view.

    I am sorry I update chapters late, just things are not going well with me at all��.

    I feel bad for not updating timely. I always tell you all that I will try to update sooner but me is stupid I guess����.

    Anyways, have a good day�� and I love you all����


    @tamanna3 @jias_wand @taraprasenna @taekook_maknae @limitless_days

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    My jaw was wide open. Not to mention, I was damn confused. A church that looked totally wrecked from outside, was like a 5-star hotel from the inside. I looked around me, there were people (or shall I say those heavenly beings), they all were so beautiful and active. Even some old ones, they were more active than me.

    "Is this some kind of Men and Women in black type thing, in real life?" I blurted out finally after coming into my senses.

    "I don't think all of us wearing black. And what is this men and women in black?" Taehyung asked, a little confused.

    "Oh! I am sorry, I forgot you are not a human. You kind of give old grandpa vibes." I said casually.

    I looked at Taehyung to see his reaction. This time, his mouth fell open, in disbelief.

    "No way you are calling this handsome angel in front of you a grandpa, are you?! You know there are so many fairies who would die just to get a smile from me." Taehyung smirked while I scoffed.

    "I feel pity for those fairies for having such a bad choice." I murmured.

    Taehyung was about to speak when a familiar voice interrupted us.

    "Taehyung, it's great to see you." We both tuned around to see Jimin.

    Wait?! Don't tell me that Jimin too is a heavenly being. All this was now making me feel dizzy.

    "Jimin. How are you?"

    Both of them hugged each other. After they pulled apart, Jimin looked at me and smiled.

    "Y/N. A pleasure to meet you again." I smiled and he took my hand and kissed it's back, just like the last time we met.

    Taehyung coughed suddenly, which make me and Jimin looked at him. I noticed a hint of Jealousy(?), on his face.

    "This man will never change, still the same possessiveness." He told me while I smiled awkwardly.

    "I want to meet Father Joseph, Jimin." Taehyung said with a blank face. All of a sudden, Jimin's smile faltered.

    "Taehyung, Father is kind of stressed right now. I would suggest you to meet him any other time." He said while Taehyung sighed.

    "I don't care, I am going to meet him. If you want, you can come with me." Taehyung said. Jimin hesitated a little, and then nodded at him. Taehyung turned to look at me.

    "Y/N. Stay here okay?! Here at the reception only, don't go anywhere else. You got me?"

    I nodded while feeling like a little child. He smiled a little and then said, "I'll be back in a little while, just don't go anywhere." He said while going with Jimin to Father Joseph (if I am not wrong). Jimin looked back at me and gave his charming smile.

    "He's kind of cute." I said to myself.

    "Taehyung might not like you calling Jimin cute." I jumped a little and turned around. What the hell was happening here?!

    A tall man was standing right in front of me, hair blond, face too good. He wasn't taller than Taehyung, but at least taller than Jimin. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. Damn! His smile, it was just like a sunshine. He was literally looking like a gentleman, in his black suit.

    "I am sorry, I am not able to recognize you." I said and he smiled and nodded in acknowledgment.

    "I am Jung Hoseok, senior angel in the department of healing of heavenly beings." He held his hand out and I shook his hand. All these descriptions of various people was making me feel dizzy already.

    "Hi Hoseok. I am Y/N."

    "I know. Taehyung is your Guardian angel, right?" I nodded and he smiled again.

    "Let's have a walk, shall we?" He asked and I shook my head. "Taehyung told me to stay here."

    "Aww.. You are such a good girl. Don't worry, inside these headquarters, you are totally safe. No demon can enter here, even the devil himself."

    I thought a little. If he's right, Charles and none of his ugly creatures can come here. Maybe I should listen to him. But what if he's lying.

    "No way, I don't lie Y/N. Never. This is why I am one of the most honest angels you can find here." He said in shock.

    "So you too, can listen to my thoughts?" I asked and he nodded with a shy smile.

    "I am sorry I shouldn't interfere with your privacy. But I heard my name and it made me react."

    "It's okay. I find you very genuine." I smiled and he blushed a little.

    "So, mind crossing arms with me for a walk? I would like to show you all around here."

    I smiled and gladly accepted his offer. I crossed my arms with him.

    "So Miss Y/N. I would like to be your guide for today, to this historic and beautiful Headquarters of heavenly beings."


  • chinu27 9w


    I read all the comments and learned that you all like long chapters, so now, there'll be long chapters������.
    I love you all❤❤����

    @tamanna3 @jias_wand @limitless_days @taekook_maknae @taraprasenna

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    After having a breakfast with my Aunt, my aunt went to her office while I searched for Taehyung. This idiot would always appear and disappear on his own will, without even informing me. Is he really my guardian angel?

    "I can't believe that you still think about this."

    I jumped on hearing his voice all of a sudden. Taehyung was standing right behind me.
    By the way, did I mention that he was looking gorgeous in a white chiffon shirt with white pants?

    "Stop drooling over me." He smirked and I rolled my eyes.

    "So" I asked, "where are we going? Would you care to tell me about this?"

    "To the ancient church."

    "You mean the abandoned one, in the outskirts of Seoul?" I asked and he nodded.

    "What are we even going to do there?"

    "I told you, we need to find some answers, or more specifically, I need to find some more answers. And leaving you alone here, while I go there is clearly a not so good decision, after what happened yesterday."

    I sighed and nodded. For a while, we both stared at each other.

    "Ah! Stop staring at me, I already told you I know I am handsome and its hard to resist my beauty."

    I made a face in annoyance while he laughed. "I am just waiting for you to teleport us."

    "What?! What makes you think I would teleport us there?"

    "Isn't it obvious? You have magic and we can teleport there. Just hold me and do it, like they show in movies."

    Taehyung scoffed. "Again, I can't deal with what you humans think about magic. Okay! Listen to me. Teleporting means traveling through various dimensions, and humans, specifically don't have that much power to bear the energy of each dimension. If exposed, this can result in serous damages, or even death, and after that your soul may become trapped in a dimension that it never even belonged to. You got it?"

    No. I didn't understand anything. I didn't even get a single word. Maybe I didn't even hear him. I guess I just zoned out.

    "It's dangerous, right?" I asked and he sighed.


    "Okay! So what do we do now?"

    "Take the keys of the spare car your aunt has given you and let's go." He said and I narrowed my eyes.

    "Damn! You know everything." I said and he smiled proudly.

    I took the keys and said, "Okay, let's go!"

    After almost an hour's ride (which was really annoying, thanks to Taehyung's stupid and perverted talks), we finally reached the ancient church of Seoul. On looking it from outside, one might think it's a church from any other horror movie, abandoned, broken walls from some places, even the cross on the roof was slightly tilting forwards.

    "Let's go Y/N!" I realized that Taehyung was already out of the car, and was waiting for me to follow him.

    I immediately unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car while locking it.

    "So, do you even think we are going to get our answers here, in this abandoned church? Like seriously, ghosts might help you." I joked as I kept my pace with him, only to be ignored by him.

    Taehyung opened the church door and before stepping in he looked back at me and said, "You are going to see who these ghosts are."

    And with that, he stepped inside with me following him, only to be shocked.

    Inside, was totally another and well constructed hall, with so many people going here and there, giving it a look of a reception of some 5 star hotel.

    "Miss Y/N, Welcome to the Seoul Headquarters of heavenly beings!"