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  • cutedoll4509 89w

    I'm at that stage when I lost everyone N even i lost myself too....
    Don't know how to fix everything N now even I don't want to fix no that's don't mean I don't care anymore but just tired of myself by doing alot stuffs for everyone and in the end I have to stand alone !!

  • cutedoll4509 92w

    One more nyt I haven't sleeped !!
    One more nyt added in my crying nights list

  • cutedoll4509 101w

    Sometimes we get soo frustrated by your life and
    That is the turning point of your life
    When u need support...
    Support of your parents and Frd but this is the exact time when they r not there.....
    U don't wanna fight alone but u have to just coz u can't express the things which is going inside u... U don't have words to express....
    U have to fight against your emotions
    Against cry soul....
    And hiding your swelling eyes from everyone
    And this... This teach us how to live alone.... Just alone
    ©cutedoll4509 #eshu

  • cutedoll4509 121w

    I still love you more than anything
    But I can't show it anymore
    I still have bunch of dream for us
    But how can I forget it's just a dream of mine.
    U r happy without me .
    I'm happy knowing that u r happy.
    Happy without me.
    Nevermind, I'm habitual to this all stuff.
    On this B-Day I get 18
    And really get mature
    now I cry without anyone know
    I suffer all shit alone
    And going on the path with full thorn with a biggest smile on my face.... Soo Noone can notice the blood that is bleeding while walking on thorn.
    I got mature
    I learn how to have fake smile
    How to hide die soul
    I learned
    I got mature

  • cutedoll4509 129w

    God- How many people do u have in your life??
    Me - A few but they left too

  • cutedoll4509 130w

    Noone is there

    Noone is there for u...
    All are just investing money and time on u...
    So that they can make secure there own future...
    Noone is there who really love u who really need you...
    Nor parents nor bothers nor Frds no anyone else....
    All r just attach for their own means
    it's harsh but let me tell you
    It's the reality of life...
    No one will be there for u when you need someone to heal...
    Someone to stand like pillar in your life.... Your soul gonna scream but no one never could hear that shouting soul...
    So keep on moving with fake smile...
    Time would not heal the pain but yeah taught how to endure(bear)...
    keep on going on the path with learning lessons....

  • cutedoll4509 139w

    Khushnaseeb naho....
    Jeene De Maa Baap hunda.....
    khushnaseeb oh v na jina kol....
    Dova na hunda hoya v
    Koi papa Maa da pyar Dana le hunda !! badnaseeb ta ho na jina kol dova hunda hoi v Ona da pyar Naseeb ni hunda...
    ©cutedoll4509 #eshpreet

  • cutedoll4509 144w

    This beautiful lines is taught by same great personality �� which I really admire ��

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    Want Solution of any problem??

    Do u have any problem? ?
    This question have two answer "yes" or "no"
    If your answer is "no" then why to worry...
    If "yes"... Then
    Do u have solution of your problem??
    This question also have 2 answer "yes" or "no"
    If "yes" u have problem and u have solution then why to worry!!
    If "no" u don't have any solution of your problem then why to worry!! If u don't have any solution.. U can't do anything... Then let it be Why to worry??

  • cutedoll4509 147w

    Kon khata hai....
    Insaan ik bhar Marta hai...
    Pyar Karke to dakh...
    Insaan din raat Marta hai

    Bss farak itna hai Jaan se Marke Insaan ki rooh ik bhar m he aalga Ho jati hai..
    Hor Ishq m rooh din raat Marti, Kalapti hai Par jisaam se aalga ni hoti...

  • cutedoll4509 147w

    I fear to lose people who r near to my heart
    But there is no-one who too had fear to lose me...
    ©cutedoll4509 #eshpreet