I'm a rhyme addict, and somehat of an introvert...My faith is Catholic. Instagram: dieudonns01

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  • dieudonnesong 6w


    Upon us is a new dawn;
    Unto us new hope is born.
    All creation ineffably yearns,
    To glory in this new hope.

    By His stripes and dereliction;
    By His judgement and condemnation,
    Christ Jesus gave to all creation,
    His love and certain redemption.

    Over all the Earth, His love reigns;
    I've heard and seen and felt it;
    And in my soul, broken are the chains
    That bound, confined and emptied me.

    Good Friday, 2022

  • dieudonnesong 8w

    While we all laid asleep,
    In a dormitory of room of 60.
    Some dreamt while some blinked;
    Yearning to get a ride back to Dreamland.

    Amongst the wide-eyed was me
    Still recovering from the sweet dream I'd have.
    I decided to wander off in thoughts, perhaps that'd make me sleep.
    It didn't take me long a enough
    And then I found something,
    Not from within, yet from around me.

    Slowly I felt my blanket being pulled off me
    Oh my God! I screamed in my heart
    Which throbbed at an insane rate
    For which feared was too loud.

    What could I do but tremble in fear.
    I cried out within "God help me"
    And slowly began to pray "Jesus save me"
    And slowly did my blanket get placed back.

    It took me a while, trembling in fear
    Yet finally I fell asleep.
    When I told my friends the next day
    No one believed me. "It was a dream" some said,
    But in my heart I know what happened and who saved me.


  • dieudonnesong 12w

    Wishes from the mirror

    I've gotten to watch you grow,
    Day by day through the mirror.
    I've watched you smile;
    I've seen you cry.
    Yet past all of those moments,
    I've seen you change.
    I've watched you grow,
    Into the fine lad that you are.
    I've watched your resilience
    And admired your determination.
    I've scaled your faith
    And weighed your Love;
    I must say, it all amounts to a lot
    And that amount will take you far.

    Do always remember my dear lad:
    That life is a gift and to live it to it's fullness.
    I wish you more love through those around you;
    I pray that goodness surrounds you;
    May the favour of the Lord be upon you
    And may you walk in the path that is true.

    March 2, 2022

  • dieudonnesong 13w

    To all who feel lost
    An walk a broken lane.
    All in search of a word;
    In search of a name.
    To define themselves
    And feel whole again...
    Stop pushing so hard.
    You are human, subject to change;
    Stop seeking to regain your past self.
    Yeah, I know, someday you feel strange,
    Cuz you can't answer the "who am I" question.
    Start from where you are to create an image.
    Ask yourself, "who do I want to be"?
    Start redefining yourself, choose your visage.
    Make it right; common, give it a smile;
    Because we've been given one life,
    One talent, and one chance to live.
    It's up to us to choose to live it;
    In fear of the "who am I" question
    Or in the bliss of choosing who we want to become.

    Feb 22, 2022

  • dieudonnesong 15w

    As the night waves the day goodbye
    And the sun sets forth to race the sky,
    I come to you, the apple of my eyes.
    To kiss you good morning and gaze upon your smiles.
    I wish you a graceful day
    And success in all you do today.
    Nevertheless, before I leave, I must say,
    I love you very much, and will do so day by day.


  • dieudonnesong 15w

    An Imperfect Sphere

    So, have you heard that Earth's a sphere?
    Though not perfect - further research would make that clear;
    Rotates and revolves around a star.
    Yeah that's right, you needn't look far.
    It is a star, that which we call "sun";
    Made from fusion of gases, isn't that fun?
    It rotates as well, once per 25 days,
    And gives us life, by its energized rays.
    Now back to Earth, quite a cool place I must say,
    Take a look around, it's all on display:
    From gravity, to photosynthesis,
    From glycolisis, homeostasis and unto mitosis...
    Oh, that's Biology, let's talk physics.
    Trust me, It's cooler and explains acrobatics. ��
    With that in mind, let's talk gravity;
    Credits to Newton, he explained this ability.
    Believe it or not, you pull the Earth and it pulls you;
    And that's called "a force" in case you had no clue.
    The law of gravitation governs the cosmos,
    Without which, we would kiss oxygen adios.
    It states that, every particle in the universe
    Attracts every other particle,
    By a Force, which if you observe,
    Is proportional to the product of their masses
    And inversely proportional to the squared distance
    Between their center of masses.
    Gravity on Earth, isn't uniform though,
    An important tip and one you should know.
    The slight unevenness is because Earth's not a perfect sphere.
    Now that you know, go forth and to others, do make the concept clear.

    © Dieudonné Song

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    An Imperfect Sphere


  • dieudonnesong 22w

    People of the earth,
    Rise up and sing.
    A Birthday song,
    For Christ the King.
    Even though rich,
    He chose us the poor;
    Was born in our midst,
    To save us all.
    Celebrate this day
    For what it means.
    Heaven came down
    In a humble scene.
    For in a crib in Bethlehem,
    A Child was born unto us.
    Blessed is He, Emmanuel;
    God with us, Christ the King!


  • dieudonnesong 25w

    Author of the stars,
    I gaze up from below.
    A being among many,
    Insignificant yet cherished.
    Your beauty surrounds me,
    It's splendor assures me;
    That despite the struggles that be,
    Your love nourishes me.
    Teach me how to exist,
    In the quietude of life.
    To live my every moment,
    To it's fullness as you wish.
    So that one day when it's over;
    This gift of life that you gave,
    I will account how joyfully I lived it,
    And how many lives I touched.

    Dec 6 2021

  • dieudonnesong 26w


    When plastics are burned
    And when our vehicles get to move,
    The greenhouse effect is earned;
    An effect we cannot approve.

    Every smile under the sky,
    Every activity and fun;
    Every joy that we cannot buy,
    Is threatened as days go on.

    There can be a reality,
    Where droughts and storms prevail
    And in our cherished community,
    Water shortages make us wail.

    So to save every smile,
    We must go an extra mile;
    To make our Earth a tree-filled isle
    And in better ways,treat the dirt we pile.


  • dieudonnesong 27w


    Son of Man, Christ the King.
    Hear our prayer; hear us sing.
    Word made Flesh, Prince of Peace.
    Your praise oh Lord, will never cease.

    From the lips of babes, your praise is sung.
    By the poor and rich, Gloria bells are rung.
    Your angels and saints, peace filled proclaim:
    Holy! Holy! Holy! they exult with hearts aflame.

    Help us contemplate You
    And live our lives to please You.
    Sprout in us Your Kingdom's seed,
    To spread Your Love in word and deed.

    Nov 21, 2022