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  • diksha_singh 3w

    "Damn...how can you think so much ?"

    Yes it's deep but I wish it was just a thought. One who writes, jots down what they feel and not what they think. I wish that the overthinking had stopped before letting those words to seep into my aura.

    I wish those words weren't hitting as strongly to force me to record it down. I am a host to those parasitic words which finds life once they get a soul to express.

    The state of confusion I go through while writing a paragraph which has both "misery" and "peace"...that frame of mind is a mess.
    Summing up the details and reducing it by a factor of "too much", I would say...IT IS HECTIC.


  • diksha_singh 4w

    Agreed, water has a nature to flow.
    And yes it can fill up any container but it is selective in when and what it mixes with.


  • diksha_singh 5w

    'Pretending to smile' and 'smiling because you can see hope' are two very different things.

    Pretending will distance you from happiness and hope brings you closer to happiness.


  • diksha_singh 6w


    I am unable to restrict my emotions and it results into sensitivity
    I am unable to restrict my anger and it makes me harsh
    I am unable to restrict my concerns and it makes me fearful
    I am unable to restrict my liking and it becomes affection
    I am unable to restrict my possessiveness and it results into jealousy
    I am unable to bind my beliefs and it makes me delusional

    But I am capable enough to trust universe, and that makes me hopeful.
    And I am capable enough to accept "what is..is now"...and that has made me feel life.


  • diksha_singh 7w

    It's okay

    The feel of trusting the invisible power
    The weirdness of having a different definition of success
    The belief that everything is alright
    The odd list of your priorities
    The triggers that make you impatient
    The out of box topics that calms you down

    All of that is OKAY and it needs no validation.

    You don't know what tomorrow is going to be.
    So, your decision to be in this moment is okay.
    Your way of dealing with life is okay.
    Your idea of happiness is okay.

    are all okay.


  • diksha_singh 7w

    I have been mistaken with my liberties.

    I have taken liberty of claiming my right on souls whom I should have just trusted with expectations.
    I have been rude where I should have politely explained my bothering.
    I have continued pretending where I should have taken the liberty of distancing myself.

    I have been affected with judgements where I should taken the liberty of smiling on the innocence of incapability to comprehend life.

    I have taken the liberty of hurting souls with "vague pratical approach" where I should have empathized with their magical reality.


  • diksha_singh 8w

    I am not afraid of judgement, but the inability around in this world.
    Inability to flow, inability to prioritise belief, inability to be present and inability to comprehend life.


  • diksha_singh 9w

    If my shadowy delusion is warm enough to ease out my shivers during a thunderstorm, I will happily reject the lights of clarity.


  • diksha_singh 10w

    When you are asked to feel better or lucky about your own life after looking at other's suffering...yes there is something wrong.

    When you have a list of things to do next morning but can't think of one thing to be grateful for tonight, yes there is something wrong.

    When your idea of success is different from your idea of happiness, yes there is something wrong.

    When you allow yourself to be scared of evils but need "science" to trust on angels, there is something wrong.

    When "you are made of atom" makes sense but "you are the universe" has issues, there is something very wrong.


  • diksha_singh 11w


    The fear with "being emotionally pacified" is that it sometimes makes you question intentions. Whether the universe intended to pacify you or the intention was to pacify the matter.