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  • dazzolis 3w

    It's my point of view:
    I don't understand why you all people are giving so much importance to santa Claus during Christmas day. From the childhood,till now I can see the people r making the santa claus for decoration and something else , but till now I don't know who is actually a santa Claus is? How that person came in Christmas that also I don't know ��.

    In Bethlehem, jesus was born in the shed
    Under the sparking star
    A star is shown on a miracle
    Yet Wise Men came from all around to
    bring him the gifts
    And peace was felt by all who heard His name
    The Christmas is about spending the time with family , sharing love and happiness with each other ,with enemies and friends. Helping the one who is in needy and following the jesus christ means how he was living the life , that is how you have to live and many more are there which are uncountable.


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    Christmas isn't showy gifts
    Or glittering decoration;
    It's honoring our Savior, Jesus Christ
    In humble adoration.

    It's taking what we would have spent
    On things that no one needs,
    And using it to help someone
    With service and good deeds.

    So let's remember Christmas is
    About our Savior's birth;
    That's the way to happiness,
    The way to peace on earth.

    -Joanna Fuchs

    At Christmas, as we celebrate this Birth of Jesus Christ, Let's keep in mind the truth of Christmas Day; For it's not the Christmas wrappings, nor the gifts that lie within, But our gift of love to others in every way

  • dazzolis 5w

    beautiful words has gathered
    to flow the deepest feelings for you
    that has arisen from my heart
    about the beautiful memories
    of the amiable days
    of our love


  • dazzolis 5w

    the thoughts are roaming
    in my mind every night

    again and again the same thoughts
    are making me worried

    worried of
    my self

    the thoughts of cure
    the cure of something

    which I needed the most
    but still I m waiting

    when it going to happen
    as it left me behind somewhere

    which now
    I couldn't get it


  • dazzolis 6w

    . the world of fanasty
    magical creatures
    the sparks and flashes
    In the enchanted

    A tiny
    with no
    closer to
    the boy
    to eachother
    He touch it
    with his

    the tiny creature
    Started to
    glitter itself
    With more
    and more sparks
    Is glowing inside

    The boy
    Like a
    Into the
    world of
    As his
    memories got
    faded away

    In the

  • dazzolis 9w

    . she was the light
    of hope,for the-
    the people has lo-
    st that hope,she r-
    an in
    to th-
    e wa-
    ter, to find that ho-
    pe, suddenly she

    saw the
    li-- ght
    ap- pe-
    ar-- ing
    from the-
    sky, making all arou-
    d bright ,the rays of
    ligh- t fell
    on - her
    eyes, she
    cap- tur-
    ed t- hat

    light in her heart,and
    showed it to all the p-
    he pe-
    ople started to believe
    in her with their strong
    ceeded to bring it hope
    back into this world


  • dazzolis 11w

    This is for u my bestie @cool_buddy45

    Black your fav

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    Memories memories
    Hidden somewhere
    Don't know
    Where to find those
    Might be
    They are hidden
    Under your pillow
    So you can have a peaceful dream

  • dazzolis 11w

    The days she had been
    Was under the thoughts of burden
    Inhaling the pain till her last breath


  • dazzolis 12w

    Shattered thoughts
    In peaceless mind


  • dazzolis 14w

    Imagination ��

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    A heart is seperated by the words
    that rushed towards it through the waves
    Cleaving it into seperate pieces
    One piece of it
    is at the sea shore
    Half of it,
    is floating in the water
    Waving to the end
    Remaining of it ,
    is in under the water
    Lying on the sand