I can bleed through ink. If I could express everything, I wouldn't have started writing.

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  • dhivya_diyal 95w

    Live or die, but it's suffocating to do both at the same time. Quitting is easy, choose wisely.
    Live before you die.

  • dhivya_diyal 99w

    It's not the helplessness, but the hope that the heart fears,
    It's not the hate, but the love that the soul fears,
    It's not the hurt, but the silence that the lips fear,
    It's not the confusion, but the decision that the mind fears,
    But every time I find several reasons to fear,
    Faith stood fierce, unmoved.

  • dhivya_diyal 100w

    I'd rather love to be hated than be pitied.

  • dhivya_diyal 100w

    A doubtful heart

    A doubtful heart cannot give love,
    It hides anger and ego.
    A doubtful heart cannot trust dreams,
    It hides the fear of defeat.
    A doubtful heart cannot make a decision,
    It hides confusion.
    A doubtful heart can't trust anyone,
    It hides hurt.
    A doubtful heart can't work,
    It hides laziness.
    Are you still doubtful?
    Be stubborn, but not doubtful.

  • dhivya_diyal 101w

    If you are broken within, don't expect others to fix you. If you wear broken spectacles and observe the world, everything will look shattered. Remove the glasses. Acknowledge what you feel and deal with it. Healing takes time and it's perfectly okay.

  • dhivya_diyal 101w

    Ask sorry to yourself. You were so kind to everyone that you had always put them first and forgot that you mattered too. No matter how much you care, no matter how much affection you pour on people, they are always susceptible to change.
    Be kind to yourself as well, because you matter.

  • dhivya_diyal 101w

    I am irreplaceable

    My skin doesn't glow all the time,
    I'll define my own realm,
    My hairs are tangled,
    I'm newfangled,
    I ain't a star,
    But my light could travel so far,
    I do have a scar,
    Yet, I am irreplaceable.

    I'm not a writer,
    I could make an error,
    I write what I feel,
    With a soul full of zeal,
    Words could go wrong,
    And I don't inscribe a perfect song,
    Yet, I am irreplaceable.

    I'm not an artist,
    I dream beyond the shades of twilight,
    My strokes are not regular,
    My paintings are not familiar,
    Brushes couldn't satisfy my imagination,
    I live in the world of fascination,
    I love creativity,
    And I hate reality,
    Yet, I am irreplaceable.

    I'm not a fairy,
    My past is so scary,
    But don't you worry,
    Life is not fair,
    It's not a paper to tear,
    I'm a gem that's rare,
    Like a diamond,
    And I'm irreplaceable;
    So are you.

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    I am irreplaceable

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  • dhivya_diyal 101w

    I started raising my voice,
    And I argued I had a choice,
    Eyes turned teary,
    Mom wiped those droplets,
    And I felt weary;
    When did I grow this soon?
    When did crescent evolve into a full moon?

    I remember,
    I used to blabber,
    My hands were tiny,
    My skin was delicate and shiny,
    I held mom's fingers tight,
    I knew she'd always be right.

    She feeds me even now,
    I hug her every now and then,
    I realize that I'm taller than her,
    But, I really don't know when,
    Yes, when?
    When did I grow this soon?

    The saree that she wears is still new,
    But, petite dresses that fit me are few,
    I still hold her saree's corner,
    And I still feel she's my partner,
    Yet, I'd be a graduate shortly;
    When did I grow this soon?

    I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep,
    She caressed my hair,
    She kissed me in silence,
    And tried not to scare,
    Should I weep?
    I hugged her and whispered gently;
    When did I grow this soon?
    @shine_jey @pravi_quotes @anathreek_jey @irreplaceable_10venni @navinesh

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    When did I grow this soon?

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  • dhivya_diyal 101w

    I burnt my skin by hot oil accidentally,
    My flesh burnt until it hurt mercilessly,
    I couldn't express how I felt,
    My bones almost melt,
    I was ten months old,
    I couldn't remember the bandage's fold,
    Everyone thought that I'd be dead,
    But I fooled the destiny.

    I fell sick too often,
    When would god's heart soften?
    Mom turned vigilant,
    I became indifferent,
    I cursed my fate,
    Must I wait?
    Why should I act cowardly?
    My eyes looked at the fate fearlessly,
    The fragile heart turned stubborn,
    And I fooled the destiny.

    I hid in shadows,
    I never opened the windows,
    I loved darkness,
    Even frost couldn't handle my coldness,
    I won't trouble,
    Ergo; I stayed away from people,
    Everyone left; except few,
    Dreams held me like dew,
    The raindrops grew the seeds of dreams,
    And I fooled the destiny.

    If I were put in the fire,
    I'll build ashes of the empire,
    If I were blown in the air,
    I'll raise like a storm,
    Fate? I've learnt to be calm,
    If I were buried deep inside the earth,
    I'll rise like a seed of worth,
    If I were thrown amidst the ocean,
    You know;
    That I'd fool the destiny again!
    What about you?

    @shine_jey @anathreek_jey @irreplaceable_10venni @pravi_quotes @navinesh

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    I fooled the destiny

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  • dhivya_diyal 102w

    This ain't love

    If you fell in love the moment your eyes met each other,
    You thought you were meant to be together;
    You lost yourself in her smile,
    You could be wrong,
    This ain't love!

    His messages made you smile instantly,
    You wanted to see her constantly;
    She never knew the depth in his eyes,
    You could be wrong,
    This ain't love!

    You try to impress and dress,
    Yet, it would turn into a mess,
    You gifted each other lavishly,
    You keep expecting more selfishly,
    You've lost yourself back,
    You could be wrong,
    This ain't you,
    This ain't love!

    You feel comfortable with him,
    She'll shed tears and you'll swim,
    You haven't held her hands,
    You don't look for a chance,
    There's no need to rush,
    Perhaps, Maybe, no;
    This indeed is love!