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  • dildhadakan 35w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @clichepenname #Alien

    "Have U ever felt alienated"?
    Yeah, my dreams and thoughts going dark & amputated
    I feel I am standing in a Blackhole
    Single, Rhyming & Singing Alone in this Wormhole
    Circular, Cavernous and Globulous
    Consuming my life as whole
    In World full of shit and hits
    & With people having one leg in their grave pits
    With their intentions dubious and devillish
    I'm craving and crying brackish
    Thirsty for that life light live
    Can't make it in/out of that hole alive
    Happens same too in world
    I trying to be bold in and gold
    Trying to be among them to in fit
    Doing whatever they told me in bit
    Learnt wasted my time and age
    Came to know they saw me & treated as shit
    And, make me feel alienated
    Now, I am getting doubt, Yeah
    Am I or Them to be shunted

    Myself got hunted, for my Ideals
    As everyone conspired against me
    To put me on list Wanted
    Now, Have I to feel alienated or Them
    Coz I am not an alien for my soul & bum
    Puts this they are alienated
    Covering Fears and of getting Haunted
    Now I ask U,
    Did U ever get shocked and shadowed
    If Yes,
    Then It's the perfect answer to who questioned
    "Have U ever felt alienated"?

    Yeah, I am that Villain in Ur part of story,
    Always present as challenging mystery
    Coz, I am Alien, who can't be erased from your history

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  • dildhadakan 36w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #clichepenname

    Twenty years passed in our journey
    Which began as a single sight
    To say & believe so funny
    Of two souls looking as one for same,Moon & Stars.
    Not craving about anything like fame
    But with great wishes & hope in their relationship
    Without giving a second thought about money
    Twenty years passed in our journey

    Became, everyone's cold eye, for our love
    Which we bore in our soul, & to glow
    Time & Things went by as our body lost twinkle
    Went over with unforgettable scars & wrinkle
    Our generations went by to grow and mingle
    But, we stuck at place primal out of bugle
    We lost our body even to dance at that jingle
    When I opened my wardrobe full of dust
    Having like in a cloud of mist
    Smacking that old memories to my face
    And as revival to,bringing them back to shape
    Brought wardrobe antique with love & care
    & with dowry heap, To in-laws home, in May
    From parental home with a married ritual way
    Shifted wardrobe in cove to prevent wear & tear

    But it was more of a wardrobe
    It had my old lover in robe
    On first sight he had my heart rob
    & Heart sound going to ears made me throb
    But as years went by,
    This all became a fantasy,
    Dawning with a reality,
    He just made me a unclosed dark orifice
    By,throwing on my face a surprise file of divorce
    He went too further in every way as he was not suffice

    But,I only remembered him still in pain
    As a old lover in that memory lane
    Whenever I opened my wardrobe
    & stood in time rushing till....
    My bangles on hand kissed
    My sitting bangles emerald & tinted
    Pushing me to that day of marriage weep
    As my mind getting coiled to screw up with key
    I was glowing beautiful with mehendi
    And wore a red, white, pink dress in
    Combination with natural lovely bindi
    Walked with him steps of seven
    As trying to tell,I became now in his life as even
    In a moment,
    All that been washed up in
    By a gushing tears falling to win
    & pushing me to love more my painful fears of bin
    And my emerald bangles in wardrobe sitting beside
    Reminding not to clean with tears dropping their sides anymore....

