"I'm a kaleidoscope of indecisiveness, The kindest ball of rage you'll ever meet."

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  • deadlittlesongbird 1d

    Something about this greenery,
    Lusting for a change of scenery
    But destined to stay with this misery.

  • deadlittlesongbird 4d

    End of Me

    Night and day blend to birth dawn
    Summer and winter mix to create spring.
    Tears and pain together make love,
    Neither could exist without the other.

    Love can be a blessing
    But also a curse.

    My own worst enemy
    Is in my head.
    .my sickness
    Controls me completely.

    This love will never leave me,
    This love will be the end of me.

  • deadlittlesongbird 2w


    Duct tape on my lips
    Bruises and cuts on my hips.
    My apocalypse.

    Putrid brain of mine
    Adorned with ebony flies.
    Wrapped up in rough twine.

    All those years ago
    This is all your fault you know.
    Watch me as I grow.

    Poisoning the wine,
    Shoot this straight to the main line.
    Sickly serpentine.

  • deadlittlesongbird 4w

    Blonde Bombshell

    In the wreckage we made of our lives
    Did you find what you were looking for?
    Your perfectly plump, petite blonde
    Whose hair is kept short?

    Will she be tattooed instead of scarred
    And not listen to metal?
    Docile as a lamb,
    Her big doe eyes blind to your wolfish intentions?

    She'll be everything you yearned for,
    Lusted after, and more.
    She is everything I am not
    And will never be.

    Your blonde bombshell will let you play naughty
    With all the other girls and boys.
    Sit idly by while you drink yourself into a stupor,
    Not make a fuss as you kill yourself with drugs.

    From the detritus I will build
    Me. And never anything else.
    Out of the ruin I will rise
    To become who I am meant to be.

  • deadlittlesongbird 5w

    Star Child

    A shooting star fell in love with the Moon,
    Every visit he paid his shine began to fade.
    She watches as her only love dies, scattering debris.
    The dust settled on her surface, the last kiss.
    My conception.

    The Moon hid her radiant face during my birth,
    Mourning my comet father.
    She missed him too much, so she sent me to Earth.

    My surroundings grew hot and bright,
    I came home, rejected by the sky.
    Tall trees, soft grass, discovery of sight.
    Gazing up as the heavens opened up.
    The rain drops fell on me like a soft embrace.

    I was the Moon baby adopted by flesh and bone,
    A man and a woman, who treated me like their own.
    Taught me how to laugh, love, be a family, never alone.

    I can't stand a roof over my head for too long,
    The night beckons me outside.
    To lay under the stars and tune into the cosmic song.
    Blanket of stars to comfort me as the Moon hides,
    I have parents but I wonder why my Moon mother didn't want me.

    What is my purpose? I turn my back on the sky.
    I'll stay on this Earth,
    To find my sense of belonging.

  • deadlittlesongbird 6w


    Walking along the riverbank with you
    When I was young.
    Oh, how I once idolized you.

    Tears pooled around the corners of my mouth
    Before dripping onto clasped hands,
    Listening to your your pain, your traumas.

    I laughed with you, cried with you
    Let my guard down around you.
    How much of this was a lie?

    You should have shot yourself
    With the rifle you pointed at my face.
    Taste the tears, lead, and bitter fear.

    I mourn for you, who you once were.
    Never able to truly grow up,
    A beaten sad boy, forever.

  • deadlittlesongbird 7w


    A dark silhouette
    In the corner of my eye
    Faces contorted.

    He is a spirit
    Composed of darkness and dreams,
    Of pain and of loss.

    Voices in the dark
    Whispering and pulsating
    About past nightmares.

    His presence is warm,
    Familiar and comforting,
    Filling me with grief.

    The color of tar,
    As black as night with no moon.
    Spilled liquid ink.

    Day break approaches.
    Fear of being left alone
    Ravages my heart.


  • deadlittlesongbird 7w


    You were the hunter,
    I the fox you gave chase.
    The writhing moon and stars
    Watch sadly as I consume the offer thats been laced.

    My hunted heart was on the mend
    Before you made it yours.
    You twisted my mind to believe
    That I should not ever leave.

    My glassy eyes mimic the sky
    More convincing than your love for me.
    The dew drop tears turn my eyes into gems
    You will never love me for who I am.

    Outside my hair plays and dances
    On a zephyr laden with haunted voices.
    The sun is setting
    On my stupid choices.

    A dark wind whispers to me
    Drawing me out into the velvet night.
    The cool midnight air helping me to see
    That you will be the death of me.


  • deadlittlesongbird 10w

    Not Enough

    All my shit in boxes
    For the fifth time this year.
    Everything I own scattered,
    Much like me.

    My sister won't talk to me
    I've been on the streets.
    Surviving has been my accomplishment,
    But that's not enough, is it?

  • deadlittlesongbird 12w


    Despondent dreams and THC
    Have I become
    Who I am meant to be?

    This melancholy girl who can't seem to write
    But at least
    I have found the light.

    My depression manageable
    My mania, gone.
    So why am I not happy?