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  • divshetty04 3d

    I'm Not Angelic

    I have done many sins
    Don't call me angelic,
    Today I helped a kid
    Waiting for the school bus
    Cross the road,
    To a hungry street dog
    Wagging his tail
    I fed some biscuits,
    An old gentleman
    Asking to call his son
    I offered my phone,
    My neighbour waving at me
    In my backyard
    I waved her back,
    My wife asking me
    To cook for a day
    I cooked & served for her,
    My kids fighting for the
    Television remote
    I said nothing,
    My old parents
    Looking for medicines
    I purchased them online,
    My office staff greeting me
    With good mornings
    I asked them to sit,
    After doing all my duties
    Yet I feel, I'm not angelic
    I have done many sins.

  • divshetty04 1w

    My Breakfast Smells As The Refreshing Dawn

    Let's break the fast
    My tummy whispers
    & I get up at five
    Entering the kitchen,
    Open the window
    Seeing the blueish dawn,
    I pray looking at the sky
    Before cooking & putting on the gas
    For all the food I eat, I worship,
    I wonder what to cook?
    Open the refrigerator
    & take some bread slices,
    Keeping them aside
    Chop some veggies,
    A capsicum, tomato & potatoes
    Cook on a pan with some,
    Indian masalas, pepper powder
    & serve with little coriander,
    Roast the bread slices with butter on top
    & here's my aromatic breakfast ready
    With a cup of nicely smelling ginger tea,
    I sit eating at the table
    Wondering, how refreshing the dawn is,
    The birds chirping around
    The fragrance of the blooming blossoms
    The twirling greens,
    The bells ringing in the holy places
    The pujas in the temples
    The prayers in the churches
    The adhans in the mosques
    The ardas in the gurudwaras
    The jain pujas in the jain temples
    They all make my day & I feel blessed.

  • divshetty04 1w

    Tonight's Moon

    Tonight's moon a little shy
    I seek for its ethereal beauty
    It fades in the sky,
    Tonight's moon a little becloud
    I seek for its aesthetic smile
    It hides behind the cloud,
    Tonight's moon a little round
    I seek for its gleaming moonlight
    It reflects in the pond,
    Tonight's moon a little humble
    I seek for its timely appearance
    It comes when I amble.

  • divshetty04 2w

    Call Me Insane

    People call me insane
    Many have seen me
    Doing weirdest things,
    Talking to dogs
    Whispering seeing the sky
    Playing with kids
    Enjoying the waves
    Singing on the balcony,
    The thing is, I love doing all these
    May be I sound & look weird to them,
    But I really don't care, what they think
    They were never in my sadness
    Then why do I include them in my happiness?
    That's why may be they are jealous
    Seeing me happy,
    I talk to dogs, they give me love in return
    I whisper seeing the sky, they smile to me
    I play with kids, they help forget my pain
    I enjoy waves because every wave has its own story
    I sing on the balcony, this satisfies my soul.

  • divshetty04 3w

    People Change

    I always loved talking to people as I felt
    We are humans with numerous burried feelings,
    Some are crazy, some are shy
    Some are innocent, some are talkative,
    But some are lone & weird here
    I wondered everytime, why is it so?
    I remember once I talked
    To a lone person, who carried lots of grudges,
    I asked, what is it that's eating your mind?
    & he answered, my girlfriend left me forever
    Everything is over now, she won't return,
    I smiled, he thought I was insane
    Slowly we met daily & he spoke about all his pain,
    Now we both men became besties & forever friends
    He visited my home everyday & we would sit talking,
    He was happy with me after his girlfriend's incident
    One day he didn't visit, I tried calling on his phone,
    Days passed I looked for him at all the places, where we regularly met
    Later, I came to know he left the city with his girlfriend,
    Yes, the one who had left him, returned to him
    I was happy for him, but the thing that hurted the most is,
    He went away without informing & now I'm amongst the weird people
    He took away all my smiles & left me with all his grudges,
    I'm left lone & thus I hate talking to people once who loved talking.

  • divshetty04 3w

    Her Handwritten Poetries

    She, a lone poet
    Standing at the shore
    Sings in the dusk,
    The melodies of her
    Handwritten poetries,
    Some that holds her past
    Those which were moonlit
    & glittery as the stars,
    Some that holds her present
    Those which are sunshine
    & bright as the sun,
    Some that holds her future
    Those which includes the universe
    & will shimmer in the sun, the moon
    & the star's presence,
    Now all she wishes is the universe
    To listen to her poetries
    Then there she shall find peace within
    Where her handwritten poetries
    Would live forever & forever.

  • divshetty04 3w

    A Girl With A Lantern

    Left alone to die
    In that old mysterious home
    Her only sin was of being a girl,
    The pretty poor girl
    Had nothing except the lantern,
    The torn clothes
    The left over food
    That's all what she would get,
    No one to love, no one to caress
    Unaware of the world outside
    Yet she never got lost,
    All her senses were still alive
    Leading her to live a life,
    Her beautiful eyes had dreams
    That spoke more than her words
    & as the days passed by,
    She somehow broke the cage
    Of being a mysterious girl
    & ran towards the welcoming
    Beautiful outer world.

  • divshetty04 4w

    She's an autumn girl
    Who loves the unloved withers

  • divshetty04 4w

    I'm a theist
    Who won't date you in any cafe
    I would seek the blessings of god
    Together with you,
    Then it might be in any
    Temple, Church, Dargah or Gurudwara.

  • divshetty04 4w

    He sometimes ignores me
    Just to catch my eye
    & I love him doing that