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  • complicated_queen_ 109w

    it feels better not to all...
    about anyone...
    U all just need
    Just to be Alone...
    Just hide yourself...
    Just burst in tears...


  • complicated_queen_ 119w

    I'll be your cigarette,
    Burn myself to see you happy...

  • complicated_queen_ 123w

    Vo baat to karte hein hum se....
    Magar ab baatein nhii kiya karte!!!


  • complicated_queen_ 133w

    Khamoshi tu samajh na paya...
    Or alfaaz.....
    vo to...ab rahe nhii!!!


  • complicated_queen_ 176w


    are very
    Sometimes we laugh,
    by remembering the days we cried
    And sometimes we cry,
    by remembering the days we laugh..!!


  • complicated_queen_ 179w

    Hum chahte
    to tujhe kab ka mana lete....
    Ae dost...magar
    tu rootha nahi...
    badal gaya!!


  • complicated_queen_ 185w


    U r the sun that shines brightly throughout my day,
    U r the gravity that holds me down in every way!!
    U r the moon that shimmers throughout my night,
    U r the stars that glimmer so bright!!
    U r the oxygen that keeps me alive,
    U r my heart that beats inside!!
    U r the blood that flows through me,
    U r the only guy I wanna see!!
    U r my everything,U r my one and only,
    U stop me from being so lonely!!

    We plan our future as if we have a clue,
    Baby!! I never want to lose u!!
    I want u to be my husband, and I want to be ur wife,
    I want to be with u for the rest of my life!!
    I used to dream of someone like u,
    To hold me tight and see me through!!
    To love my eyes and love my smile,
    And when I’m scared, stay with me a while!!

    But now I’ve got u I donno what to do,
    It’s amazing this feeling I have for you!!
    When I look at u my heart melts to the floor,
    Every day I love u more & more!!
    When life gets me down u r always there,
    A good heart like yours is very rare!!
    You’re my star
    From u dear, I never wanna go far!!
    All my worries and problems disappear,
    When u hold me in ur arms I have no fear!!
    The only fear I have that’s true,
    Is living my life without u!!

    To live with u is what I want all my life
    I pray for the day when we would be husband and wife!!
    Making love to u all night long kissing,
    Letting our love to flow within!!
    The sweet taste of your tender lips
    I would never want to miss!!
    I feel so safe when you hug me tight,
    Everything seems to be perfectly alright!!
    I feel lucky in life that I have u
    Never thought we would go so far when our love was so new!!

    Life feels worth living when u r around,
    U make me laugh even without a sound!!
    U make me smile when my eyes are filled with tears,
    U love me like no other and help me overcome all my fears!!
    Every day I spend with u, teaches me something new,
    How you manage to be so caring, I really have no clue!!

    Thank u my darling for entering my life,
    I just can’t wait to be called your beloved wife!!

  • complicated_queen_ 191w

    Don't be someone's, "SOMETIMES"


  • complicated_queen_ 197w

    Trust is like an eraser...
    It gets smaller & smaller,
    After every mistake...!!!


  • complicated_queen_ 197w

    जलती रही जौहर में नारियां...भेड़िये फ़िर भी मौन थे।
    हमें पढाया गया अकबर महान,तो फिर राणा प्रताप कौन थे ??
    सड़ती रही लाशें कलकत्ते की सड़को पर..गांधी फिर भी मौन थे,
    हमें पढ़ाया गांधी के चरखे से आजादी आयी,
    तो फांसी चढ़ने वाले 23 - 25- 25 साल के वो तीन जवान कौन थे ????
    वो रस्सी आज भी संग्रहालय में है...जिस्से गांधी बकरी बांधा करते थे
    किन्तु वो रस्सी कहां है..जिस पे भगत सिंह , सुखदेव और राजगुरु हंसते हुए झूले थे।
    " हालात.ए.मुल्क देख के रोया न गया...कोशिश तो की पर मूंह ढक के सोया न गया". देश मेरा क्या बाजार हो गया है...
    पकड़ू तिरंगा ,तो लोग पूछते है कितने का है...जाने कितने झूले थे फाँसी पर,कितनो ने गोली खाई थी....
    क्यो झूठ बोलते हो यारों , कि चरखे से आजादी आई थी...