Farheen here♥️falling love with that person never with him as a life partner! with him as a Angel.Next level pain unlove Him

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  • dear_comrade 21w

    We can't Go with two things that's why we all somewhere, some how reason.... Someone left us...
    And somewhere we Do same with another one we left some time knowingly some time unknowingly..
    Why not we with that person we fall in love again and again purely with same person ❤����
    Nd somewhere we start fear about leaving from someone that's why... We start even losing ourself over another one! But it's harder than harsh reality... We don't want another one...
    We want carry on with our first smile who come from heart who come without pretending yeah dude I'm happy...
    It's heart breaking seems but it's never happened again we all broken soul know about our self...
    We all just compromised for our family... Who just wants to see as happy but in own ruined guidelines it's chuking if it's only all happiness nd our only social calmness not heartly peacefully Era ������

    Caption needed..... For my killing heart are you returning home now
    I Really miss you bestfriend/Angel/love♥️
    don't sleep awake with me......with my Crying Season....����4/9/21

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    We can't go with two things, That's why we all leaving from someone


  • dear_comrade 22w

    Today, I wish to tell you something for everything that connects me to you, for every moment that we have spent together, for that togetherness that you have always nurtured me with, for all those dreams that we have seen together, for this heart of mine, which beats for you, for that smile that adorns my lips when I hear your name, for every bit of those poetries that I write for you, for every tear that drops every time your memories fill my mind, for every word of yours that makes my soul happy, for every inch of memory with which am surviving and shall sustain forever, thank you for making a better person out of myself, thank you for delineating the true meaning of love to me, thank you for connecting my soul to me, for showing me who I really am. I knew this moment would come to me sooner or later, but I didn’t really think it would be this quick.But through these moments now, I have well understood: how tough it is to forget someone or at least try it, how tough it is to try to erase someone’s memories from the mind and heart. And still every morning I put on my mask of pretention and smile. I won’t bother you anymore cuz I don’t want you to fall weak. Do not stumble or halt on the path of life you have chosen. But I want to say this to you: I am lost, am defeated, am breaking down every moment. May be am more than addicted to you.But maybe ….maybe you are happy… maybe you are happy without the person who’s dying from within without you…you are happy without that person to whom your smile is a morning sunlight…you are happy without the person whose evenings flush with your smiles…you are happier without the person who loves you till the square of infinity and back…and am happy if you are happy…how does it bother if my smile isn’t still on my face…how does it bother that I stay awaken and cry alone every night…how does it bother that my tears fall on your smiling pictures…but am all happy cuz you are happy…I have lost myself from this world, from my love…and maybe from you…maybe I have lost you…there’s no hope of your being mine within the remnants …

    Ur angel♥️��Nair ji
    #Shizukanobita #��#����#��#����#
    #fake friends forever #force marriage always#liar win every day #worst people most happiest

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    Ur angel

  • dear_comrade 28w

    Going to be dead person can't say goodbye��
    Caption you love it na I also love most ����

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    Marta houa Saks Allah Hafiz nahi kehta!

  • dear_comrade 30w

    Rather then stressing about the things
    Pray to Allah who has control over every thing and find relief. 1/7/21
    Missing my Death Note Episode ✨����

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    He's voice in my Heart ... And again he said I miss you... Come Home♥️

  • dear_comrade 33w

    Maut ka Kya khaof... Jb agla Din jeena mein khaof aey ✨��❤
    I'm not feard about death, cuz I Fearful to live next Day! Yeah it's caption ♥️ 5/5/21

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  • dear_comrade 36w

    #shizukanobita #Sripandanewpost#miss someone Badly#how can live happily with calmness, if heart bleed for someone ����
    #EkDin routey routey maut ajaney hai
    #Shizuka#nobita ��������like and
    Repost it's giving hope for new day write and live

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    Wanna feel you again and again mylove.

