Writing what's on my brain Hoping I'll still be sane

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  • christian_ogarro 119w

    My words failed.
    My love failed.
    No matter what I did, I just couldn't save her. She couldn't save herself.
    Now I lost her again.

    This time, I can't get her back...
    She's gone for good.

  • christian_ogarro 122w

    With each day, you should learn more about who you need to become for your own sake.
    If you're comfortable with where you are now, something isn't right.
    We all need to improve.

  • christian_ogarro 123w

    Most people want a perfect partner right out the gate, thinking the relationship will be the best.
    Truly, the best relationships happen when two broken, imperfect people accect each other and mend their flaws as they grow together.

    Don't look for perfection with your partner.
    Create it.

  • christian_ogarro 128w

    I'm looking for that silver lining, but all I see are black clouds ahead.

  • christian_ogarro 128w

    The heart, mind and soul of a man is a lot more fragile and complex than you would be led to believe.

  • christian_ogarro 128w

    Always be careful of what you say and to whom you say it.

    One wrong word or phrase can end their life, or yours.

  • christian_ogarro 131w

    I didn't know what addiction was.
    I never had anything to be addicted to.
    At least, that was until your lips met mine.

  • christian_ogarro 132w

    Sometimes I feel to give up.
    We all do.
    But when I look at you, I get hope.
    You're my motivation, my inspiration.

  • christian_ogarro 132w

    I don't know what love is.
    I can't explain it, no matter how hard I try.
    But whatever it is, it's the best of it, because I always feel at my best when I experience it.

  • christian_ogarro 137w

    You don't get me as excited as you used to
    Now you're just another friend, and that's on you.
    We did whatever you wanted to,
    Now things have fell through,
    Hope you understand this too.

    What happens next isn't only on you.
    This was your decision though, so you could go "do you."
    I hope you're happy with how it turned out to be.
    In the future, I just hope that you don't blame me.