the quiet one with the loudest thoughts and a screaming mind..

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  • discoveringself 2d

    Gratitude creates abundance!



  • discoveringself 11w


    Shot through the sky
    To the boundless beyond;
    Hit a lightening cloud and
    Free-wheeled to the ground!

    Crashed my ambitions,
    my hopes and my dreams,
    Drowned in the cacophony
    Of silent screams!!


  • discoveringself 16w

    You once told me
    That the path to success
    Is difficult...

    Would you count
    My struggles as success?


  • discoveringself 27w

    Impoverished in mind and heart,
    By the utter lack of empathy;
    Its the most difficult to overcome,
    For it can be quelled,
    only by diving into the
    depths of misfortune;
    Swimming through pain;
    To emerge enriched
    in compassion,
    At the other end!

    Ohh cruel one!
    Ohh loved one!
    May you be blessed enough,
    To remain impoverished forever!


  • discoveringself 28w

    May the world be kind to you!

    May you be loved enough to be forgiven!


  • discoveringself 29w

    People never really leave!

    People never really leave;
    They leave their mark
    In the whiff of a scent
    From an old perfume;
    Or the chord of a song
    Heard on a drive on repeat!

    They live in the bite
    Of their favorite foods,
    Or the secret joke you
    shared during the
    daily TV show!

    People never really leave;
    They return in the form
    of a long lost note,
    Found in that beloved book;
    Or a moment caught
    between the tenderness
    Of new found love!

    They never really leave,
    They live in fleeting memories,
    That evoke yearnings
    To forget or go back!


  • discoveringself 29w

    Human behaviour is disappointing... at large!

  • discoveringself 30w

    Nothing matters!
    Whether you are
    A good person or
    A bad one!

    All that appeals
    To people is
    How successful
    You are!


  • discoveringself 32w

    Everything becomes sufficient,
    Once you have unconditional love!


  • discoveringself 32w

    Merry and morose memories,
    Mate with
    Mellifluous melodies, to
    Make a
    Magical masterpiece, of
    Malice and magnanimity!