    Had it been not for the good of us
    Decided by decision might make our souls free
    Both which we have life left in days
    From where which we have stopped with no glee
    Had my old love in robe
    Ducking in corner of wardrobe
    & a box too covered in dust
    And opened with lust
    But was pandoras box from first
    Had tinted pieces of mosaics of poems broken
    Like a burning heart going to pieces when shaken
    Poems are like mosaic pieces of heart of alphabets, metaphors and memories double
    Glued with words, syllables probable
    To make once a great story lying in soul, poignant to wobble

    Wrote many tinted mosaic pieces of heart
    To only can make us complete by this art, of us
    Became our one & only first & last crush
    Received kisses of love in silence & hush
    Penned tinted pieces love, feminism to masculinism & hatred
    Building ourselves only to get cracked
    With unknown barriers ready in
    In between us, to keep us broken & shocked
    Only to have that heart shattered
    Relieving tinted mosiac pieces out like in unfinished battered
    People's words thrusting to blow mosiac pieces in scattered

    As dry state to new and revived by confidence again
    Only to make ourselves
    Glue that tinted mosiac pieces towards a new way of gain
    Craving to make & set as one to have that glee some in vain
    But our tinted pieces or heart once broken & tried to be glued
    Yet how many times u try
    Can't be shining and same again
    With scars glued yet show themselves in vain
    Whatever U try with to cover in pain
    Other people point towards u their finger and mouth in no shame

    So, it apt to say for this rainy weather

    "Poems are mosaics made of broken pieces of heart held together by layer of alphabet, metaphor and memories treasured in a box where,
    " My old lover in robe sits inside my wardrobe, covered in layer of dust and my emerald bangles sitting beside tell me not to clutter and clean it with tears anymore"

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    #poems #wardrobe

  • dildhadakan 36w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #audience

    As, that day hard came hopping
    My heart going up & down pumping
    My buddies set me up on a date blind
    With, her name Kate, so wise
    Ofcourse, our date was too wind
    Thoughts adressed to me in mind,
    As she would purposely come in black n white
    Surprisingly, she came in that bright
    I felt happy and cheeky tight
    She walked staright towards me as
    As she was acquainted to me right.
    But I was surprised later, to find
    Out it was, I in blind in date to her
    As she was clever to know me
    Before I set out date with her
    This was the deed of my buddies
    To tell about me to her at my back
    About my fails, & tragic date chack
    Which she felt something,
    I don't know it was weird/good thing
    But, she agreed to meet me
    Again to spend with me a time double
    I thought it would go without a trouble
    And, learnt she had me thought
    In a different bubble
    And left me in pity probable
    Made my buddies sore eyed primal
    And, they never made courage
    And set out on blind date ever
    To again set me up
    On a date with a writer
    I told them I would love to be single
    Was really not again ready to mingle
    And not to marry again a writer in rife
    What is wrong in life
    To die without a wife
    My buddies too agreed with war cry
    They would too join me in my strife pry
    But, all turned me down when they met
    Woman of liking as writers as their wife.. At as,
    I didn't know to laugh/to cry
    As, after seeing them made my heart fry(burn)
    Not for those writer wives who clever and beautiful
    But for my buddies, who broke war cry and were deceitful
    This, is the story to my audience
    Who were now going it with patience
    What to say about this women /wives
    U don't know when they be ur superwife
    When be they put jacknife on your life
    In this drama of life of woman/wife
    We are her audience of joy, anger
    & Her pet husband to her
    All, married expert men agreed her
    Telling there's no cure about this & her
    So, many writers wrote about her
    But nobody wrote in this way here
    And we too as audiences read so many
    About her written in many other
    But, my one may not be your liking
    As I penned down on her as
    I went on tour for hiking
    U may have now lagged in this reading
    Where from my piece,started
    As date to wife to audience & going
    Now I know, my this piece would
    Now gather more likes, critic comments & audience
    Gathering to make my piece in flying
    This is the power of audience in judging
    To make this piece as EC's top casting
    U know U are one expert in
    Making my piece top branding
    But, remember It's not possible
    Until we have audience & mirakee
    To push U far away to tell keep going
    Thank U all audience again
    Making my piece waving
    All time high in colours flying
    (Audience) They are like mirror
    Throwing eggs at U
    When they find U lower
    By that, they tell It's time over
    For U to leave old & embrace
    New way to attract them & more
    In order to get trophies bigger
    Well, is it this truly that?
    No, It's your percept mad for trophies & likes
    But, It's their true love for ur writing comedies and talents
    But not about ur number of trophies & likes
    I'm so sorry, I misunderstood them(Audience)
    I promise U to give me one more chance in a ton
    So that I can prove U, I am back with golden pen
    I just want to thank U from bottom of my heart
    Because of U I am back in my Art
    Coz U stood by me from day one from start
    What can be more to say about
    If I say, I would be like putting U in shame
    Coz, U are in AUDIENCE Of HALL OF FAME
    Writers and Audiences are on
    Continuous date with each other,
    Where one pens down a piece,
    Which touches the body & soul of latter
    Writers, are like moon and stars
    With their lovers(people/audience) on earth r like superstars
    Audiences are like masks and prisms
    Reflecting different faces & shades in spectrums
    U need to take away whites & leave blacks
    Coz, it's the only way to be before them
    As right in our deeds & thoughts
    We need to thank them by core
    But I can't pen down pieces more

