The depth shouldn't scare you if you already jumped deep

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  • dark_depths 4w

    In the worst of phases
    And downs of times,
    Gathering pieces of poetries,
    Tuck under your fingertips,
    You hide in a dark room,
    And take out your half burnt page.
    You didn't want to go to the therapist,
    Answering about your sanity again.
    You didn't want to answer
    Why your bathroom sink overflows
    Even when you don't touch the water
    Or why your ceiling looks like a void
    When you stare at the concrete structure.
    Life's been a tragedy
    You always wanted to escape,
    Yet here you are,
    Cocooning the darkness in you,
    Protecting it from all the world's eyes.

  • dark_depths 15w

    The sky, an old lady so tired of life today.
    Her sons and daughters had left.
    They have settled overseas and rarely remember their mother waiting for them.

    Through sunshine and rain, she has laughed and cried at the memories.
    Through sunsets and sunrises,
    She has hoped of a silhouette to run into her arms,
    One of her four sons and daughters must have finally remembered their mother in these forty years of time lapse.
    They finally must have remembered how weak her limbs must have become
    And her mind, on the verge of Alzheimer.
    Finally, they must have come before it was too late.

    She could feel the shadow covering her face. The clouds have arrived.
    It's time now. She must leave.

    *Weather forecast declares two weeks of continuous rainfall and rest of the days, partly cloudy and rainy alternately. *

    * The rainy days are over now. They say, the sad old lady is gone. The sky has reborn. She's now a merry young woman who smiles sunshine through the clouds.*

    #patheticfallacy #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill @writersbay

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  • dark_depths 15w

    There's a river
    Flowing inside.

    Empty of the water,
    So full of misery.


  • dark_depths 20w

    Once when I was young,
    I tore a page
    Of my favourite poem.
    I was worried
    The words would cry
    If left alone.

    It was my favourite.
    Every line,
    Every syllable.

    I grew up.
    The words became
    My silent demons.
    They grew on my mind,
    Whispered in my ears,
    And chuckled all night.

    And then I knew,
    I kept my poem with me.
    Every line,
    Every syllable,
    They were never left alone.

  • dark_depths 22w

    Cracking glass,
    Glass that's hazy,

    Hazy conscience
    Conscience silenced,

    Silenced voices,
    Voices that scream,

    Scream that's unheard,
    Unheard cries of justice,

    Justice denied,
    Denied destinies.

    Destinies painted,
    Painted hopes.

    Hopes crumbled,
    Crumbled souls.


  • dark_depths 22w

    #madnessc @writersbay

    As someone rightly said, if slow songs sound so much better, imagine how beautiful life would be, if we would slow down a little.

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    There's a madness
    in the rush of this world,
    the universe can't understand.

    All it wanted was
    a slow, long life
    and one good eternity.

  • dark_depths 23w

    Under the burning skies
    And drowning cities,
    In the ocean of peace
    Tsunami of violence,
    In the land of dreams
    Breeding dark nightmares,
    In the echo of laughters
    Overwhelming cries,
    In the white of clothe
    Red of blood,
    In the depth of eyes
    Dancing fears,
    In the walk of life
    Looming death.
    That my dear
    Is where the world's at.

  • dark_depths 24w

    Cherish who you are.
    Don't kill your worth for the sake of people who judge you with blind eyes and deaf ears.

    #selflove #positive #hoarding #wod


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    Effleuraging thy nemesism,
    Colouring thy heart dark,
    You kill your self worth
    As if you didn't take years
    To grow up.

  • dark_depths 25w

    When things get toxic, get away. No matter, how high they are spoken of.

    #sail @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Sail away from the wind that doesn't heal your skin.

  • dark_depths 25w

    All the leaves die
    Beneath the trees
    And the trees
    Stand still
    As far as the sky
    Above it.

    All the corpses
    Decay in the burials
    And families live
    As far as strangers
    Forgetting beloved ones
    Even in the prayers.