I will make wonders happen�� Dibrugarh,Assam ��19��

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  • debangana_gogoi 15w


    Hey so it's my first day of College
    Online college
    Oh I am nervous
    Will they accept me?
    As the New Girl in the Class
    The girl who joined late

    Akward silence in my mind
    29th November
    And my first class, 9:30 am sharp
    Violet Ma'am's voice i could hear
    And my heart pounded like my death was near
    She asked me to introduce myself
    And that was a memory so dear

    Armaan and Devanshu the Know It All
    I call them so
    Cause i saw them show
    Their knowledge on the go
    Oh how lucky I believed myself to be
    To make my first presentation with them
    Nice start at Stephen's
    I must say!

    It was Samarth who added me in the groups
    The CR, the one with the scoops
    That would make you go whoops!
    But Hey I owe it to you
    For not making me feel left out at the beginning
    Thank you

    I like Ayush's Cat more than him
    And Amani's Voice which makes me grin
    You're the sweetest Honey Amani
    Oh Viola that's a Rhyming Scheme!

    I was wondering if Vidushi is the one
    My "go to"friend at Stephen's
    Are you the one?
    I hope you are!

    I thought I was the only one from North East
    Left out and alone
    But no, Himanshu and Judith were my mates
    From the same land
    I hope we can form a music Band

    With Aravind there to be the lead singer
    Oh Aravind!
    The first Second year i came accross
    The one whom I asked out intially for the date!
    Ugh but sad he was already taken

    Special Thanks to Joel
    For suggesting me the idea of poem
    If you're saying Thank you
    Then you're welcome

    I hope college Reopens soon!
    So that I can taste Manav's Pineapple Pizza
    And Manmayi ke haath ka bana hua Banana Cake!
    I hope college reopens soon
    So that i can go for Street Shopping with Amrutha
    And explore Purani Dilli ke raste

    Oh i sincerely hope college reopens soon
    So that i can meet Shobhika and Ankita
    So that i can help Timothy in making beetroot soup
    I hope college reopens soon
    So that i can sit on the lawns
    And listen to Risa Singing
    And Nishant's speech on Finance and Investment
    Will that happen soon?
    I hope it does

    So here's to the life ahead!
    The college and my Friends!
    Ade Dei Gloriam Stephen's
    Thank you!!


  • debangana_gogoi 18w

    #halflove #desires #void #emptyspace #name #shelter #minealways #forever

    A half baked love story especially for you!

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    Half Baked Love

    I entered a Great Insititution
    Laurels of glory on her Shoulders
    She stands proudly on the grounds
    With no deeps scars around

    2 years under her shelter
    2 teen years
    But all I have for her,
    Is half baked love
    Like half baked cookies
    Like a half baked cake
    Insipid & Tasteless
    Without any desire.

    Why half baked ?
    I asked myself.
    Because I never bloomed
    Under her
    I lack my space,
    A void exists
    Under my name
    In her shelter.

    Half baked love you are
    But still mine.


  • debangana_gogoi 21w

    So I am a Chemical Sciences student and was really fascinated with the Schrödinger's Equation and it's associated theories. It's a complicated theroy but still if you can grow then anything is possible��
    Here's how I present the Schrödinger's Equation in a literary form

    #sciences #schrödingerequation #chemicals #research #emotions #literature #superpostion #paradoxical #hypothetical #multiplestates #grief #sadness #remorse #happiness #mind #everytime

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    Schrödinger's Cat

    This Cat's a paradox
    Can you be alive and dead
    At the Same time?
    It's Hypothetical they say
    Maybe yes

    But if you remove science
    And enter emotions
    Can you see the logic?
    Can you be happy and sad
    At the same time?
    Can your emotions be superimposed
    Like Schrödinger's Cat
    In multiple states
    At the same time?

    When grief envelopes
    And you share remorse
    Will you then not think
    Of Happy times
    And yesterday's beauty?
    We exist
    Happy and Sad
    Inside our mind
    In our emotions


  • debangana_gogoi 21w

    For a dear Friend cause he wrote for me as well��
    Thank you
    You shall be remembered
    #memories #highschool #evenings #friendsforlife #friendship #schooltrips #time #years #hearts #forever #kids #youngadults

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    From Kids
    To Young adults
    We have remained friends
    Even after the long gap
    We managed to recap
    The old friendship

    What's in the menu?
    Chowmein, Chicken Lolipop
    Or Potato Chips?
    All those shack owners
    Must have seen us
    Eating every evening

    Shared Stories
    Shared memories
    Of some teen years
    Remain in our hearts
    Today and


  • debangana_gogoi 22w

    For a friend who went through a breakup recently. This one's an ode to his high School love ��

    #Ode #Silences #Souvenir #20months #happyend #beautiful #couples #void #love #breakups

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    20 Months

    And it felt like forever with you.

    Sorrow was the ending.
    But you were my moon
    Cause you made me moony
    Opening all my doors to you
    Intricate and vulnerable.

    Sorrow was the ending
    For you left me in
    Love and Scars
    For you made me feel life
    And left me in Void.

    Sorrow was the ending
    For we shared silences
    And Tears
    And a souvenir of
    20 Months.