    I draw my paint brush on canvas,
    Brush WritE Love,
    Love Write your name,
    Your name Write my bluSsing Era!
    Era write painful sleep less night!
    Sleep less night write pain!
    Pain write uncontrollable tears!
    Tears write uncountable Emotions!
    Emotions wanna Hug you tight atonce in whole life!
    Whole life not Enough to unlove you!
    Unlove you it's next level pain wrote the following path!
    Path asked for forgiveness!
    Forgiveness asking for forsake the hell of suffering pain of hurt,
    Who wanna let it go outside on the highway...
    Jump high!
    Hey you listen na I want hate you.
    Either let's smoked together bundle of cigarettes...
    Love me atonce like forever darling love .
    My Rockstar, my Favorite Person .
    I'll be smile atonce like for Ever .
    My Angel don't Bite my Heart it's bleeding
    Naah I fire on
    Your few sentences you told me!
    I still making Everyday Highliting
    With my bleeding Tears .
    Yes my Favorite person, the Who I want My life first Rose from the one who care me like a new bornBaby
    And kiss me like his responsibility!
    And love naah he don't show infront of anyone!
    Not even infront of me!
    He only hide his love for me and that thing make him Devil!
    Cuz he kill my vibe,
    He cutting my precious wording the one who I said on the Every weekend next morning on his neck!
    Duffer turn into devil! And
    After that Rockstar call me you're my Angel
    ....he kicked after cutting my Hours tune for I make with metaphor and phrases both bonding like a water and mud you can't see clarity... Shit nothing now Hurt me more than your not presence with me ...
    Chean Lou Tujko ki khudko tur dou....
    Kya karrou... Ghutou Aur ki marr Jaou ❤
    Kill my needling heart !16/5/21

  • dear_comrade 40w

    Full peace in Caption it's you and I Together smile:")��

    Naah it's Only Dream ��
    Hating you Best season For me Darling ♥️
    @Writersnetwork @mirakee @loveneetm @writerstolli #slowly#panda#Shizukanobita

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    can't give it caption

    You're my life first post !after written Thousands of letters floating on the Dead inside I still can't give it caption

  • dear_comrade 46w

    I Am a silent city in the crowded of people.
    Tell me what is the loneliness,
    Tears make me confident on my smile��
    I don't know about loneliness!
    Even I don't want my shadow with me!
    Don't asked me why I talk like this!
    I can't able to describe !if I telling you!
    You should cry DarLing❤
    I talking to myself when I running on the highway while silent screeming!
    Don't be surprised i'm not sad i just don't feel happy now!


    Khamosh sa shaher hou.
    Loggou sa bahrey bhedd mein.
    Batou mujha akela pan Kya houta hai!
    मेरी मुस्कान पर आँसू मुझे आश्वस्त करते हैं!
    Mujhko nahi pata akelapan ka!
    Mujhko tou Meri parchaey ka Sath Bhi nahi chahiya!
    Matt Pochna Kyu Aishi Batey kahi!
    Agar meina bataeya tumko... Tum rou dougey
    Jaana ❤
    Tanhaeyou ka Kya hee pata mujhko mein
    Khud mein hee Batey kiya phirta Na khatam hona waley rastou pae!
    Haran Matt hona uddas nahi hou.
    Bs ab khush rahna ka Mann nahi hai""!
    Bs yuhi..... ��
    #Writersnetwork#writerstolli#Shizukanobita#8/3/21#Happywomensday#PandaNewpost��❤��#myfirstwishijustreceivefromDarlinghate#dear_comrade#Shizuka#nobita@farheen_dreams#Birthaypost#ldr#Doremon#pain#silent#crynight#2kdream #picture credit The married woman web series✨������

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    I'm Silent cried in crowd


