Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso

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  • coldplaydreams 6w

    Diverse as we are, similar so are we
    It's the mind that clears the haze
    And helps us see what we see

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    Have you ever heard two hearts beating,
    Tracing time along the contours
    Of destiny?
    Have you observed miracles happening,
    Denuding the flesh of hope
    Off fear?
    Have you thought how would it be,
    If I were you and you were me?
    What if faces deny to differ
    In the dark and in the light
    And agree to water the soil
    Away from hate, away from fight?

    - D

  • coldplaydreams 6w

    Behind me, in the profile pic, you can see it.

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    T H E B O X

    Before the bell rang once again my tiffin box was empty, just like her startled eyes at the very moment when she was asked to read from "The Canterville Ghost" after Bebo was asked to stop. She was definitely not listening to the reader, leave alone comprehending. But, I couldn't stop myself from helping her, because before she was asked to stand up, she was laughing at the joke I had cracked about Alivia Ma'am. With the aloo parantha stuffed in my mouth, I whispered, "page 7, last line". And she hurried through the pages and started with a bang! Oh my God, her voice was dulcet. All the guys who were sleeping woke up to gaze at her. There was no Act-II popcorn to enjoy the show. Ma'am warned her, but who cares? Hurray, it was tiffin break. The drumbeats over the desks, paper ball showers, rush in the corridors, cacophonous primary wing - the effect was increase in entropy. It was endless fun, smiles, it was a merry ride, except exams I understand, haha! But this is not about Trisha's voice or Bebo's blabbering. This is about a mere box. The box that kept me awake till the end of the fourth period. The box that instantly brought a spark in every kid's face. The box that felt like a drop of home even in the distant desert, the harsh cold or amidst the traffic. 

    I am not talking about Sunfeast Mom's Magic, Maggi Magic masala or Magic Moments! I am talking about the brand we all carried. It's THE TIFFIN. Do you remember those days? Or do you still carry one to the JEE, CA, UPSC coaching or to your job? I carry the box still. Now the difference hits hard. Since the day I stepped out of home, I miss mum's roti tadka or chowmein. These days it's either fruits or light snacks. During the lockdown I had bought Borosil lunch box as I had to carry lunch during the long 12 hour shifts. And what to complain about the cook's meals. Ahh! sometimes it's too oily. The idea of marriage sometimes knocks my mind too, not often like you all, sometimes, rarely when I miss that taste and love. I mean I don't miss love in general, here I wink.

     For years, this box not only carries food, but emotions. For a kid, it might be the colours over the box, but for us it's an escape. The tiffin break is when a million ideas bloom, a million thoughts run the circus in any milieu. It also reveals the relations we have, we share. As humans we have a basic instinct to compete. Do you compete while you offer your bestie a breadcrumb? Get a checkup if you do. The happiness is never unaccommodating. It drowns us all, me and you.    

    - D

  • coldplaydreams 8w

    A Marvel by Billie Eilish O'Connell & Finneas Baird O'Connell

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    I should've known
    I'd leave alone
    Just goes to show
    That the blood you bleed
    Is just the blood you owe

    We were a pair
    But I saw you there
    Too much to bear
    You were my life
    But life is far away from fair

    Was I stupid to love you?
    Was I reckless to help?
    Was it obvious to everybody else

    That I'd fallen for a lie?
    You were never on my side
    Fool me once, fool me twice
    Are you death or paradise?
    Now you'll never see me cry
    There's just no time to die

  • coldplaydreams 10w

    It's a shame how the patriarchal society treats a girl,
    Whereas the same girl with her life and blood
    Gives birth to a society

  • coldplaydreams 11w

    "God knows better and mother knows the best"

    - Shah Rukh Khan

  • coldplaydreams 12w

    There's no victory in bloodshed

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    In the face of war
    Where souls remain unfed
    This world needs a shower of love

  • coldplaydreams 12w

    The very fact that our time is limited might be a curse or blessing depending upon how we treat this ever elastic dimension as.

  • coldplaydreams 14w

    Where you are
    That very far
    Shall be near
    Soon, my dear

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    The cusps hedge all my pain
    In the fireplace
    That knows no warmth
    Since the day you left.
    I shiver not in cold
    Cause the love that turned to ashes
    Has embellished this pale skin
    With words that still shimmer.
    Tonight, the sky echoes scenes
    Which convulse with the shadows
    Of the flicker,
    Yet I yearn for more
    Alms from this living stone
    That bears your name.


  • coldplaydreams 15w

    Every moment is a story,
    Every hum is a song,
    Every stroke is a painting
    That I keep for long.
    I figure out the theme
    And knit my brow
    To recite it to you
    Right then and now


  • coldplaydreams 22w


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    A beautiful sky, scattered words over the table, a splash of colours, chirping birds, a few mails to go through and the eager typewriter waiting, almost everything in life is pretty much sorted- dreams, soon to come true!