because we need fantasy to survive the reality ��❣

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  • deepanshita 122w


    People are like those stars,
    Which have been dead long time ago
    But you see them alive..
    Cause their light just take a little more time to reach your eyes..

  • deepanshita 128w


    In the end..
    Moon is still lonely, no matter how beautiful it is..
    Ocean is screaming, no matter how deep it is..
    Stars are far away, no matter how bright they shine..
    And sun is burning , no matter if he's the god of light..
    Cause in the end universe doesn't leave any of us. Does it?

  • deepanshita 133w

    I know everything heals with time
    But what about the scars they leave behind?

  • deepanshita 134w

    Mirror mirror on the wall,
    Who is more broken of us all?����
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Mirror mirror on the wall,
    Can't forget the sins i have caused
    Been here with my haunting thoughts
    All i can do now is pray, that's all

    Lies, cheats and lost smiles
    My tears cannot change that time..
    Standing here and staring my
    Miserable soul makes me cry.
    Can't clean this mess, before i die..

  • deepanshita 134w

    Not fine! ����
    Part 2
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • deepanshita 134w


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  • deepanshita 135w


    It's time to turn the pages,
    Unlock the cages
    Been here for ages
    We all got a key to find

    Slow down the rages
    It can be dangerous
    There must be more ways
    Let's not lose our minds...

  • deepanshita 143w

    Burning woods

    I'm in the middle of the burning woods
    Soon they will burn me down.
    I scream out your name, but you can't hear a sound..
    I tried to hid myself there ,I can't escape now..
    My tears no more can put out the fire,
    In the end we're ashes on the ground..

  • deepanshita 146w


    Welcome sunshine,
    I know you're on your way
    Come through the darkness
    Make grey skies go away
    The world has brought me
    Down to my knees..
    Just this night, I'll wait
    Cause the day will come
    And we'll all see hues
    Which was once greys..

  • deepanshita 146w


    I was afraid of the skin
    But when I saw what's within..
    I realized Medusa was a freaking