  • debangana_gogoi 22w

    Yes for Cram School and High School memories. You were beautiful and I appreciate each of it!
    Thank you for Exisiting everyone in my life. I shall miss you ,love you till the end.

    #Highschool #memories #newplace #dauntless #dreams #cramschool #tothebetter #career #friends #love #photograph #hearts #concept #institues

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    Concept Educations Priv. Ltd

    On the first day of Cram School
    I sat alone
    Determined not to talk to anyone
    And make a career of my own

    But what followed was Folly
    Cause I discovered that I can't live with them
    Them who made my life jolly
    Them who made life look like a piece of cake!
    Them are Friends;
    Friends without whom
    Shall your life be insipid!

    One had mucous in his nose
    And picked it out anytime,
    One was as tall as the Eiffel Tower in Paris
    And always exchanged his Jacket with me
    One was super serious about Exams!
    The other took it lightly
    And talked with his Girlfriend in every break
    One wore specs
    And gave me coke to drink.

    My Childhood buddy was the best
    Cause he had me as his benchmate.
    A fact that he still finds to hard digest!
    A Girl named "Khushi"was there
    But she was moody
    Only that the mood swings
    Didn't have Whisper Choice Ultra Wings!

    Then the main part
    My senior!
    Oh did I fall for you dear?
    Why wouldn't I?
    From those eyes to the beautiful eyes
    How wouldn't any girl notice it?
    From the moment our eyes met
    Till today all that love remains
    Unbroken And beautiful.
    Should I elaborate more?
    Should I leave it here?
    Because it would be cheesy now
    From I like you to many more!

    How shall I forget any of you?
    We who are seperating now
    We who would be busy in our new lives
    In new spaces and institutions.
    Making new friends, discovering new places

    We who are all set to chase our dreams?
    To become better persons,
    We carry these memories forward and
    Friendships sacred.
    We carry love in our hearts
    And open to the world dauntlessly!!


  • debangana_gogoi 23w


    There is peace in this land
    This land where I am right now
    I found peace in you;

    You are too much
    To express in words.
    Your shoulder blades,the sharp nose
    And soft hands, your overgrown curly hair
    Your body built.
    I have noticed it all.

    Everytime you kiss me,
    Desire flows out from you
    You want me, my glistening lips,
    To cuddle and hug
    And sleep with me.

    Men would be infatuated by my Beauty
    By my good countenance
    But would it be the same if I didn't have this face?
    The answer would be negative.
    But you would always find me beautiful
    You would still look at me
    Smile and kiss me every moment.
    Because you love me
    Geniuely and purely
    Right from the heart.
    Today and always.....


  • debangana_gogoi 27w

    Honestly all I could think of writing in mirakee in Love. I have no idea why! Happy Reading ��

    #mistakes #confessions #lifetalk #love #peace #addicted #friends #charm #personality #regrets #bewitched

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    Are you my mistake?
    My mistake which I would regret in life?
    I who am lured by your personality
    I who stand awed, enthralled by your charm
    As if bewitched.
    It's addictive
    The peace which I get while talking with you
    I share minute details of my life
    Even at 3 am in the morning
    Why do I do so?
    We're nothing more than friends
    We're nothing more than just friends.
    Then why do I find peace with you?
    Why do you mean so much too me?
    Am I making a mistake?

    By loving you so deeply?
    Yet not confessing it?
    Am I making the mistake of my life?


  • debangana_gogoi 43w

    Love is the most overrated thing in the world. I can tell you that for sure!
    Well the memories are tedious. Keep on coming every night.

    #love #firstkiss #memories #highschoollove #cyclesoflove #firstlove #bfgf #cassettes #repeat #play #littlethings #always #hungergames #entralled #liesandlove

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    It's like a cycle,
    Right from the start till the end.
    It keeps on playing inside my head.
    It's like a song
    Played on loop.

    We beneath the dark skies
    On lone streets.
    Walking together.

    There's that terrace
    Where you would play the guitar
    And I would listen peacefully
    The strums which struck a melody in my heart
    The sound which bind us together.

    Love which progressed slowly,
    Enthralling both of us
    We would share tiny tales from our terrible lives
    Little things which made us laugh
    Little things which made us cry

    Memories all,
    It's a cycle
    It keeps playing
    All of these cassettes
    In my head


  • debangana_gogoi 55w

    #stuckinlove #beautifulfeelings #Lifelessons #hurt #lovelorn #riseinlove #fallingforsomeone #beinlove #dearlove #covid19 #happyinlove
    #lovematters #onesidedlove

    Yeah, I fear that I might hurt you hence I pretend that we are friends and nothing more. Maybe it's written in our stars to this but whatever be it so,I want you to be happy!��

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    You know that I am not acknowleding your love
    Not accepting it,
    Ignoring it every second;every moment
    Ignoring the feelings that you have for me
    Blocking it off.

    Why am I doing this?
    Because I am stuck in a catastrope
    In-between my past mistakes and hurt
    I fail to recover,
    I fail to open up again,
    I fear that I might hurt you,
    Hurt the only person that I adore
    I love;

    We are neither falling in love
    Nor rising in love
    We are stuck;
    In an abyss.

    Even after all this,
    Why do you still long for me?
    Hold on to me?
    Hope for me?
    Why do you do this dear love??