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  • day_dreamz 33w

    Has there been such an invention?

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    If there is one invention that I could make that would be a mechanism that could drain all the tears in me...

  • day_dreamz 33w

    No worries anyone who reads this... I'm just venting out
    This is Not a Suicide note

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    Right now I just wish I could vanish without any trace...
    Just so effectively that I would never have existed...

  • day_dreamz 40w

    Sometimes we do things that we don't mean at all
    Which hurts the people who mean the most to us,
    And then comes the pain...


  • day_dreamz 41w

    Sometimes when you feel your heart drowning in untold pain
    A small gesture from unexpected quarters could make you smile once more...
    That doesn't mean everything's okay
    But the pain has lessened somehow...
    Helping you to face... a little more

  • day_dreamz 41w

    Silence of a dear one can hurt you so much more than spoken words ever could...

  • day_dreamz 41w

    I wish the night would hasten it's journey
    and arrive sooner than yesterday...
    So I could embrace it's silence
    And fall deep into the black abyss
    Where no eyes would witness the tears that trickle down my cheeks...
    I want to cry away my hopelessness into the night
    And no I don't want to try once more...
    If given the choice
    I'd just stay there,
    a mere shadow
    A lost dream

  • day_dreamz 43w

    I'm Sorry ��

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    Never did I think that eventually I'd become the reason for your pain...
    And the irony is I love you so much more than before...

  • day_dreamz 45w

    You won't get me entirely... And that's okay

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    Keep your hopes up
    Think positive
    But don't expect to be understood completely...
    I mean, be realistic
    If You yourself are confused of what you do and say
    how do you expect someone else to understand you....

  • day_dreamz 50w

    Someday eventually you are going to start disliking me, my ways...
    And no it's not your fault
    I just hope that I sieze to exist before that fateful day...

  • day_dreamz 54w

    It might not make sense...

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    Just one request

    I have just one request to make
    These days with you I feel like living a dream with just a bit of nightmare...
    My hope is that this continues to be real
    I ask from you just one thing...
    Love me to the extent to which you can stay consistent and true
    Even if it is very little, it'll be a treasure to me
    But please don't love me extremely... Coz I'm scared that it might decline with time
    You ask me whether I don't trust you
    I do.. more than I trust myself
    But what can I do... You're the most precious part of my life and I fear losing you
    So I ask you... Love me, just a little bit...
    throughout life, constantly