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  • dianisco 1w

    Dear God
    It will really be nice...

  • dianisco 2w

    Little broken things

    Wish I could put back together
    All these little broken things
    Your presence ,thoughts and laughter
    For that again, I would give anything

    Can you even remember
    The cracks on the wall
    The old nagging clock
    The paint at your front door

    Can you remember
    The wind blowing through the yard
    The warm morning sun
    The dog on the lawn

    I'm standing twelve years away from you
    Staring at the skies shiny blue
    The breeze even smells like you
    The bird's been chirping all morning about you

    Wish I could put back together
    All these little broken things
    I would live every moment over
    If you were here again with me.

  • dianisco 7w

    I'll rather shatter these mirrors
    Than watch them reflect what I'm not
    I've called out mirror mirror on the wall
    But it didn't even respond

    When did the reflection become so dark
    Like lord Voldemort's facing me back
    When I see my reflection in the mirror
    In the mirror mirror on the wall

    I'll rather shatter these mirrors
    Than watch them reflect what I'm not
    I'll rather live with a void
    Than have a mirror mirror on the wall

  • dianisco 8w

    God is the only person that has been
    Faithfully walking with me
    I mean through the thick and thin
    He's been there... Watching

    Would it even suffice
    To say that he's changed my life
    Taken me to grace from grass
    And struggle that's cold as ice

    Would it even suffice
    My prayer and thanks
    My testimony and life
    My bended knee and bleeding heart

    I've bled before
    Once alone and lost
    Not that I bleed no more
    But now when I bleed... I heal
    Because God... God heals me.

  • dianisco 12w

    Like whatsoever

    You gave me this talent or whatsoever

    So I'm going to showcase it.. However

    I've had this habit like forever

    To walk away, take a break, have some space, get away or just whatever

    I usually do to put my mind back together

    It takes days... Or weeks or years or maybe never

    I don't know you're the one who's accurately taking note or whatever

    Routines, hobbies, habits I've carried over

    I've tried to change the bad, evolve the good or just whatsoever

    Now wasted is the only consistency

    The only thing making it to accuracy

    Hope, Faith, love or whatsoever

    I've seemed to lost track of it..or what might have happened ?? I don't know whatsoever.

  • dianisco 14w

    There's so much peace in prayer
    So much.... You won't know until you pray

  • dianisco 15w

    I don't know who would pray for me when I die. So I'd rather suffer under the heat of the sun, walking to the priest to obtain my penance, than lie under the shade of a casket,hoping I'd get prayed for.

  • dianisco 15w


    Loving could be easy
    If you just decide to love
    Let it consume you wholly
    Live your happily ever after, just live, just love..

    At least that's what the fairy tales say
    In the land where donkeys speak and old ladies grant wishes
    Where missing shoes are found by price ces
    And Sleeping Beauty true love awakes..

    But loving can be much more
    So long as you're not loving wrong
    So long as you've found the right person to love
    So long as you're holding on

  • dianisco 16w

    Sinners in white

    We're all sinners in white
    Keeping our skeletons in the dark
    Carefully avoiding the light
    Dressing in white to camouflage

    The walls they hear us
    And the sky sees us
    We've littered the earth with disgust
    So we put on white to cover up

    We wait for each other to die
    Then pretend to realise
    To love one another, to reconcile
    To remember, we're all sinners in white

  • dianisco 18w

    When leaving don't forget
    Your hard earned labour and sweat
    Take what you've toiled for, your daily bread
    Don't leave it here, for greedy men

    When leaving don't forget
    That thing you cried so much over
    That almost cost you your sanity, moreover
    Kept you all night awake, no slumber

    When living don't forget
    That naked you came, naked you'd return
    Get over it, even if it hurts.
    Get over everything you can't carry, when you'd return.