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  • dannygodwyn_ 157w


    Belle lady of the 7 kingdoms
    Your beauty I couldn't fathom
    That I climbed everyday the sycamore
    Just to get a chance to behold you more

    Oh how I loved you with reckless abandon
    And really wished I could tell you
    My heart you held like an ace and placed on hold on
    But really I never knew how long this was due

    You were my muse
    And all in one my first and my deuce
    My heart was your playground left fallow
    Another it never would allow

    But the day I saw you wedded to the Prince Augustine Taylor
    Really was a hard pill to swallow
    As you were my one and only option
    My only life ambition

    Now all my hopes have gone down the drain
    Your leaving came unexpectedly like the rain
    And washed away all of my hopes
    I still ask myself how I have managed to cope
    As I once thought the perfect fit was my neck in a dangling rope

  • dannygodwyn_ 157w


    I am a rare gem
    Priceless and highly sought after
    A queen in her own rights
    And a beguiling lass to those with sight

    So many times I have been in the cold
    Left to bore till I grow old
    And no one to hold
    Until I found deep in me my stronghold

    I had once lost my voice and my identity
    To the lure and words choice of the human entity
    But now I no longer bear this mistake and guilt
    As my fortress of class and self-confidence has been built.

    In no man now do I find my true definition
    But in God the author of all creation
    Looking at my mirror all I see is my reflection
    How did I just realize I'm God's masterpiece of perfection

  • dannygodwyn_ 157w


    In this our world filled with rampant cancer
    Everyone here is searching for answers
    Be it doctors, pastors,singers
    Or the designated dancers

    In this our world dominated by various shades of designers
    Everyone is in the hunt for the latest just to be trendier
    That's a good thing but at the expense of a dying person in dire need of dinner
    It becomes a thing of pain as their hopes of living day by the day grows thinner

    In this our world where everyone so desperately wants to be a winner
    We go to any means even if it means we becoming sinners
    Making us in the end losers
    We could rather have won genuinely but we never will know till we are bitter

    But today we make a choice to be better
    To stand for a dying soul today not later
    To be a teacher of goodwill and also a doer
    To be a cure to the world cancer
    We together form the world's answer

  • dannygodwyn_ 157w


    He looked beyond our blunders
    And chose to call us sons and daughters
    Bestowed on us the rights as joint heirs in his kingdom
    A gift freely given after our rebirth into freedom

    We were unwisely on the path of destruction
    So close to the pricking pangs of condemnation
    But for our sake he offered his son as leverage for our redemption
    Now we are free through our confession and into reconciliation

    Our life was once so dilapidated
    And hopes were initially faded
    Yet he drew us close to himself just as we came
    Adopted we became

    Now I can sing he has called us sons and daughters
    As we are now joint heirs with Christ as brothers and sisters
    This is who we are
    For we are no longer who we were

  • dannygodwyn_ 157w


    What is my worth
    He asks his creator looking into the clouds
    Lost for words
    Caught in between two worlds

    The creator says child you are a shining star
    You shine so bright all can tell even from afar
    Just as it illuminates the night
    You illuminate the world with immense impact

    You are birthed for signs and wonder
    Your utterances carry authority and power
    You are a pacesetter
    An immensely designated goalgetter

    You are wonderfully created
    Exceptionally loved and gifted
    Beyond all measures you are not cheap but priceless
    Never should you see yourself as less

  • dannygodwyn_ 157w


    Into my life you came like the breeze at the cool of night
    I never asked for you but I definitely needed you
    Your soft palms became my soothe during my downtime
    And you well crafted words came at the right times well seasoned

    These moments I long for once again
    Time ticked, pendulum swayed and memories sticked
    Tick tock says the clock
    Bringing me into realization of my present woke

    You made your way into my heart like a wrecking ball
    Broke me and left at your own will and call
    My opinion was needed
    But regardless you left me isolated

    I had heard a lot of heartbreak stories
    But always thought it was not possible
    I saw them as parables
    But now I have gotten a sting of its venom and it really is terrible

  • dannygodwyn_ 157w


    A newborn child
    Is adjudged by the world as mild
    But at the sight of the mothers breast nipple goes wild
    With a firm grip holds on not allowing the hand glide

    Sometimes this got me smiling
    And at other times it got pondering
    At the mystery of how at first sight
    They got to know the suckle was their birthright

    They came into the world bare
    But grew in stature to know about the mothers care
    And days went by and so did the count of seconds
    With time they understood the mothers bond

    Same applies to the newly birthed in Christianity
    As new born babes you are surrounded by immense uncertainty
    But you have the bible God's word written in ink
    So ignite you burning desire for this sincere milk

    For its only in God word your growth becomes evident
    Knowing more about your bond in Christ is expedient
    Gods word helps you know your rights and the excellence you ooze
    As now you are birthed into royalty and purpose

  • dannygodwyn_ 161w

    Trust lost in Thrust

    Just like a bird in its nest
    I found solace in your rest
    You were to me a friend closer than blood
    With you i believed never will there be a tear flood

    But now here I am awestruck by reality
    In an episodal taste of its brutality
    When did you give yield the devil
    And allowed him through you manifest evil

    I'm still swimming in my own pool of tears
    Still trying to allay this pain i can't bear
    I always thought you were Godsend
    But now all I just wish for is your end

    You held me in your arms as you always did
    In my heart I felt oh what a friend indeed
    But your next deed I could not comprehend
    Stark naked you forced me as you tied me to the bed

    With every act of your evil rapeful thrust
    I bled every epitome of trust
    My virginity and belief in men's dignity i lost
    All because of your malevolent lust

  • dannygodwyn_ 161w

    What is a heart without its own beat?
    What is a game without its own cheat?
    What is a life without its own feat?
    What is the sun without its own heat?
    What is a millrace without its own leat?
    What is romance with no peat?
    What is hospitality with no treat?
    What is music with no lyrics or beats?
    What is a gist when it's given in bits?
    What is a team when filled with misfits?
    What is a bulb's essence if it can't be lit?
    What is a relationship without knit?
    What makes a workman if he has no kit?
    What is determination when you call quit?

    To every action there's always a reaction
    So what will your reaction be to your present situation?

  • dannygodwyn_ 161w

    My Mirage state

    I won't admit it but I'm depressed
    Bottled down in me are feelings that won't be expressed
    Words that won't be said
    And so many encounters that won't be shared

    My smile eclipses the pain and remorse
    But deep down I'm in a state of demise
    My feelings no longer make sense
    With my only wish to retrace the steps in my past tense

    I once was truly exorbitantly gay
    But now my words and actions lead my friends astray
    Jovial is the role I portray
    Simply because I can't seem to push them away

    My family is asking so many questions
    My friends are making a few observations
    To their questions I smile and say its all fine
    And to their observations I try to drift my acts depending on the scene

    I'm broken but I want no one to know
    I sleep every night basking in the euphoria of my sorrow
    I have no assurance of what lies in my Tomorrow
    My only escape seems to be wallowing in the comfort of death hollow
    Say no to victimization in depression