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  • dinesh 189w

    I was in love when,
    We shared our lives
    We created moments together
    We missed each other
    We fought and got back together
    We holded hands and walked along
    When we..

    Maybe i am still in love
    I wanted to be in love
    With you..

  • dinesh 198w

    Made a list of regrets and you were the first, love.

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    It is in the end
    That we find a new beginning
    It was in the heartbreak

    - that i found you

  • dinesh 198w

    Nowadays.. no value for love(-_-;)

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    Shit, i really felt something for you.

  • dinesh 198w

    I will be here -

    Just in case
    You ever feel
    Like falling
    In love

    - Always

  • dinesh 204w

    Long Distantance :

    Thousands of miles
    Between us
    The time gets hold of me first.

    I wake up, with you on my thoughts,
    And there goes my whole day
    Just waiting for your first message

    Your day starts
    When my day ends,
    The night is already set
    By the time you finish your work.

    Sleep is a forgotten word,
    By the time I say goodnight
    Its already the next day.

    How can I make this work,

    With just texts and
    Your voice from my memory
    Seeing the pictures you sent,
    And imagining your smile and laugh from that.

    I dream,
    Not only during night times.
    Dreaming of being together.
    Together in the same place
    To be able to give all I have
    Without time fucking with us.

    I am Afraid to dive deep.
    Guess I need to know,
    To go with the flow.
    Expecting nothing and
    Getting something is better than

    Expecting something and getting nothing.

    - From six thousand three twenty five fucking miles apart.

    ©The Writer and Rusted Nib

  • dinesh 204w

    Maybe hearts are not meant to be loved
    It is meant to be shattered..

    How do you go back to being strangers
    With someone who has seen your soul?

    ©The Writer and the Rusted Nib

  • dinesh 205w

    What do you tell your heart
    When it asks about me... ?

    ©The Writer and the Rusted Nib

  • dinesh 205w

    Love at first sight

It was only a while,
U were just passing by,
But never left from my eyes.

    Love at last sight

    The last time I saw you
    You wanted it to be over.
    So you walked away from me...
    But you never left from my eyes.
    I try not to blink ,
    So that you won’t leave me this time.

    ©The Writer and the Rusted Nib

  • dinesh 206w

    Life isnt fair for some..

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    My Life...

    Is like a science experiment in perspective of a lab rat.

    ©The Writer and Rusted Nib

  • dinesh 210w

    Let me die first
    Or i will die twice.