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  • dhar_mayank 14w


    When the scent of our love
    Enveloped the air
    I expected you to believe
    I was always there
    All through those testing times
    When they said love is blind
    I knew my trust would find
    Someone who would make me feel
    What it means to be special to him

    My soulmate, love knows language of hearts
    Did u realise when did it start
    I braved the world to be with you
    I realised now what magic this love could do
    For if someone knows language of my soul
    Oh my dear it is just you... It is just you


  • dhar_mayank 20w

    A No


    A journey of Lover ended

    To give way to a Stalker


  • dhar_mayank 20w

    They both wanted to have fun

    Till she sent her nudes

    .....An fun turned to lust and then to crime

  • dhar_mayank 20w

    Loss to Gain

    From loosing

    The right to be wrong

    She gained

    Confidence to be right

  • dhar_mayank 20w

    Was it love

    From being in dark about each other


    Melting in dark with each other

    They travelled too fast to call it love

  • dhar_mayank 21w

    An Offer life couldn't Refuse

    Just when dark seemed to thump its chest
    Adversity seemed to prevail at its best
    Just when odds wanted me to suffer
    I made life an offer
    Offer it couldn't refuse
    Oh my poor dark
    You are up against phoenix
    Ready to rise from its ashes
    I welcome the sword of damocles
    For it is my jewel
    Whenever that pride makes you swell
    Just remember
    I ain't going anywhere
    Let those storms be deep,dark and severe


  • dhar_mayank 32w



    In the narrow lanes of yesteryears
    I have lost innocence and all of me

    Sitting down on ground we would all eat
    Master or her words, hard to decide,what was more sweet
    She would burn her hand to pick hot paranthas
    Busy in food we would hardly see

    Sometimes there was barely for her
    But her "Raja beta" could have more
    It just looks now a simple folklore

    My nostalgia takes me to that wild laugh
    When we the friends thought there was no one for us to stop
    Those friends drifted and friendships vanished like vapours in thin air
    How badly I want to be once more there

    The irony with nostalgia is it rides on wishes
    Wishes to live a world gone by
    A world rembered with smiles and accompanied by sigh!

  • dhar_mayank 32w

    Here is your prisoner #night #tombstone #dark #beauty #stars

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    Night ...Oh! one more night
    Here is your prisoner
    Take me to those deep dungeons
    Shackle me
    To my own tombstone
    And push me to that deep ravine of dark
    Where only the twinkle of stars
    will be my last chance to gasp the breath
    Before the chains take me down to be devoured in parts

    but my Epitaph will say
    "Here lies the one bedazzled with beauty of stars"

  • dhar_mayank 33w

    You have never broken my #trust
    Like a #loyal #lover

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    Loyal lover

    Meeting you again after a while
    My hiatus welcomes you with open arms
    I keep on standing quietly
    Just watching your amazing charms
    Had it not been for them
    Would we have met so often
    You make me remember always
    Life is not a melodious song

    I must admit
    You have never broken my trust
    Like a loyal lover
    You return sooner or later
    But see the irony of it
    Just when I think
    We have bid adieu forever
    Oh my misfortune, you again find me somewhere

  • dhar_mayank 34w

    A Search

    The broken me
    In search of my ownself
    A self, lost to gain unknown
    To see some happy faces
    A wanderlust leading to strange places

    It wasn't long
    Just some springs ago
    This barren land wasn't so
    My tears have betrayed me
    Damp has become heart and no one can see
    I loose myself to the dark that prevails
    A part of me just silently wails

    They say I'm heartless and dry
    Calling me words, I can't answer but cry
    And tears once more fail me again
    It is just all in vain

    I have reason that let's me believe
    Dark howsoever it may seem
    I have to be there for him
    Never say never again
    I will have to find myself once more
    For their is always sunshine after rain