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  • dildhadakan 36w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #mask

    Masks Marched like head to head toast
    With their time in perfect sync past
    Of feeling proudness & courage on
    U know me as mask of brave one (Soldier)
    Ready to sacrifice myself for others son
    My fellas also Marched like head to head toast
    But U know it alas & at last,
    Of feeling mad & brutal form
    U know me as mask of coward one (Terrorist)
    Spilling blood, pain of innocent son
    So, don't allow your mad to go rage
    Coz U will be cast by ur mask in cage
    Counting your entire life's penny in wage
    U know me as colour mask of people
    Instantly transforming in less time couple
    Violet mask for powerly
    Indigo mask for arrogantly
    Blue mask for wickedly
    Green mask for envy
    Yellow mask for wastly
    Orange mask for castely
    Red mask for enmity &
    White mask for cowardly
    Black mask for beastly
    But U see, masks we too like
    Just about U are alike
    On inversion
    We too have like U a diversion.
    Violet mask for responsibility
    Indigo mask for honesty
    Blue mask for competence & reliability
    Green mask for eco friendly
    Yellow mask for simplicity
    Orange mask for excitement & warmly
    Red mask for lovely
    White mask for happily
    Black mask for sophistication
    So, U see we too have sides vonal
    Like Muti faceted gonal
    But is it we having this feature
    Or U chaotic about it
    And Using us in your brochure & voucher
    U are so shameless creature
    Thinking U r too mature
    We, as your masks have felt
    Too as your shameless peer
    To be worn on U as
    Your genre less preacher
    We felt about us that in pain
    Prayed not to keep us in vain
    We had got ourselves heeded
    And there was a wrath on world(Corona)
    And all realised that we r needed
    Slowly our true masks were
    On every person's face.. gonal
    All having one fear of death
    As all pushed to live as one for primal
    Everyone realised our competence
    We too as masks one
    Needed them for our depedence
    As,Masks, we can't live without people
    & They too can't live without our banal
    Is it good/bad to
    Be masked/umasked
    Wish I had answer for this &
    Before U would be asked
    But I know this answer now depends &
    Lies deep down river of reasoned
    Where U not only get Ur answer
    But also makes U seasoned...
    Don't judge about my piece so fast
    With Ur mask on past
    U may be bitten & smitten
    If it's gets posted on top EC's cast..
    So judge and read slowly about my piece
    On People and Their MASKS..
    People of emotion in bony cask
    & Soul in red flesh ruby in lask
    Try to show their true facet in task
    Generally acknowledged by others as Mask
    Mask in comedy
    Mask in tragedy
    Mask in drama
    Mask in karma
    We are present in
    Every ounce of human bin parody
    Turning this into
    A great cycle of rhapsody
    Many pieces on mask and she(woman),
    About her heart and her soul,
    Striving some to make it free,
    Some covering her from her inner glee,
    What way can addressed and redressed
    To make her & soul full dressed
    With clothes and masks brushed
    As a origami
    To her in full literary spree
    Mother Nature & Her mask,in it's name
    No pen can raise to blame.
    First we creature are needed to be tamed
    And we need our masks of clown to be washed
    Then, we may go after her mask to downed


