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  • cool_buddy45 3d

    @shakib__ je ne veux pas vivre sans toi :)

    thank you ^__^ @/writersnetwork

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    Twilight of our first-tryst

    Every breath I intake has been you,
    through the lanes that pass your heart
    I fly like sand and walk like wind
    as since I met you every path has
    become paralyzed with happiness
    that my life buzzes everyday only
    until your sleep;only when I hear you
    in the morning,I start to breathe

    As your the comrade in my pieces of life,
    what I live is for you as a whole and
    what I seek for is the essence of your soul
    every pain seems so pleasant ‘til your here
    and all my strength is your heavenly smile
    I’ve got only hope ‘cause of your smiles
    though this world is so cruel to me,the safe
    heaven is in them,your pierced dimples

    The blink of your eyes are magical
    and all my days are under your spell,
    before the lines on our palm gets old
    let’s live deep in love like never told,
    even if this world shatters to grains,
    I’d always be close;wouldn’t let it fall either
    I’ll not let even the tiniest things to poke you
    I won’t let your tender face wither even for a bit
    my eyes never blink as I keep an eye on you

    I’ll give away my life even I’ll lose all my wins
    all my boundaries,now I have broken for you
    after giving me the pathway,you became vagrant,
    you’ve become my smile and happiness
    my desires have met you and you’ve become
    my prayer,the very last one of the first twilight
    of our tryst on a cold night where we covered
    ourselves with love blankets and mischiefs

    We’ll flow with the wind that shows the way
    we’ll live in the clouds where no one resides
    Let’s have an endless journey to the moon
    to see how far it is;let’s live in a timeless world
    where it’s always nights or days of love
    let’s get our fingers in a fist and walk
    up to the sky where only you and me
    I want to live for you and become yours

    //if living within calling distance your heart is all enough//

    ~Rizla Rifadh

  • cool_buddy45 4d

    @shakib__ reste avec moi dans mon cœur jusqu’à la fin des temps:)


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    In my life of rain in summer,
    you were the umbrella of peace
    that brings me a smile every night


  • cool_buddy45 5d

    @shakib__ votre sourire est mon bonheur :)


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    Such days are a waste,if it never blooms by your smile


  • cool_buddy45 1w

    @shakib__ ton duffer t’aime beaucoup ❤️


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    O love!
    Your smile bloom like falling cherry blossoms
    while kissing my cheeks on
    every fall of snow crisps in winter


  • cool_buddy45 1w

    @shakib__ pour toujours ton duffer:)

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    O love, tell me it's going to be the best ending!

    My days and nights are peaceful
    only because of your presence,
    I'm finding you 'cause the journey
    is incomplete without you and so
    I stop in your heart,as it has
    become my final destination

    Living a life without you
    O heart, it's something tough,
    your absence tests me each second
    at times heart stops beating
    and I forgot to breathe

    can we get lost in our eyes
    and let's go see the length of life
    Till the end just you are suffice
    Let's sleep warmly in each other's eyes
    As you're my path,each of my step
    you're my whole journey ahead
    You're my sky,my earth below
    You're my beginning and end oh!

    Even if your shadow leaves me,
    I'll be stung in your firefly eyes
    I saw myself fresh and renewed in thou,
    Though I met you so late in life
    You filled the gap by embracing me tight
    And now you are necessary for me
    like air is for breathing;I search for you
    to laugh and cry like feet search for land

    To fulfill all your needs now and later,
    I would swim as a fish in hot water
    I'd take a bit of your love as loan
    to take care of yourself as my own
    half of me and half of you is we,
    that's what in this life I believe

    If your eyes tear up somehow,
    I'd die in that moment itself,I vow!
    As the road side flowers turn to behold us,
    leave the future countless,let's live
    each moment in hand just as us!

    O love,eye in eye it's just us,you and me!
    bless me with that best ending
    that has no sorrows or separations anymore
    and so with the broken fragments of my heart
    I'll remain in your doorstep waiting forever
    not just with my lips I smile with my whole body
    since I've met you I feel more precious

    ~Rizla Rifadh

  • cool_buddy45 2w


    Do you notice that this world is becoming so cruel day by day and has lost the best quality called "humanity"? How can you not known when we daily hear to something that's heart piercing and that bring tears in our eyes, murders,sexual harassments, bullying,caste differences and so onhellip;We have become so selfish,selfish-enough to murder another breathing life that a whole family is living depended on him like you.And not a single voice to be raised against such cruelties nor being hidden as of the impact,of to be afraid of being killed.How unfair this world is when the rich dances in discos while opulent crawls streets for a piece of crumb.Human hearts are turned frozen with hatred.But,
    Be the one to ease your heart, to inhale kindness and exhale love.


