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  • ckeerthana 1w

    I wish I could live in 1980s & 90s
    As a young teenager or a youngster
    When Raja sir music was magical
    When Chennai was in no mention
    And Madras had it's own taste
    When Rahman sir stringed songs of love
    When Mobile phones were never born
    When one landline call would be so special
    While travelling would be memorable
    When pollution was not in sight of dawn
    While ice kollas from vendors was a bliss
    When playing together in ground
    After school time was a real fun
    When the tension load of books was less
    When watching movies in theatres was an excitement
    When Marina beach was free of plastics
    When selfie was not a trendsetter
    While one group photo has so much to tell
    When internet was just a booming love
    When newspaper was valued so high
    When letters even though one ,
    would always be treasured
    I envy those times even if technology
    Wasn't improved people had more happiness
    I wish I was there to see!!!!!

    #mirakee #wod #bygone #life #memories #vibes #90s #80s #madras

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  • ckeerthana 1w

    Let it go
    Not because it's hurting you
    But atleast for your peace

    Let it go
    Even when you
    Find it disturbing

    Let it go
    For all it takes only
    Your precious time

    Let it go
    Because nothing can change
    What is meant to happen

    Let it go
    For ,we all are just an actor
    Playing the role what God has decided

    Let it go
    Because we can only change the direction
    But not the path that is already destined

    Let it go
    As all of us are one
    And all we want is just happiness

    Let it go
    Not because someone deserves it
    But just for your contentment

    Let it go.......

    #mirakee #2022 #happy #letitgo #God #role

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    Let it go

  • ckeerthana 2w

    Even in the darkest of hours
    I stood near her ,took her hand close to me and whispered
    "We can cross this together"
    And now we became one
    Making memories for a lifetime

  • ckeerthana 2w

    The heart might say yes
    The mind object it saying no
    But only your consciousness will tell whether it mattered to you or not

  • ckeerthana 3w

    Oh, it had been a big year
    People go around telling stories
    "How amazing was the whole year"
    Some get excited how it's
    going to be tomorrow
    Some wish around for the new year
    Some try taking resolutions
    Some tell how the whole year
    went in fraction of time
    But wait,
    I am also a day
    With same 24 hours
    Also a part of the year
    But I come at last
    People on my day talk about
    Their past journey
    Or discuss about their future plan
    But hold on!!!!!
    I do have a value of time like other days
    But I am never counted as a big part
    I am just that day where memories get
    Shuttled before & after
    But hey listen
    I am the current present
    So please enjoy with me
    And get excited for new year
    Living a life is important
    But living in present has a great value
    Okay guys!!!Have a great year from tomorrow

    #31stdec #newyear #2021 #lastpost #emotion #happiness #present #memories

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    What if 31st dec had a voice???

  • ckeerthana 3w

    If a man had many relationships or broke up with many and then get married to one, gets settled people accept it, sometimes even tag them for giving couple goals but if a girl never loved in life and gets married to one person and gets divorced the World treats her different!!!
    There is always a slight border difference in treating a boy and girl no matter how many laws are framed here!!!!

  • ckeerthana 3w

    How different I am?
    When the whole lot comes with a common answer for a problem
    And me who finds a different answer for it

    How different I am??
    When everyone moved on easily
    But still I sympathize for it now

    How different I am??
    When people takes things for granted
    But I still hold emotions to it

    How different I am???
    When people love to buy cars, house and get settled in life
    But here I am just waiting to spend sometime with family and friends in the beach

    How different I am??
    When people want to explore more outside
    But I am here who want to explore
    more about me inside

    How different I am??
    When the outside world is so different
    But still I prefer to the world of books

    How different I am??
    When people get connected to personalities
    But I am here getting attracted to novel characters

    How different I am???
    When people talk so much about beauty
    Whereas I am here talking about character

    How different I am???
    When people do things organized
    Whereas I am here not knowing how to start

    How much ever different I am??
    So is the people I see in my life are different
    Not one is the same as other

    All are different in their different mindset
    And all are born unique

    All are diamonds but one is never the
    same as other
    And that's how human creations are!!!!

    Respect all
    Love all
    Accept the fact that are different
    But the same time appreciate
    Yourself for being different

    #wod #different #mirakee #2021 @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • ckeerthana 3w

    Mind - it's a beautiful disaster ❤️

  • ckeerthana 3w

    Once upon a time I wished to be like my mother, then I wished to be like my father,then finally I stood up with a courage
    "I should be my own self"

  • ckeerthana 5w

    Happy weekend!!!

    The time when I explore about myself
    The time when I know the value of family
    The time when my interest makes a way
    The time when I feel being loved
    The time when my bucket list gets a deadline
    The time when my culinary skills work in a magic
    The time when my paint brush works in an unison of art
    The time when I know the precious value of moments in life