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  • d_stranger7 58w

    #anxiety #broken_heart #unwanted_emotions #fakeness #random_thought #d_stranger7

    Date: 05/12/2020
    Time: 07:47 PM

    This is the draft from the time I lost myself when I lost her

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    Things No One Has To Know

    ‍‍When you ask me what’s wrong, I’m not sure what to say.
    Do you wanna hear how I wish I could crawl out of my own skin because it doesn’t feel much like home anymore?
    Do you wanna hear how I don’t mind the voices in my head or the ringing in my ears because then I know I’m not alone?
    Do you wanna hear how I can’t stand to look in the mirror anymore because I don’t know what self love is?
    Do you wanna hear about how I’m not sure what love is because it’s something so foreign to me?
    Do you wanna hear about how I cant sleep much anymore so I often find myself thinking about everything I wish I could change.
    Do you wanna hear about how I’m not even sure why I’m sad, I just know that this hole inside me shouldn’t be here.
    I know that these things are things you don’t need to hear, so instead I tell you I’m fine, just a little tired.


  • d_stranger7 58w

    #Her_Eyes #eternity #feelings #promise #relationship #random_thought #d_stranger7

    Date: 05/12/2020
    Time: 07 : 30 PM

    This is a draft from the time I first realised I had feeling for someone

    "Excerpt from the book I may never write"

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    Star's Last Possession

    ‍There is a theory that in an infinite amount of time, about a trillion trillion years from now, the universe will end.
    All the atoms in the world will grow so far apart that there will be nothing left- and all the laughter, tears, and trials of every single human life will be wiped out.
    Just like that.
    But the look in your eyes convinces me, for a split second, that some things do not have a beginning or an end, and even if the universe flattens and chills out to complete nothingness, there will still be those eyes, staring at me.
    There will still be my chest, and my wrists, and my lips burning for you.
    And no matter how this world ends, or how it will begin again, this moment will stay.
    We will stay.
    Even if it's the last, and only thing left the universe has to its name.
    We will be the star's last possession.


  • d_stranger7 60w

    #A_moment #that_I_steal #from_time #random_thought #difference #crush #school #teacher #d_stranger7

    Time : 8:52 PM
    Date : 23/11/2020

    "Excerpt from the book I may never write"

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    A Moment To Remember!

    ‍It’s that moment, when you look at me while I was already staring at you I realised that
    "I see the universe and you see just a simple, naive, little boy"
    who wants what was never destined to be his.
    Not now and not in an eternity.


  • d_stranger7 61w

    Type Of Anger

    ‍There are two types of anger one is dry and other wet
    and basically wet anger is when your eyes water and your voice shakes and i hate that cause I feel weak when I cry while I'm angry
    I like dry anger when your face is like stone and your voice is sharp
    I guess wet anger shows that you care too much and dry anger mean you're done.


  • d_stranger7 67w

    Why can't we love ourselves?

    You know that character you love so much?

    you know -- "the one from that movie you always watch when you’re feeling sad, the one from that show you’ve seen so many times you can quote the episodes, the one from that book or comic you’ve read more times than you can count"

    Think about how much you resonate with them, how they’re like a mirror image to the way you see yourself, how they empathize with pieces of your soul in ways that a real life human cannot, how they feel like a representation of you, you see so much of yourself in them and you love them so much
    Then why can’t you love yourself too ? 
    If you can find it in you to look past their flaws and see gold shining in their cracks maybe you can do the same for yourself, after all
    If your favorite character is a reflection of you, and you love them more than words can say maybe its possible for you to love yourself too.
    Don't you agree ?


  • d_stranger7 73w

    #just_hidden #secret #no_one_knows #hypothesis #random_thought @Mirakkel #d_stranger7

    Time: 11:52 AM
    Date: 22/08/2020

    Things I wonder alot

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    Think About It !

    ‍‍What if there are actually multiple souls in your body but you're the most powerful one so you have control over your body and the voices you hear in your head are just the weaker souls talking to you
    And maybe people with schizophrenia don't have an assertive soul so all the souls are fighting to take over


  • d_stranger7 75w

    #the_girl_out_of_my_league #special_person #about_her #Her_description @mirakee @writersnetwork #random_thought #d_stranger7

    Date: 11/08/2020
    Time: 02:10 pm

    Excerpt from the book I may never write.

    Dedicated to a special person

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    The Girl Out Of My League !

    ‍She belonged to herself only.
    She had edges, boundaries, tastes, definition down to her eyelashes.
    And when she walked it was clear she knew where she was going.
    she smiles and the world loses balance.
    the sun longs for her daydreams.
    the moon longs for her heartbeats.
    she is made of stars and she is more than enough.


  • d_stranger7 77w

    Reason For Smile

    ‍That awesome moment when you finished reading a really good book and you see it at a store then you cunningly smile at it as if you had an affair with it


  • d_stranger7 78w

    Things To Do In Future

    ‍If I ever will be famous I'll just tour around the country without telling anyone and go to a random college campuses late at night, and I'll wait until I see one person walking by themselves and I'll walk behind them and put my hands over their eyes and say guess who and when they turned around it will be me and they'll be like omg and then I'll say "no one will ever believe you" and I'll just sprint off into the moonlight.


  • d_stranger7 79w

    Starless Sky !

    Have you ever wanted to cry, and no tears came out. So you just sit there, quietly, and feel your heart break into tiny pieces while everything crumbles around you.