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  • dildhadakan 36w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #origami

    Origami of colours hue
    Origami of structures due
    Conical, Circular, Polygonal
    And origami of ideas banal
    Structured to dreams canal
    Moulded into earth prefect
    With lakes into snakes & and
    Life & soul into origami
    By sculpting into memory
    Creatures with short, long, curved
    With morphological origami
    And lifeless one transformed
    Into different as shale, slate demi
    With metamorphic origami
    Wherever U go & gamut
    U get origami trying to be perfect
    But Is origami perfect
    It's our mind's percept
    We which apply to all life & lifeless
    We seek metaphorical origami in
    In Ideas origamied to Dreams
    As Soul origamied to memory
    As if a soul wade
    Kissed, Danced & made
    All as if a lively person bade
    I tried myself to go from
    Burning from to Cold boon
    And Sun form to Moon
    Origami of nature was too tough
    To master and try be to perfect
    But, I was advised by a great man
    To origami habits to cane
    U have origamied ideas
    From Ideas to dreams
    & From dreams to future
    & To channel anger turbot,
    Needed origami and
    Resident in our body to
    Turn into energy perfect...
    And that was advice of nonetheless KALAM
    This is origami of life
    Residing in U like shadow or wife
    Origami of trees to change
    From Summer towards fall or autumn
    With origami of colours like blue, yellow, pink
    And at end from redorange to redbrown and black
    So we also too change in situation
    From one dimension to other
    So fast,
    That one is unable to find
    Our behavioural perception.
    We act to put origami of masks
    Which even our dearest can't find & bask
    We think we are perfect in our task
    But then when anybody finds it out
    They won't give respect
    To Ur value nor to your mask
    Such is value of origami for U
    Don't change it for near & dear
    But, change it with whom U fear
    Architectonics in Today, shows
    dichotomies of paper sent
    In large scale to represent
    Universe encounter of chaotic
    Like writer & his piece dramatic.
    And, Origami of shape
    Has garnered hype in heaps
    Everyone wants to look like fit n bit
    This is negative impact to those
    Who love to be fat, fluffy and whit
    They are considered out of order in kit.
    And reflects origami of shape in us put.
    With a varied new terms coined like
    & A few to add to it's whike
    There is so much going
    In world of origami making
    Feel sometimes to good & weird
    What's much about to discuss
    Than to sense gami various,
    To enjoy origami so fervourous.

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  • dildhadakan 37w

    #mirakee, #writersnetwork, #MYAUTUMN
    (M)ay many earthly times come & go

    (Y)et, love my, for AUTUMN would never leave & go

    (A)t the start of this season fall

    (U)shered a new wave cold of breeze

    (T)o fill pumpinks in the barn with crease & grease

    (U)tmost ready for the break up from old one,(summer)

    (M)aking most for love with the cold one,(winter)

    (N)atural instinct of nature & man in AUTUMPNE,one.


