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  • darted_hearts 5d

    Free Anthology

    The Faded inks: (free anthology)

    Theme. : Memories, Nostalgia
    Genre : Poetry, quotes, scribbles
    Language : English
    Entry : free

    ♡3 pages for write-ups and 1 for bio and pic.

  • darted_hearts 11w


    I saw him.
    I saw him almost cry.
    I saw his lips quiver.
    I saw the pain and sorrow in his eyes.
    I know I was behind it all.
    And I hate myself for it.
    I saw him in a way I'm never gonna be able to forget.
    I saw him. Vulnerable. Hurt. In repentance.
    I hope he never has to feel that way again.
    And I'd give anything to make sure of that


  • darted_hearts 13w

    I got my drivers license today.
    And I missed you.

    I missed you today.
    I wish I got to see the look on your face when I told you this news.
    I wish we could go out and celebrate and driven like we owned the roads.
    I wish you were here for the slightest of time.

  • darted_hearts 15w

    This feeling

    I love this feeling of staying with him.
    I love this feeling of being there through everything and seeing him everyday, witnessing everything, being a part of his daily.
    I love all parts of it.
    This feeling is driving me insane though.
    Whenever she calls him and he refers to her as "babe", whenever he tells her that he loves her.
    I'm confused about "this feeling"!
    What is this feeling?
    Looking into his eyes melts me,
    Holding his hand sends shivers through me.
    Hugging him takes me places that I don't wanna return from.
    I love it.
    It feels so right but yet feels so wrong, cuz... He's taken... and not by me.

  • darted_hearts 16w

    Too attached

    I'm too attached to him.
    So is he.
    But he's someone else's.
    And unknowingly, unwillingly I'm his.
    My mind screams to me... GET OUT!!!
    but my heart wants to stay with him, and watch him be happy. Watch the reasons behind his happiness even if it's him being another's.
    Will you choose her over me when the time of ultimatum comes?
    Will you leave after promising a million times that you wouldn't?
    I'm too attached to you, and I don't wanna get out.

  • darted_hearts 20w


    Just when I think I'm getting over you.
    You make realize just how amazing you are, and every reason why you're so much more different from all the people I've been with.
    You're worth so much.
    You're one of the most beautiful people I know, and your flaws make you all the more beautiful.
    I love hearing you whine and complain, and when you get enthusiastic about anything or anyone that you love.
    I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.

  • darted_hearts 21w

    My mirror

    The number of times my mirror has seen,
    - My tears fall from my eyes down to my clothes.
    - Me break apart into a million pieces.
    - listen to my silent cries.
    - comfort me after everything.
    - listened to me rant and vent.
    - been the person I wish I were talking to.
    - capture my beauty and my ugliness.
    It's never judged me.
    But if it could, would it?

  • darted_hearts 22w

    Mirror mirror

    Mirror mirror on the wall!
    Why don't you help her when she falls?
    Mirror mirror on the wall!
    How can you let people treat her like a ball?
    Mirror mirror on the wall!
    Why don't you help her stand tall?
    Mirror mirror on the wall!
    Why don't you answer her when she calls?

    Mirror mirror in my head!
    Why don't you help her when she cries in bed?
    Mirror mirror in my head!
    Why do people treat her like a book they've already read?
    Mirror mirror in my head!
    Please let her not be a birds bread.
    Mirror mirror in my head!
    Why is she treated like a thread?

    Mirror mirror everywhere!
    Save her from her nightmare.
    Mirror mirror everywhere!
    Why are you being so unfair?
    Mirror mirror everywhere!
    Find her someone who will care.

    Oh, Mirror mirror help her be free.
    Could that 'her'possibly be me?!

  • darted_hearts 22w


    No, I'm not ashamed
    No, I'm in no regrets
    No, I still love you
    No, I'll still be there for you
    No, I'm gonna kill myself
    again saving you

  • darted_hearts 24w


    It's not him that I crave.
    It's the feeling that he gave me.
    It took a while to realize this.
    But it's true.
    The way he made me feel loved.
    The way he respected me.
    The way he would listen to everything I ever had to say.
    The way he loved me and showed his love to me.
    The little things he did to see a smile on my face.
    They way he was always there no matter what time it was or where he was.
    The way he encouraged my craziness and yet kept me at my limits.
    The way he would make it up to me when I was mad or upset.
    The soothing and calming feeling he made me feel through all the hardships that I was going through.
    There was no one like him before and there will be no one like him after.
    I miss this feeling, and I miss him sometimes.
    Will I ever feel all this again?
    I want to.