  • dear_comrade 51w

    More than a precious diamond or mylife or anything else.
    A letter To my Soulmate :Dear_comrade
    "IF" he Die gonna soon....
    Ohhh my love.
    I have Dying Everyday waiting for you Darling ♥️
    Darling Don't afraid I'm in love with you.
    My love I hate you coz I love you unconditionally Forever without you!
    I'll love you beyond the infinity.
    My love... I Hate you like no one Hate you.
    Dammit you kill me.
    Each And every second...My Heart still Beating, I Think he Missing me ❤
    How I Express my love for you.
    My Entire life I Thought someone come in
    My life to make me special...
    I always Dreaming someone come.....
    And if we both gonna falling in love.
    With eachother Eyes....
    Then I'll kiss so Truly like we never want that kiss
    It's our Precious Emotion....
    We get it in a minute.
    For life Time happiness.
    Ohhhh my Dear comrade.....
    You come in my life.....
    Ohhhh my love.....
    You come in my life....
    And Instantly my Heart Reminds me.....
    Yes he's one....
    The one I all Year wait....
    During scream.....
    With wet Eyes....
    Ohhhh my love
    You come in my life but you can't....
    Falling love with me....
    And I falling love with you.
    Again and again.....
    And we can't kiss....
    Coz you want kiss another Girl....
    Coz you want falling love with That fake bitch
    Who playing with you...
    Hide and seek....
    Dammit you need that bitch who...
    Play with you....
    And go for playing with another guy....
    Dammit you Don't want see me....
    You can't want love me....
    She leave you, gave you all hurt after 40 Day's
    And I'm here millions minute only with you ��
    And I still waiting for you....
    It's being 365 days.....
    It's being my Thousand Enocent Tears....
    It's my Million Time falling with you...
    It's my 365+120 nights without sleep....
    How Scarey it's sit on The bed....
    But can't sleep....
    Coz Every body particle calling your name...
    My love ❤
    Come back with me.
    Baby I wait for you.
    I want with you my Every passing Day's.
    Baby you know that I Refuse...
    Every Boy who gave me Parposal.
    Baby you now....
    I'm not Bad.
    I'm purely pure....
    No one come in my life....
    Even I don't gave any one Right...
    You know that baby ...
    Soon I gonna Hospital for my long
    Treatment.... Every one throught about me....
    And Even know that I'm Damm sick..... ����
    And I soon gonna Heaven....
    Ohhh my love....
    Happy na I'm Pagal......
    Haha.... I'm sick.....
    Baby I Pagal for you sick with major Health issues..
    Baby I know after your accident na....
    You also gonna heaven....
    Ohhhh my love....
    I'm falling love for you Every day again and again......
    Baby ��I Die here.... gonna die There....
    I Don't want Tolerate Distance that time.
    Baby I have Idea..
    Pls come in my city....
    With your Royal Enfield....
    You drive and I sit back Grap you tightly in my hug.
    Baby Ride bike full in speed...
    I wish we together in same sec falling love For Eachother. Sukoon it's ♥️
    Then you know that baby.... You stop bike....
    Then we kiss .
    Baby you know that what happened next with us...
    You again start Rideing bike....
    Then one Truck just boom....
    Hit our Royal Enfield.....
    And we fall in Mid Rood.....
    Our head bleeding.....
    Our hand with eachother hand....
    You kiss me again we cry together....
    We smile together....
    We whisper Eachother eyers I love you Unconditionally forever.
    Beyond the Infinity mylove.
    Then love we Die together na then
    ♥️our soul met .
    Shizuka♥️Nobita my✨soulmate✨God gift!
    ശരിയാണ്l♥️veനിലവിലുണ്ട് അവൻ സ്നേഹമാണ്
    പ്രിയ സഖാവ്
    ആയിരക്കണക്കിന് കത്തുകൾ ഉള്ളിൽ മരിച്ചവരുടെ മേൽ ഒഴുകുന്നു
    ബുള്ളറ്റ് ബൈക്ക്
    But I can't able to see ur dead infront ofmy Eyes
    I dEad in your hug!
    My Allah safe you Angel✨♥️

    I'll love you until the My last breath!
    And my soul love you millions years more ♥️
    And one happy Thing I recently know that he also love me unconditionally he just little distracted but "HE Realized I'm his True love"♥️����
    I'm so in love with you you can't Even imagine.
    Nothing precious for me. Only you Everything atlest for me Miss u more .
    Yes I'm not perfect but I always smile perfect with you my dear_comrade. Mine.. I'm only yours nobita always smile like a Heaven ��♥️
    So hear I put some his text he send me from hospital.
    Miss u more ��എന്റെ��
    Wanna write hear all his text!but it's only For me.

    Timing..... Heart saying Everything.
    I Can't able to love another one...

    Note......write last year on September♥️Still felt same so post Time : 1/2/21#postFebruary #Birthdaymonth #Birthdayqueen ��♥️��
    എന്റെ കുഞ്ഞ് സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു#Shizukanobita♥️
    #ShizukaNobita#Missing You until the My last breath #Mine#Shootingstar��#Baby#love#LdR
    Tagged your Friends. .....I Think last few post hear my! I just want Red Heart and yours support that's it. ��❤Repost I want spread my letter.
    Post afrer six months! Show some support.

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    If he gonna die.
    I'll be Die with him. We're forever! ♥️


