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  • czarcasm 5w


    It'd be stupid to deny
    I'd be telling a lie
    When you crossed my path
    I couldn't say goodbye
    You tell me you've cried
    But you don't know why
    The moment you said 'Hi'
    You couldn't say goodbye

  • czarcasm 20w

    Terrors of the night

    The feeling came, a moment of happiness paused in a sliver of time
    And they wished they could save it, capture some of that light to cherish
    But as quick as it came it went
    Leaving them in complete darkness
    And that was when true fear settled in
    For the dark is the monsters friend

    They made no noise as they stood there, taking in the noise of the dark
    Waiting to sense any movement
    Their hair on their forearms stood up
    And they could feel someone, something watching them
    Blood pounding in ears they stood fast
    Hoping it was only nerves
    As the wretched feeling settled in their gut

    They were being stalked by the night
    A scraping sound filled the air to their right
    And they winced, stopping themselves from running
    'It was nothing, absolutely nothing'
    Yet the noise after that thought countered it

    Something was out there, and there was nothing they could do about it
    For they found they couldn't move
    Something was holding their feet into place, making them stay
    To attest to the horrors in the night

    An unearthly roar filled the air and they shook
    Skin covered in goosebumps, their breath caught
    Was this the end?
    And there, before they could blink, the demon ran out at them

  • czarcasm 20w

    Amongst man

    She sat there, knees to her chest

    Crying her frustration to the world

    It had built in her for so long

    That she couldn't hide the seething tears

    From the air

    'Why do I have to deal with this?'

    She asks herself

    Knowing that she was alone with her woes

    Or so she thought

    But little did she know her whimpers had drawn someone near

    Who was also crying

    At the sight of the broken girl

    'Dear Lord, you told me to forgive them

    Yet all they've done is stab me again'

    She wails

    Tears clouding her vision as she asks God why she had this wretched feeling

    She knew she didn't belong there

    Unappreciated, unloved

    But she had nowhere else to go

    And no one who cared

    The feeling in her gut was close to exploding free

    And she was close to losing herself completely

    She didn't hear the steps as they approached

    Or even felt as the hand wrapped around her waist

    It wasn't until she felt their own hot tears that she looked up

    Ashamed but unabashed

    A truly broken human

    She didn't even try to hide the bruises or scars

    And he didn't even ask

    He knew why she had them

    He knew why she stayed

    'Its okay to feel weak in moments of darkness

    It's okay to cry

    Your scars are your badges showing the world

    You can make it through anything

    Because you've been through worse'

    He pulls her closer

    Crying with her until her wracking sobs slowed

    Down to whimpers

    'I don't know if I can do it'

    She whispers

    Voice so full of pain that it hurt even his own heart

    For he knew her pain and suffering

    'Its now about if you can do it

    Everyone says that to themselves

    It's about showing yourself that you won't let him win

    You won't let him break you

    For you are truly an angel

    Amongst man'


  • czarcasm 20w

    I'm sure everyone has had that type of ex
    #ex #boyfriend #cheater #love #hate #movedon

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    Go ahead try to delete out past

    As if you knew it would never last

    The shit you talked behind my back

    Made me realize a real man is what I truly lack

    Cheat on me like the one before you

    Talk shit to me as if I made you

    Your friends they know what you did to me

    Now look where they are, not with you but me

    Your toxic relationship you made with her

    Will only grow worse I hope you grow a burr

    To remind yourself that you fucked me up

    Don't ever come back to say 'whats up'

    I'm better without you I know they told you

    I've moved on your ass has been through

    A little boy is all that you are

    I know, I look good now fuck off and look from afar

  • czarcasm 20w


    A hunger not satisfied by silly little words
    I breathe you in as the sun sets over your shoulder
    The caressing hand between my thighs
    Excited me, hoping no one was in sight
    The reflection of light against the water
    Sensually encircled each one of your muscles
    Making my mouth dry Id need more than water
    I need your skin on top of mine

    Kisses marked invisibly on my skin
    Makes me grab your hair
    Oh god please do it again
    I don't care if someone hears my moan of passion
    You are the master
    And my appreciation, always vocalized
    Making me grow even more frustrated
    When you say I can't touch you

    Pin my arms above my head, then
    Your skin is too tempting for me to hold back
    I lust for you as moisture crawls down my thigh
    Tickling with promises just in sight
    I'm just hoping we both can last until the night

    Yet here we both are
    Laying beneath the rising moon
    Gasping breaths, writhing bodies
    Both fighting for a moment if control
    My nipples hard the rub against your chest
    As I protest to my sudden stop of movement
    I want to be able to place my nails mark upon your skin
    But you won't relent
    Driving me crazy with a passion unfelt from any other

    My whimpers increase as your hand goes down
    Before settling between my legs
    You know I want you
    That much is evident
    By the moisture upon your fingers
    As you taste the beautiful essence of me

    My skin all the more heated
    When you finally enter me
    My cries loud enough to be answered by an owl
    The stars watching over us unabashed
    And I reach my tipping point
    Explosion of colors and sounds I lose myself
    Completely with just your hand
    You've made me cum
    But I know that you are far from done
    As you finally truly enter me
    My walls welcoming you in with tears of joy
    I'm finally able to catch my breath as you stare into my eyes
    So beautiful the lovemaking of ours
    That I can in a way
    Thank the stars