    A major killer dose in this universe.As of a research I did recently with a monk who is kind of a bit known to me,we found the exact meaning of depression,it was a kind of a therapy I follow,(unrelated info's apart)hellip;Well we all know that suicide is the fourth leading cause of death.According to 2021,over 700 000 people around the world die due to suicides because of depression.Still there's a part of people who will accuse or complain them for suiciding,I would love to admit that suicide is the last stage of patience and hope.I don't say that it's good or it's totally alright even I'm a person who oppose the decision of suicides but unfortunately we are too playing a major role, if we people could have thought twice before doing an action or if one of us was there to listen or to help them out,another life would be still breathing until now.Think about it again colleagues!And the worst part is that approximately 280 million people are still suffering daily.
    -Are not there any cure for this!? the mind voice of a depressed soul struggling to find peace.

    ~Rizla Rifadh

    #mirage_poetry_contest looking forward to read all the entries ☘️

    @kin_jo @jeelpatel @my_cup_of_poetry
    @captain_blant @dusky_dawn

    Thank you so much in advance for all the wonderful readers 🖤

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    H u m a n i t y

    Skeletons undressed;
    bosom crippled;air sucks a
    violent crime

    D e p r e s s i o n

    Soaked tears; concealed fears
    around his neck,the twisted hope;
    and hanged with a rope


  • cool_buddy45 2w


    //The biggest mistake you could do is to convince yourself with the mistake, and at last it becomes a sin//

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    A poetry?
    No, Perfectly Imperfect,Beautiful Mistakes

    ~19th of November 2021

    Can I have one day…or a simple night
    without breathing?
    when my head is being scraped by the blade of tongues,
    it’s hard to taste my mistakes to learn a mistake of beauty.
    so,can I find a day out of semaine
    to bandage it with unwounded bruises!?
    I will never have such a cold day
    because mistakes are vast
    and days are being limited,
    before dawn I have to sleep
    and before dusk I have to exist…

    Ergo,I weave poetry webs to balance the summary
    And it became a long catalogue for ternary mistakes,

    A n g e r
    I feel no pain but I am pain,
    when the dermis burn with anger
    I fan it to watch how beautiful the pain could be
    and then the smoke mends it back
    thus,I will utter I don’t want you again
    to heal my twinge,anger is enough,
    how foolish am I!?

    ~to hurt myself and to pretend that I feel no ache

    T r u s t
    I don’t trust anymore almost I did and
    it’s that what I got is just few drops of lies
    and a pinch of provings of my own stupidity
    yet I trust so soon,forgiving and forgetting
    until I’m done with my own self and
    I wonder, is it a crime being a pre-juvenile,
    how foolish am I?

    ~to complain myself for being more than what they deserve

    L o v e
    Of all the mistakes a lesson wrapped me
    but not in love,why? how could I know, it wasn’t a mistake
    when I love that murderer who killed the innocents
    but loving you was,that I still being pierced every night
    with very little memories that was all a lie
    and I am bewildered whether is it a mistake or not
    how foolish am I!?

    ~to convince myself as neutral when knowing loving you was a mistake

    And I still want that one day…or a simple night
    a day out of semaine to listen to the leçons.

    ~Rizla Rifadh

  • cool_buddy45 3w

    Hope all writers over here are doing good.And tbh I just don’t write because of some reasons and will try to write soon(answer for a question I got).
    Okay coming to the point,If I ask y’all are you okay?and how are you? Honestly what would be your answer.(I hope you comment)
    I want to admit this,exactly it’s totally fine to be not okay or not fine because it’s life.You will go through ups and downs,at least you will know you are living in this world,when your heart aches you will find your heart too beats.idk how long will it be benefit for you while reading but I’m sorry if you feel like wasting your time just feel free to skip it off.

    I wanted to share something about life. Something I constantly learnt in my life, Goodbyes.Remember I guarantee one thing people tend to leave,though your the loved ones of them,definitely they will leave in anyways.We don’t know the future nor what will happen next.Fear the future and work for it.Time ticks faster than you imagine and you will regret for standing alone later.Don’t waste time to find someone who is going to leave you one day but try your best to stay beside when they need you or your help,be a friend who sit beside when in need.Find them when you feel they want your back sometimes they expect more.