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  • dildhadakan 37w

    Pathways going by angled degrees
    And cut by steep arcs and radians
    Where does it go & end, nobody knows..
    And, I was going from it's start to end
    With all emotions borne to go away
    Like fragrance to spread
    From all years from January to May(Lifetime)
    All through out the Life's Journey in a sway
    Saw Castles of glass
    Saw People of caste
    Divided by division
    Living a Life of motion in haste
    May be this is Life's Journey in a sway
    Now my emotions have become hollow & dry
    In this concrete world of people & weapon
    Myself absorbed with poison made me cry
    Society's rusty doors(barriers) made me fry
    For I was a bird in this pathway of Journey
    As I was going Visible to Invisible in fog of people
    I tried to fight, struggle and use my wings
    But my liitle wings were clipped
    And I was put like in box of board
    I had now been put before people(Husband,.. etc)
    Who had nothing but to lust me
    For them, Invisible, Who I was all time ? &
    What's Inside of me ?
    As my time aged, I was broken and out caged
    As,not everyone can break Society's barriers,
    So tricky and mazed,
    Go & ask Ur parents, for if this was true ?
    Yeah, I think they would in pain & silent agree
    As they were also birds once too
    I felt now to not to give
    A damn shit about Visibility & Invisibility
    Or my Life's Journey
    For now I,who had nothing else dry pain & pry
    As my piece following weary & wry


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  • dildhadakan 37w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #TRANSFORMATION

    When I was lonely in any Situation
    Decapitated like Heartless
    Hard Stone Headless
    & Was put in Worst Constrain
    I would flutter with heavy pain of breath
    To be free from this age(time) wrath
    Even tried to kiss death trap

    But there's a Voice from within
    Seeking Ur final opinion on decisions between
    Where do U think this come from ?
    What do U think about it, Jerry & Tom ?
    This is that advice of Transformation
    Before U commit any act of foolishness
    Or even tried to kiss death in any situations
    Leaving U & Ur family in heart broken & paralysed conditions

    I went that through position
    But, I didn't choose to kiss ruination
    I chose to listen to that voice within
    I fell in love with it
    Whenever I tried to do anything
    It just advised me something
    I followed it patiently
    & I named it "TRANSFORMATION by Intuition".

    I just one day in a dream felt about that day's (death) situation
    & Thought if I had kissed death that day
    Then I wouldn't have left to see & live for this day

    It advised me to take a route of diversion
    Everytime told me to put my
    Body & soul in solace in "COCOON of Divine Vision"
    Told me not care about result & division
    Just to follow Ur Journey among people & stars
    Which U can take only in possession
    Even made me to learn from "Nature"
    "Inevitable Change is it's dominant feature"

    Many animals seek only physical survival
    But we today too like them lust only for physical survival
    Survival of a Thing has become primal
    We Transformed from "HUMAN BEING to" HUMAN ANIMAL"
    Blindly thought it to be "Evolution in Creation"

    We seek only Rage against Sage
    We seek only Wage against Moral Page
    This has become Order Of All Day
    Now U Tell Me, How can Suffering be gone in One Day ?

    So seek "TRANSFORMATION by Intuition" from this day
    This's my life in process of,
    "TRANSFORMATION By Intuition" going on till Today.

    NOTE - Ur Inner Voice is a greatest Transformer
    Stop Suicide
    If U Suicide
    U have killed God's Best Creation, so
    U have no right to kill Urself
    Most Importantly U too can't murder

    PIC CREDITS - www.moorewellness.com

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    NOTE - Ur Inner Voice is a greatest Transformer
    Stop Suicide
    If U Suicide
    U have killed God's Best Creation, so
    U have no right to kill Urself
    Most Importantly U too can't murder

  • dildhadakan 37w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #Hibernation

    Many My Incarnations come & go
    After every one of them
    I feel alive with Ki
    As I arise from Hibernation

    Seiving my negative energy
    Capitalising my Chi & Pranic energy
    Rejuvenating my body & soul in cocoon
    Searching for that enlightenment
    In severe meditation & atonement
    To be born again as new Incarnation
    Arising new again from my old Hibernation

    Revising is rick
    As U get to mould with consensus gentium
    Cause U are subservience on them
    As U can't run into wilds forever
    As U are embossing from Caterpillar
    Working on & Walking on former steps
    To plan & climb to go up the ladder

    This's a painful stage of penance & patience
    Where U trail in solace of silence of Ur body & soul
    Strolling from room of retrospection
    With mind & soul in introspection
    With what new form to get ready by injection

    As, Exchanging from caterpillar to chrysalid mother
    Transformation of one morphological dimension to other
    By getting draped in secretions shinier than milk
    Further look like beaming saree of silk
    Similar of getting draped
    & Strafed with mixed ideas, feelings & emotions
    Pilot to ameliorate for exigencias
    To enlighten in new way(ideas) for Ur new Incarnation.
    Only condition in Hibernation,
    U can't go to former Incarnation.

