A pro liar . And here is picture of painted skys and not my face cause i got dark lashes JK

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  • cursed_pen 111w

    In Too Deep

    An erotic kiss is what I miss
    She and I together sounds like bliss

    I crave for her every night
    And she is in someone's arms who is holding her tight

    I convince myself that she didn't betray
    But when i asked her, she didn't stay.

  • cursed_pen 111w


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    Everything boZ

    Realised real Eyes recognised real guys
    Worldly Desire numbs spiritual Bond
    Vibe is powerful but cannot flow without your glow

  • cursed_pen 133w


    Would be a butterfly and be dead in two weeks..
    Title is reversed**

  • cursed_pen 133w

    Rare;i felt

    Was howling with smile and heard what she she felt about me had a small talk with her made my day bliss and she would miss Just like a aquaholic misses aqua . I spent great days with her loved the way she smiles but a space evolved b/w us wish i was there . I reallly regret that we are not together i wish we would be again the same way used to be time flowed and feelings blowed idk why i still care ah just an another verse ...

  • cursed_pen 133w


    So this 3 whole words,made my evening turnedout into a mess alll i blame is myself ,she says not to explain myself ,hear me calling .... and i f i cant clear it would be the reason for distance forever