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  • digvita 8w

    Apna banye!!

    Jante toh kai hain par pehchante sirf apne hain..

  • digvita 11w

    Ulajh ke Sulajhna!

    Shabdon se bhari shabdakosh thi woh..
    Panktiyon ki ladiyaan lagati thi joh..
    Aaj Aksharon main hi uljhi hui hai joh..
    Jarur ek din in sab uljhano ki janjeer tod kar fir suljhegi woh!!

  • digvita 30w

    Dil ki Pukaar!!

    Aaj uss awaz main nahi hai woh chahak..
    Aaj unn baaton main nahi hai woh khanak..
    Aaj unn yaadon ki nahi hai koi bhanak..
    Phir bhi..
    Ae zindagi..tu lagti hai kanak..
    ©digvita ©kishor

  • digvita 30w

    Dil ka Karar!!

    Woh dil hai janab...
    Jo luta de pyaar lajawab...
    Agar uski mohabaat ka na rakhe hisaab kitaab...
    Toh tute hi na kabhi koi khwaab...

    Woh dil hai janab...
    Jo luta de pyaar lajawab..
    Agar woh ho na betaab...
    Toh tute hi nahi koi khwaab...

  • digvita 81w

    सच्चा अस्तित्व

    कैसी अजीब विडंबना है...
    बेशक तुझे कहते सब तन्हाई है,
    पर तेरा एहसास,
    और तेरा वजूद,
    किसीको लिपटके ही प्राप्त होता है।

  • digvita 84w

    When lockdown takes a toll on your mental well-being..
    PJs are a savior!!

    #lockdownkeeffects #hilarousconversations #laughteristhebestmedicine���� #conversations #mirakeewriters

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    He: Why did you wear jeans today, when you have to stay at home?
    She: Just to check if I still fit in one else would get a surprise after lockdown that my jeans died of me sitting at home and not remembering it!!

  • digvita 84w

    9W Joy of Flying!!

    I am really gonna miss this place..
    I am gonna miss my Jet days!!

    Yaad hai woh sare upsells..
    Humne jo khub kiye they!!
    Dilution ka pakda Jana..
    Ho Dnbs kya kaam kiye they!!

    Milke karna woh group requests and pricing actions..
    Aur network planning and scheduling change actions last minut par..
    Long weekends ki woh taiyaari..
    Aur review karna woh inventory beech beech main...
    Aur baad main ye kehna..
    Saala aur behtar revenue generate ho Sakta tha..

    Hote targets achieve kabhi..
    Toh chuk jate they woh kabhi kabhi..
    Lautado woh Masti bhare din sabhi...
    Ho Dil ye apna kahe ki ae doston..
    I am really gonna miss this place..
    I am gonna miss my Jet days!!

  • digvita 85w

    Soulful Conversation, is it!!

    He: Who are you?
    She: A unique form of beauty...
    He: What does that mean...
    She: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..
    He: I am clueless..
    She: You would anyway be. For you aren't the beholder my friend...
    He: Who is it then?
    She: The beauty of this beauty is knowing her own beauty!!
    He: What?
    She: Relax, that's not your cup of tea anyway!
    He: Really!
    She: Obviously, This beauty is beyond your comprehension!

  • digvita 86w

    All about being Single

    Crossing the timeline of my life..

    I saw my dad's perspiration..

    My mom's inundated determination..

    My strong self motivation..


    Though near and dear ones posed interogatory questions..

    We considered those only as notions..

    To keep ourselves always in motion..


    Until, I kept wondering..

    What kept me bothering?

    Unsuccessful attempts..

    Or unheard requests..

    The entire process..

    Or lack of progress..


    Am I complaining?

    No! I have ended up comparing..

    Is it lack of daring?

    Or is it scaring?

    No! Just wish to know..

    What each one is aspiring for..

    While looking out for pairing..


    Are rejections on my mind?

    No. But, unestablished connections surely are..

    Am I being pessimistic?

    No. Just a little realistic..


    This is all a test of time..

    But, never treat it as pastime..

    Yes, it's a decision lasting for a lifetime..

    Which surely needs everyone's dedication full-time..


    Is it just an interpretation?

    Why am I carving such an impression?

    No! It's a confession..

    Finding its way of expression..

    Hope that, this leads to some facilitation...

    Harbouring all towards their desired destination

  • digvita 87w


    In this COVID-19 scare, here's my prayer

    Beyond the horizon..
    Somewhere midst the galaxy..
    The stars emit their light..
    The world just shines bright!!
    I hope, wish and pray that everyone's world is always illuminated..