We were born to be alone Why are still looking for love?

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  • crystal_snow 1d

    Im back(temporarily)

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    Though you passed me like the careless wind,
    Your unwitting glances made the dead flowers smile, and made them write poetry with their parched nectar.

    But they also grew weeds that you sowed betwixt the cracks of my almost broken heart.

    And you know that?
    They chocked the smiling flowers too


  • crystal_snow 1w

    Lame :/
    My last post for this month, will be back on the 15th for more and to read you guys :D
    Till then, SAYONARA ��


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    Love is a growing garland,
    That dresses me from head to toe
    The petals tickling me,
    And my smile

    And now,
    A laugh in the see of sadness
    Is heard
    A lovely tinkle was heard
    When the sun came to kiss me.

    the sound is music to my ears
    The sound of tears.
    From which I create magic,
    To make those flowers prettier.


  • crystal_snow 2w

    Purgatory is the state of those who die in God's friendship, assured of their eternal salvation, but who still have need of purification to enter into the happiness of heaven.


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    The silence i chose
    Was worse than the chaos in purgatory
    For if i shall sing a note,
    Glasses would crack within, without uttering a word
    Weeds shall choke the flowers,
    My faults would hide the sun
    And it would never return.


  • crystal_snow 2w

    Love poems.
    Make a chaotic rhythm
    For in the bosom
    Flowers doesn't actually blossom
    It's a withered phantom


  • crystal_snow 2w



    I have written about wealth and poverty.
    @telepathy123. Thank you so much ❤️
    I tried :(

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    In waters of shimmering gold
    Sit's the woman wearing elegantly lavish Dior
    Prestige nibbling her lead heart.


    Toiling under the shimmering sun
    God gives her a coin, and a smile
    Heavens kissed her, Paradise cried

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  • crystal_snow 2w

    Spring is referred to as the touch of love.

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    The snow flakes
    Lie down like a lazy blanket
    On my heart.

    Waiting for
    The splinter of spring
    So that, icy flakes would melt
    And grow blossoms from it's remains


  • crystal_snow 2w

    Dear diary,
    I wish to shed my pain now, in some way. And I figured out that the best way to do this is by scribbling on your pages. My eyes are like shiny olives, i think I'm crying

    A black rose called guilt has grown in my veins, and even though it looks like it's dead, it's not.

    My three mistakes are,

    • Not loving myself: I couldn't see that girl of worth in me, until flowers bloomed someone's eyes when I was kind to them.

    • Believed in hope too much: I painted hope in my sky that was once black, thinking it would give me sunshine, but it turned out to be rain.

    • Loved poetry than anything else: I loved poetry so much, that I tried expressing what i felt and what i never did. And now, I don't know whether it's the sunflower or the roses than grew from my collar bones.


  • crystal_snow 2w

    #start #wod
    Two EC's in a day?!
    What could be bigger delight?��❤️

    @writersnetwork thank you soo much for the ❤️(33) and EC��✨(8)


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    We are in the ocean of love
    Or so, i was told
    But all I see,
    Are the weeds of misunderstandings
    A carpet of dead flowers, put for the broken soul
    Dead butterflies, toxicity killed them
    And a coffin for my poetic heart.
    That once wrote poems
    With the ink of this sea of love.


  • crystal_snow 2w

    Inspired from lovesick girls by blackpink

    #start #lonelyc #wod
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the ❤(33) and EC!!(7)��✨
    Means everything ����


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    We are in the ocean of love
    But we are like ships
    That sank long time ago
    Heart decayed, the love too
    The beads that I wore for you
    The waves took them away.
    Kissing the sea bed
    Also kissing loneliness.

    Now I'm smiling
    And it's not fake
    Floating in the sea
    Of loneliness
    It's waters, hugging me.
    The saline water, making me happy
    Or is it my tears?

    // We were born to be alone
    Why are we still looking for love?//


  • crystal_snow 3w

    #like #wod
    @writersnetwork thanks a million for the ❤️ (32) and EC��✨(6). You guys are love��


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    Fate nibbles the four clover leaf
    That grew on my finger tips
    Like the Falling leaves on a windy day,
    could Destiny make it's glittery magic fall too?

    Sadness sips
    The mango juice, that flows from my smile.
    Like the Falling leaves in a windy day,
    Could kindness make it's pink magic fall too?

    Heartbreak stamps
    The flowers that grew in inside me.
    Like the Falling leaves in a windy day,
    Could comfort make it's blue magic fall too?

    Expectations chew up
    All my dreams
    Like the Falling leaves in a windy day,
    Could hope make it's golden magic fall too?