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  • dahaliam7 1w

    Life is too short to remain
    Worried and unhappy.
    There's always something
    to be grateful for.

    Let that peace guard
    Your hearts.


  • dahaliam7 5w

    it's the love you have for them
    that makes them look so special
    Once that attachment is lost,
    They look so ordinary.

  • dahaliam7 8w

    Subtle, is the devil's device.
    Sugarcoated are his lies.

  • dahaliam7 11w

    There are a hundred triggers
    around you. But it's upto you
    what you let trigger you.

    Prioritise your peace.
    ©d ahalia

  • dahaliam7 19w

    Love is a language,
    That's spoken in action.
    ©d ahalia

  • dahaliam7 22w

    'I'd rather adjust my life to
    your absence, than to adjust
    my boundaries to accomodate
    your disrespect.'

  • dahaliam7 31w

    Love is action, love is effort;
    You don't have to beg for it.
    If it's genuine, it flows.

  • dahaliam7 34w

    Half year done and here's June.
    Amidst chaos, concerns, losses
    and gloom, we've made it thru.
    By His grace we've stood and
    His grace will see us thru,
    we pray
    For the rest of this year too.

    Blessed June!

  • dahaliam7 35w

    Some people bring calm,
    And some bring chaos.

    Know where to connect,
    And where to detach.

    ©d ahalia

  • dahaliam7 36w

    Before Greatness
    there's humility.
    Arrogance doesn't
    reach there.

    ©d ahalia