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  • dee_mikael 108w


    Getting louder...
    Some, just don't quieten

    Noise: something that attracts attention

  • dee_mikael 108w


    Riding high with the water or low with the waves
    The hard work isn’t pretty
    It’s sweaty and straining in all its harsh ugliness
    In the end
    We’d come to terms with the fact that backstage, Nobody’s waiting to shake our hand or clap our shoulders
    No one with a hug
    For this reason alone we strive harder
    Push the box higher
    Strain past our limits
    And we don’t stop shouting when we’re tired
    We Stop when we are heard

  • dee_mikael 109w


    In between the tears of shaky terrains and anxious free falls
    I hope
    You find a steady ground
    To aim
    To become
    Because you
    Dear sweetheart
    Are magic
    Long forgotten
    You are rustic
    And medieval
    And ancestral
    You come from a line of women
    Who believe in grunting and sweating
    Women who’re proud of what their hands can make
    You haven’t come this far to accept that elegance is a better virtue to build than character because the world embraced it
    Show them the scars you got while hunting dinner
    Show them the food you made off of your hunting
    Make them see what you bring to the table!
    Because when the world decided to break women
    You thought you could break the world in return
    Cause a tsunami in your wake
    An earthquake
    A volcanic eruption
    Because you’re closest to divinity
    And you ought to be worshipped

  • dee_mikael 124w

    Education would be much more effective if its purpose was to ensure that by the time they leave school every boy and girl should know how much they do not know and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it.

    -William Haley-

  • dee_mikael 128w

    It comes like an empty box and sits at the base of my stomach.
    Food has no appeal because a sour spicy taste floats at the end of my throat.
    A hollow timbre like sound dances to the front of my head.
    Thinking becomes difficult.
    There's an electric feel in my veins.
    I can neither run nor dance.
    So my fingers tremble.
    How's your anxiety?


  • dee_mikael 133w

    We Remember

    To the friends we've lost. For giving us undiluted joy while they were here.
    To the friends we've lost. The ones we wished we were closer to.
    To the friends we've lost.
    I'm sorry we didn't get talk to enough.
    I'm sorry we never went on those trips.
    To the friends we've lost.
    The one's that spoke more through their hearts. We miss your soothing voice. 
    To the friends we've lost.
    The holidays seem so far away now,
    every picture I see of you melts in my eyes.
    To the friends we've lost.
    Pop a bottle, share a cup.
    We must drink tonight,
    These nights without you, your memories will sour in the blue skies, reminding us of your smiles.
    Smiles we can no longer see.
    Long live you!


  • dee_mikael 138w

    In truth, we don't really know our sins.


  • dee_mikael 139w

    He Listens

    Its all gonna be fine.
    It's all gonna be fine.
    He whispers this in my ears, and I still don't get it.
    It gets so dark up here, I tell him.
    Some nights I crawl around my 'dreams' and it's an endless circle of 'if I had knowns'
    Other nights, I lay in bed. 
    And hope the pain passes with the moon.
    But we both know it ain't that easy.
    Well it's all gonna be fine. 
    I pray.


  • dee_mikael 139w


    A thousand messages, 
    a million words, 
    a billion expressions
     and yet I fear that nothing I do.
    Will ever fully comprehend the magnitude of feelings that flood my mind whenever our breathes touch. 


  • dee_mikael 140w

    Distance Hurts.

    Sometimes I'd prefer if she misses me less. Cus, whenever I remember that she misses me, our love story goes on replay. 
    And my beating heart bleeds,