    Hibernation too underwent modern ways
    Novel Evolution ways are habituated with new processes
    Such as Yoga,Detox Workouts etc with needs to address & caress
    All striving for vim, vigour & mental balance.
    To keep U & Ur body's vital savings
    Streamed with your remaining life years

    So this is Hibernation followed by entire nation
    In some point in everyday of their remaining life's ration

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    Many My Incarnations come & go
    After every one of them
    I feel alive with Ki
    As I arise from Hibernation

    Seiving my negative energy
    Capitalising my Chi & Pranic energy
    Rejuvenating my body & soul in cocoon
    Searching for that enlightenment
    In severe meditation & atonement
    To be born again as new Incarnation
    Arising new again from my old Hibernation.

  • dildhadakan 37w


    My time has come, go to her & meet
    Spent last few (9) months in dark & heat
    Felt her only by kicks of touch & hands of sensation

    Women in mask of blue & dress of green
    Entered a room full of team
    Having a pre installed heavy equipment
    In singing tones of blue, red & green
    Made her ready on bed
    Checked her vitals for good/not good
    Put her slowly to sleep
    To run her ruby heart in good keep
    Team accessed her
    & Talked between themselves something
    &Then went on to mark,cut her beautiful soft tissue
    Belly in an inverted T known as C-Section
    Like as they went to find some priceless treasure of issue

    Layer by layer they went little by little
    Until blood slowly was gushing out in red & full
    They speeded up their process
    One was soaking up blood spill
    Other was monitoring her air fill

    I too also got excited in anxiety
    And used all energy to flee
    Using in all red flesh & bones
    Slowly the lead(team) made final cut
    & I was so relieved & happy
    That I would finally meet her

    To see how she would take me into her
    & Slowly I was coming out in chord umblic
    In balloon with fluid
    Moving & touching around me
    Like jelly or squid

    Then my team made my assessment
    & Slowly made my head to come out first
    Then followed my legs
    I was with my eyes closed & shut
    But in my head ready to burst
    As soon as lead gave me a good pat in my squishy butt
    I started on full crying with anger & hurt

    He sighed & signed he was happy
    & Ordered ladies in team to take care of me
    & They caressed me, bathed me & put me in incubator to sleep
    But there's where I felt that lady still sleep in ventilator
    And felt, one other person in tension all time standing out over
    Oh, he was my other partner I think so known as father
    Who was agitated like turbine motor

    After a few moments of time
    Team arrived & talked with her
    Gradually one of ladies finally took me to her
    The moment I saw her
    My heart lay still
    All round noise to me fell too silent & needed to kill
    Her eyes shining like stars
    Her heart & lips full of love
    No words to express her beauty
    Held my hand with affection
    My mind in confusion who this better lady would be
    Who would better be compared & considered ?
    I felt truly from her she saw herself in me
    Felt proud of her how lady took months with ease
    Now I felt ashamed of my eagerness to flee
    Wish I could spend less time & give her less pain to be free
    Who could that be again /Who was she ?
    It was my mom.. On day I was born to meet me



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    After a few moments of time
    Team arrived & talked with her
    Gradually one of ladies finally took me to her
    The moment I saw her
    My heart lay still
    All round noise to me fell too silent & needed to kill
    Her eyes shining like stars
    Her heart & lips full of love
    No words to express her beauty
    Held my hand with affection
    My mind in confusion who this better lady would be
    Who would better be compared & considered ?
    I felt truly from her she saw herself in me
    It was my mom.. On day I was born to meet me