    Fevered skin pressed together
    My shirt pulled up, chest exposed
    I arch my back in endless bliss
    As you degrade me, I'm your whore
    The sound of the contact of skin
    Makes me bite my lip
    Because I feel those feelings rushing back
    And I can't help but moan louder.
    Slowly losing control with you our moans almost in perfect symphony
    I bite your neck as we both let go
    Enjoying the warmth of our juices within

  • czarcasm 20w

    Broken Inside

    Invisible oh pitiful are the scars all on my heart
    Telling all my secrets though it's hard to pick apart
    What's real or made up in this state of mind
    I don't even feel like myself anymore

    I've tried to move on without hurting
    But there's no ends in sight
    And now my soul is always burning
    And I'll burn without a fight
    My heart it hurts and it's already broken inside
    Ive given in and now set back in this endless ride

    I'm not mean to be this sad
    Or this reclusive inside
    All the scars on my heart
    Could light up in the dark
    This pain oh it burns but why is it always mine
    I've already been broken inside

    I'm not meant to be this broken or this empty inside
    All my tears could float a boat but even that would be too kind
    This pain oh it's heavy but why is it always mine
    I'm already broken
    Broken Inside


  • czarcasm 21w


    I don't know how it started

    This ember in me that promised a fire

    Such encouragement made me want to give it oxygen

    Wanting to bring it to life

    The heat from it I could handle

    For it warmed me more that the tattered shirt around me

    Winter was coming

    The snap of branches as I gathered fuel

    Set my mind at ease

    I knew I wouldn't have to go without one of the few thing that could keep me alive

    The one thing to keep the monsters at bay

    They were already watching me

    At the treeline

    Their hungry eyes made my skin crawl

    But it was the remaining hours of sun left

    That allowed me to move as I was

    Yet when it finally went down

    When the monsters could finally step out of the dark

    I would be in trouble

    You may be wondering why I'm out here

    In the cursed land outside the castle walls

    Why I would be sticking my neck out

    Taunting such monsters

    I had no choice

    Once highly praised by the king himself

    I was exiled

    Thrown outside the very walls that I protected

    And into the mouth of the monster

    An outbreak of Pox had scared everyone

    And they made the rash decision to throw away the only thing to keep them safe

    I looked quickly over my shoulder

    I hadn't much time before they broke the treeline

    And hopefully continued on to the castle

    Already destroyed by the slaughter the day before

    For once the wizard Alenoth heard I was gone

    He hadn't even hesitated to let the monsters in

    Their hissing even curdling my own blood

    But it was their cold eye that scared most

    Dead they stared blankly at you

    Somehow knowing where your every movement took you

    If I hadn't seen it before

    I would have ran away hours ago

    Saliva dropping from needle like teeth

    The characters branded into their skin stood out in a sickly yellow

    A language of the wizard

    It had taken me two days to destroy his lair

    And I had escaped without a mark



    Somehow I had survived his attack

    And now he once again hunted me in my own territory

    I grinned excited and put out the fire

    I would do it the old way

    I grinded out the remaining coal and bended down

    Covering my face in a mixture known for ages by the natives

    I untied my knife and cut my hand

    The smile on my face grew as the demons broke the treeline

    I wouldn't die here

    Not today

    For the wizard wasn't the only one

    With the magic of the ancients

    The smell of their saliva rancid in the air

    Would have made any other person gag

    It was as if they were already dead

    But when I got done with them

    Even the King would regret his disloyalty

  • czarcasm 21w


    Dearly beloved,

    I have missed you so
    Your loved an ever burning coal
    And I wanted you to know
    That you have my heart, and my soul

    For many a month I did wander
    Trapped in a cloak of solitude
    And you on my mind I did ponder
    Begging for forgiveness, I retribute

    For blind I was to your feelings
    And cold was I to your heart
    You pushed me away as if I were unappealing
    But Ive loved you from the start

  • czarcasm 21w


    Such words struggle to come to mind
    Oh, how divine
    Did I miss the passing sign?
    To comprehend would it take me to the end?
    Would it be something I could stand
    Drowning but still on dry land
    A plane on autopilot, unmanned

    I try to understand what you mean
    But is anything what it ever seems?
    What ticket do I have to redeem
    Anything to rest on, I lean
    Encouragement is what they sent
    But what if it's not what they really meant?
    What pain should I prepare to relent?
    Id need open heart surgery, grab the stint

    For shining light upon other what I do
    I wish it could reach everyone, even you
    But what if it just never sends through?
    What mountains would I have to move?

    Stuck at home I try with all might
    Is it only my hope that is losing sight?
    I won't go down without a fight
    I enjoy the dark, my friend, the night


  • czarcasm 21w


    Words I search to be recognized
    Almost desperate with a plan I can't devise
    With no one that on me relies
    I walk each day, a ghost, comprised
    I want to be known for my writing
    But losing hope, a scope without sighting
    Like a waterfall, the water falling
    I have to keep my own self from even stalling
    Such misery is the one who is alone
    Their only comfort a simple phone
    Living numb but broken apart
    And looking for a place to restart
    What is a life with out a purpose
    Not just a me, a we... No, us