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  • discreetliterature 28w


    It is hard to select Kindness,
    In a world full of spontaneously cheap emotions like worry, hate, insecurity, ego,
    Kindness is the most richest and the hardest emotional memory.
    But that is a mixture of wiseness, calmness, and a pinch of Empathy.

  • discreetliterature 28w

    Bridge of thoughts

    I guess one day,
    we all will get done with our egos,
    wrap up all the unwanted small talks
    and barriers of formalities,
    And communicate in a pure way,
    An idea unfiltered from here
    and there.

    gradually by Building a bridge of words,
    Slowly decorating it with simple sentences,
    steadily connecting it with other meaningful end.
    Where more thoughts would Collaborate in real sense.
    From mind to heart till heart to mind.

    Why else do we live for,
    What else is the purpose here,
    Who can other than us,
    When ever if not now,

    Let's do it.


  • discreetliterature 31w


    Regret with constructive mindset
    Is just a bliss.


  • discreetliterature 32w

    Decision making

    A habit of constant self talk and quick sessions of introspection now and then,
    Realization of your mistakes and urgency to amend it ,
    Realization of your goals and urgency to achieve it,
    Realization of bad habits and urgency to go against it,
    Realization of good habit and urgency to attain it.
    And then you don't even need any other person's validation.


  • discreetliterature 44w

    I am madly in love with you

    Precisely and logically.

  • discreetliterature 46w


    Pleasure does not promise enlightenment.
    It just unlocks an experience.
    Which ends up being an untrained or maybe an unwanted memory.


  • discreetliterature 46w


    Expressing helps take out demons hidden in the mind,
    the demons called thoughts, or ideas.
    Or angles like memories or emotions,
    The feel that fill our mind,
    Trapping it inside, keeping it unsaid would only kill it,
    Expressing only sets them free,
    It float in the inner minds of outer world,
    And in a shapes of matter called words.

  • discreetliterature 47w

    Square One.

    Eventually we all are destined
    to be in the shoes of those
    Who we thought were villains.
    We all try to stay away
    from demons around us,
    and secretly preserve one, inside us.
    We are never back to square one.
    We are all, actually, Square One.


  • discreetliterature 48w


    Would it keep drifting
    Or it never drifted at all.

    Would it keep floating
    Or it never floated at all.

    Would it spark ever again
    Or it didn't spark at all

    Would it remain just an impression
    And never ever actually involved.

  • discreetliterature 49w

    Long term memory

    Emotion plus information
    is equal to a Long term memory.

    Be my Long term memory this valentine.