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  • dharitree04 35w

    You may be kind enough to forgive the ones that hurt you...
    But karma will never.. their is a payback for everything and karma makes sure people get it the right way..
    Karma is not cruel,it's just equal!!!!

  • dharitree04 38w

    Let your conscience be the judge of your limits!!!!!!

  • dharitree04 39w

    Don't let the wrongs of life make you wrong..
    Remember you are better than this!!!!!

  • dharitree04 41w

    The today you doesn't know
    What the tomorrow you have to bear..
    So don't be harsh on yourself,
    You may have to endure a lot tomorrow..
    Life is capricious!!!!!

  • dharitree04 42w

    We humans have an uncanny
    obsession with self-victimisation....

  • dharitree04 42w

    Give weightage to words,
    Not just actions,but words counts too!!!!

  • dharitree04 52w

    Today its cold... yesterday so hot..
    It's too shiny today when gloomy it was the other day...
    With time being so callous....
    It's as if life lost the cadence of joy...

  • dharitree04 57w

    It's not the success that makes us winners..
    It's the undying spirit that does..
    Despite the cacophony of success and failures let your spirit stand storm strong!!!!!

  • dharitree04 57w

    The calm is you
    So is the roar!!!

  • dharitree04 57w

    Built yourself in a way that your successful contemporaries inspires you!!!