    Find happiness in your own never give your happiness in someone’s hand because they gonna throw it without hesitation.when even they aren’t sure about their life,how can you give it so hopefully that they could protect it?why don’t we think a little bit,maybe we had a chance to say I’m fine or I’m okay on those days we cried,we burdened ourselves and sat in dark expecting they will return back someday but they destroyed your hope too.And you still cry behind a smile.

    Ok let it all be behind,let’s build ourselves to move on more strongly than before.Because remember no one is gonna care about you,you will be crying whole day and night even though exactly in front of them but after few seconds or minutes just after few seconds or minutes they gonna forget it.You are your own company.No one can feel what you go through,if you really want someone to love or be friend or to trust in someone,believe me he is the only one who is going to be with you forever,he is the only one who gonna love you forever,who gonna listen to you,to feel you,to heal you and to protect your happiness,trust and so on.It’s indeed him the almighty the one whom you can believe blindly.He promises you and indeed his promises are true.

    At the same time we cannot complain or accuse anyone for leaving you because there must exactly be a reason for them whether it’s unreasonable or reasonable it depends on them,just respect it and accept,it will hurt you but it’s not gonna be for so long.Just forgive them for leaving and giving you a burden which you are going to carry hardly but perfectly with a smile.Its called life a part of life which is uncertain.Let’s all distance ourselves from attachments,because everyone are temporary indeed this world too.In a temporary life how can we expect for a person to stay until we die.Let’s carry our breathe with good deeds.It will be counted in the hereafter it’s fine if you couldn’t find peace here,indeed you will find there in the hereafter.

    Let’s forgive each and everyone both who did good and bad,both your friends and enemies.Also let’s not stick for temporary things.Good byes are constant.They will leave you in any ways at anytime anywhere. Company your own self humbly,kindly and spread love towards everyone.

    Genuinely think a little bit and have a decision whether to cry or to understand the reality and move on.

    //if someone says that he is a bad guy then that he(the bad guy you named),is my best friend//
    ~that’s me,my principles
    (just random which reminds something for you,that I’m always here for you to help no matter who you are)

    (Feel free to comment anything,okay ikr,spam too)😅

    And plus will read everyone soon pardon me…

    Still good bye yet in a purpose of healing,
    This is just a part of my mental therapy:)


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    //They always leave you,doesn’t matter what
    because it’s life and you are a learner//

  • cool_buddy45 11w

    ~(two births together)

    A seed which buried deep
    under the ground like a funeral
    in an evening of a dream
    But it’s a delightful funeral
    of two births together in a garden
    behind a six yard old woods
    while I pierced a melancholic womb
    to explore the serene azure world
    under seven heavens.

    The lullabies of birds tuned to
    crawl the floor and the branches
    started to wither standing still
    pushing the roots that kiss the soil,
    nights after 7 years in a premier late
    winter,no petals no leaves nor a bud
    just dry branches that swing to
    the melodies of the zephyr
    as the notes of a broken piano.

    In a lazy morning of a misty day
    I sang the waves of happiness
    like a novice to adore the sky
    in a midnight under where am I.
    In early spring,after a moonless
    night,tiny buds hang in the umber
    dancing branches just lonely
    as I me in a mournful childhood
    which darkens the day with
    white lights and golden rays.

    Late spring after full bloom of
    cherry blossom,just after few
    patient days pink petals are being
    carried away by wind to kiss
    the grass with magical mysteries,
    It’s just another mournful morning
    and a tearing lonely sunset but
    for you it’s a celebration of spring
    as a symbol of Japanese love.

    You cease my lonely evenings
    blushing my cheeks with pink petals.
    long ago,I was tiny and timid to
    touch a fat stable stem from palms
    but now I’ve grown to hug you
    with my unstable heart and
    soft caring dirty soiled hands as
    we born,grew and promised to die
    together in an old wooden day.

    I’m grown with body,grown with
    tears but not with fears as my heart
    trembles to stay strong among
    the twinge nights with blinking stars
    that weave colorless constellations
    even after the lonesome days you
    spent at midnights when I sleep
    under the moon have
    grown old ‘til to die with a wide smile
    while I still find for the meaning
    of the so called smile.

    ~𝖱𝗂𝗓𝗅𝖺 𝖱𝗂𝖿𝖺𝖽𝗁

    //hey old cherry blossom,will you be still stable forever for I hug you in lonely nights//

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    #growth #wod

    Will not write anymore:)
    Good bye

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    //Let me bury myself six feet apart
    in front of you so we could together
    bless and welcome every visit with a
    fall of five Sakura to witness
    two growths together ‘til death//


  • cool_buddy45 11w

    Will this pain ever go away?
    when every day and night the sun rise and set