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  • daivas 2d

    Let it Feel

    Life holds like a trap,
    Wanting to be freed.
    Dear, wreck me with your love.
    Hit me with your sweet words.
    Stab my heart, let it bleed pain.
    Let me feel, let me taste this life.

  • daivas 25w

    #sad @sonimauday enthokkeyaanu?

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    It's Sad..

    It is sad.
    Waiting, waiting for it to happen.
    It is sad.
    The pressure to follow.
    It is sad.
    I can't cry, I live this life.
    It is sad.
    I don't know how to change.
    It is sad.
    I don't know whether I want change.
    Sad, nowadays, it is all sad.

  • daivas 35w


    You reading, I asked, curious,
    Yes I am, nodded you, reading,
    What's it about, you thought, confused,
    About us meeting, I wrote, unexcused,
    Are you kidding, you said, smiling,
    Say hi in comments, replied, hoping!

  • daivas 35w


    We’re all neophytes in love.
    None of us have the tools,
    or the weapons, or the resources.
    Prepared as we think we are,
    we’re defeated.

    Passion will undo the best of us
    and lead only to tragedy.
    It’s ever thus for those
    who care so deeply.

  • daivas 43w


    All futile
    What dreams I had of my mate,
    Of another being,
    Looking into these eyes
    Upon this face
    And recoiling not.
    But how could that have happened,
    For the monster is not in my face,
    But in my soul.
    I once thought
    If i was like other men,
    I would be happy and loved.
    The malignance has grown.
    You see,
    From the outside in.
    And this shattered visage
    nearly reflects the abomination
    that is my heart.
    Oh, my creator, why?
    Why did you not make me
    of steel and stone ?
    Why did you allow me to feel;
    I would rather be the corpse I was
    than the man I am.

  • daivas 49w


    അക്ഷിയില്ലാതല്ല പക്ഷികെളന്നപോൽ
    പാറിപ്പറക്കുന്നു പരമാത്മവും തേടി.
    മുകിൽമാലത്തിരകളിൽ കൂട് തിരയുന്നു
    മനമറിയുമവൾക്കായ് ആത്മമിരമ്പുന്നു.
    തേടുന്നു തിരയുന്നു ഇരമ്പുന്നു ഗദ്ഗദം
    മയിലുകൾക്കപ്പുറം തരഗംമായി നൊമ്പരം.
    രാവിന്റെ നേർത്ത മന്ദസ്മിതങളിൽ
    പുലരും അർക്കനിൽ പ്രത്യാശയോടെ ഞാൻ.

  • daivas 49w

    Maybe, maybe not

    Maybe, maybe not.
    I'm fine,
    Where others are not.
    People, shitty ones,
    Taking for granted
    Bluntly moving ahead.

    You're sweet,
    Heartbroken, every beat.
    You'll be fine,
    And age like wine.
    Maybe, maybe not.

  • daivas 66w

    Farmers Protests

    Oh farmer, earth's master
    Fighting weather and thunder
    An anchor with a hammer
    Made you wretched monster.

    Media, like a winning charmer
    Bowing to their commander
    Asking you to surrender
    From their shining armour.

    I'm sorry, they're going farther
    Now its time to be a farmer
    I'm sorry for being a bystander
    Not anymore, their silent partner.

    For India that holds us together
    It's time we need to alarm her
    About all the loot and murder
    Made them greedier and greedier.

    But, I swear I'd never harm her
    Nor let corporates rule further
    And danger another broken farmer
    At the order from controller.

    Remember, we will survive together.
    Just hope, midnight air is warmer.
    Stay strong till the end of disorder
    We are on a truthful endeavour.

  • daivas 68w


    But then I'm dumb stuck
    In the traffic, out of luck
    Feeling too dizzy to duck
    In a dark and regretful truck.

    Make decisions, don't give up
    Your best aint good enough
    I watched myself standing up
    Breaking free, dumping handcuff

    There's no philosophy like bluff
    Don't make me laugh by talking tough
    We reach love, but probably rough
    And we write stories of my psychic self.

  • daivas 74w


    And though life have become
    a sport-less mind game,
    One thing remains like a stain,
    something like a beautiful rain,
    Memories on a train of pain.
    The weight of my burden
    And the pain that is certain.
    The burden of not doing
    what I should be doing
    appears heavier than doing it.