  • dear_comrade 77w

    New write-up hopefully on Feb I'll post
    ഞാൻ നിന്നെ സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു"♥️
    నేను నిన్ను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను'♥️
    انا احبك.♥️
    मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हु!♥️
    I love you unconditionally .♥️
    seni seviyorum♥️
    te amo♥️
    I call you my love in seven language, you're mine in my seven life! ��
    I only truly loving you Jaan, I can't able to see another one my lover! You reserved that place... No one replace you. I kiss you before last breath of my beating heart ♥��
    Shizukanobita♥️ ♥️
    ♥️Open letter For you dear_comrade��
    Read Every stanza can you feel my pain
    A letter to Me :- my Dear_comrade����������
    Dear I appreciate you in very manner Way :-
    You just Great Pyramid infront of His hate for you and you still Love Him infinity and beyond the Universe,yes I'm waiting for you Baby and I know that my sickness not allowing me to put more strees on me, Whenever I miss you badly,
    I felt weaknesses, anxiety.... Blood in my Eyes,
    I had Breathing problem ! and Low Blood pressure Health issues!♥️after miss you Badly
    It's Difficult to Take another Breath!
    I just countinously Punch My hand on the wall
    After see Blood in my fingers Across my wrist touch Red Blood like Red Rose ,your Rose in pain dear_comrade . I can't describe how much Pain in my Heart Bleed without you♡Then I stop Punching And Hurt me, coz missing you more Painful that's why I Hurt,I Gave pain myself
    Damm it's painful!
    I want to talk to you only few minutes!
    But you Busy for killed yourself for someone ,shit
    Again I'm Attached to you!
    I know that soon you no more ��
    You should Be stay safe and Healthy for me na Dear_Rockstar my!
    The Day also I'm No more Baby!
    I know that someone leave you,
    You're my Everything, I know Everything about you without your told me!
    Baby please Don't gave punishment yourself, for few Days spend with her!
    I'm still stand where you Left me alone. ♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥my last night Talk for myself ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    I Think I'm never forget you!
    But Everyone say me forget that person!
    But how and why I forgot my favorite voice!
    How I forgot my Favorite person Picture ?
    My one of friend told me pls close your Eyes and just lose him from your mind!
    But Doll how I lose him... When I close my eyes na
    He's Already there like Crystal clear image on my Eyes! Yes you Shizuka Best friend♥️Yes he's all Time in my Heart ♡ !
    I can't forget my innocent Tears!
    Who falling Down for see him!
    I Can't afford to lose you Baby! ♥
    But Everyone Hurt from me.
    All are saying I'm your well wisher! How and why?
    If Everyone my well wisher so why I forgot about my Smile, my Happy Day's, my innocent love for him.
    Why Everyone falling our happiness on me!
    Without knowing on me Every pain falling down.
    I Don't want for another one I send My Heart Emoji!
    I Don't want I awake all night for chatting with anyone!
    I Don't want lose his memories in my Heart.. :(
    Pain ful but it's my life Harsh Reality I'm not able to love second person.... I always Truly love him that's my life Next level pain! ����
    All night I cry hard and remain our Passing Days when we're smile Together!
    I fill pillow in my mouth coz if papa asked me why you're cry in midnight after 3:am
    I have no answer that's why I wait for you and try to console myself alone!
    I Promise you Baby I forget you
    After Three Thousands Day's!
    Because jaan I love you Three Thousands ❤
    And I'm Damm sure I'm not love someone else.
    Truly like I Truly love you !
    And no one love you like I Truly And Honestly love you . I miss you Badly Baby, and you know tat I only call you Baby in this Whole World ♥
    That's why love need for wait for his come back to me na Baby!
    And yeah I love another one but the another one is your Baby Girl your Daughter .
    Yes Baby I forget you na after three Thousand's day's Either I prefer forget you my last morning♥
    You know tat why I forgot you after 3 Thousand's Day's coz I falling love with you after meet our Third minutes ago ! Shit I Do Truly love an a man who Still in our past... Dammit I'm wrong here.
    Okay fine I'm still waiting for you Baby!
    I found you in my Heart after third minutes.
    First minute after meet you see me!
    Second minute we connected Truly and unconditionaly...
    Third minutes I saw Mistakly in your innocent Eyes ♡ and fairy falling in love with your innocent Heart ♥
    ♥ya jism kisi ka bhi hou jaey Rohh par Sirf tumhara hakk Hai!,Sukoon tha app♥
    My sunshine you're, my Favorite voice is you♥️
    The person first follow me here, who Unfollow me last still he's my Favorite person! His one ����following Forme like Billion people appreciate ♡������He's sunshine That's why he's not withme
    Someone love you Don't know how precious you're, Can I Kiss your Eyes just once! Baby.
    Yes Baby I promise to you I Forgot you after Three Thousand's Day's of mylife... Before I just want to Die with you jaan����I'm proves that love is Beautiful unconditional Feeling's Don't need to be a relationship yes I'm sure I'm Truly Bless that's why I meet you in my life. it's painful we're not Together But thaNks for Angel who gave some memories In my Heart and my face it's smile and your pictures in my Heart ❤����
    IN picture Everything Withme, you withme, You wear my Favorite Black shirt and you gave me my favorite Red Rose������and our moon with us����Sorry forme! It's Only Dream project panda
    Your Sincerely Farheen :,(

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    I forget you after Three Thousand's Day's I Promise you MYlove ♡