i love sarcasm because killing People is illegal.

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  • crazzyworldof__sm 99w

    people go
    But how
    they left
    always stay

  • crazzyworldof__sm 99w

    people go
    But how
    they left
    always stay

  • crazzyworldof__sm 116w


    Life is very complicated
    Don't try
    To find answers
    Because when you
    Find it
    Life changes the question✴


  • crazzyworldof__sm 137w

    Another post of mine against rape

    I just want to see change in this world.
    I want to see feminism everywhere
    @mirakeereposter @word_of_hope @mariali @laughing_soul #laughing_soul

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    Don't touch me

    Don't touch me
    For I am not yours to touch
    Your hands not fit me
    Like a shirt too big does not fit a child
    My curves are for my eyes,
    Not your cold, empty once.
    My clothes are for me to remove,
    Not you.

    My body was never mean to be invaded
    What you thought no meant welcome.
    I said no. But all you heard was,
    "Please, as i lie here motionless
    remove the last of my soul,"
    You couldn't hear me over your lust
    I can't breath.
    I can't move.
    I can't see.
    All i can feel is you on top of me.
    Right there where you are not meant to be
    Don't touch me.
    I'm not yours to touch.
    But you did not listen

    I am gone.

    Every shred of dignity Removed,
    And i can seem to do is whisper


  • crazzyworldof__sm 137w

    Study study study♥️♥️♥️♥️��������������♥️♥️♥️ @mirakeereposter

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    Success is in your hand

    If u want to b a successful human resource
    Than work for it

    If u want to b followed by no. Of mobs
    Then give them a valid reason

    If u want to pay back to your parents
    Then study for it.

    Study all day all ni8

    And leave all your friends
    Because THE BOOK is only who will b with u till your last breathe ♥️


  • crazzyworldof__sm 138w


    ♥️You are not your age.
    ♥️Nor the size of clothes u wear,
    ♥️You are not a weight,
    ♥️Or the color of your hairs
    ♥️You are not your name
    ♥️Or the dimples in your cheeks,
    ♥️You are all the books you read,
    ♥️And all the words you speak,
    ♥️You are your croaky morning voice,
    ♥️And the smile you try to hide
    ♥️You're the sweetness in your laughter
    ♥️And every treat you've cried
    ♥️You're the songs u sings so loudly
    ♥️When you know you are all alone
    ♥️You're the places that you have been to
    ♥️And the one that you call home,
    ♥️You're the things that you believe in
    ♥️And the people that u love
    ♥️You're the photos in your bedroom
    ♥️And the future you dream of,
    ♥️You're made of so much beauty,
    ♥️But it seems that you forgot
    ♥️When you decided that you were defined
    ♥️By all the things you're not.


  • crazzyworldof__sm 138w

    By unknown writer

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  • crazzyworldof__sm 139w

    Happy world menstrual hygiene day to all the beautiful ladies...
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @girl_in_white

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    No response is a response.
    And it's powerful one.


  • crazzyworldof__sm 139w

    Tell me❣️

    Tell me now, how is it fair?
    Our lives are just a gasp of air...

    That stars barely have chance to blink.
    Before into the earth we sink

    Why must we race to fall apart
    For time to learn what's in it heart

    Before our last trip round the sun
    When Neptune's still not finished one?

    A tragedy, I think it is so,
    We leave with so much more to know,

    Just when we've learnt what it's about
    Our lungs are full,

    We must breath out.❣️