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  • djdemiurgos 155w

    Access to Medicine

    I support access to medical marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. I live in a country where there has been many stigmas associated with medical marijuana. For example, I live in a country where marijuana was once and is still treated as a criminal offense. It took many years of wins and losses just to get state-legal access to a natural medicine; it grows naturally on the Earth. Although it is a plant with many benefits and uses, there is a struggle between the people, the state, and the federal government for access to this abundant plant. On the flip side, we have the world's greatest armed forces, who are willing to lay their life down, for an American citizens and even foreign disputes, so that we may have peace. Yet due their status of duty are not allowed this right. What I see is a government who is more concerned about the past than the future, let alone the present. Out of all the recreational users and addicted users, people that are sick or have certain traumatic injuries, could most definately improve their quality of Life. If your armed forces are honoring your government. The pact between you should be honored too. God gave us this herb so that we may become more aware, or awakened, even healed. But what I see is an institution who has very little belief or remembrance, of the Heavenly Father, and who is more focused on controlling others people's way of life. Rather than their own. Therefore, marijuana should always be accessible day or night. And every citizen should have the freedom of the pursuit of happiness and be respected as a fellow human. There are plenty of mistakes we've made
    But how much more is the amount of success that is waiting for us. We should Look past our titles and know, we are infinite. And if you say that weed is only a drug or you dont consume it, then you have no real use for the medicine so your opinion isn't as effective. Especially since I'm inebriated.

  • djdemiurgos 157w

    Find Jesus

    When two people are in love they think they need each other because they become afraid of distance between themselves they think their life will improve if they stay together when in reality to love is to let go. Knowing that, who has loved you the most enough to let go of you without damaging your feelings or hurting your emotions.
    God let go of us but only because as humans we are just like wild animals.
    Our rise and our end would be determined by our evolution. But are you a person who evolves on your own, or do you evolve only what you think is worthy. God has given you the opportunity to humble yourself
    and realize. She didn't need me
    and I didn't need her but we both need Jesus. And I'm only glad it didn't lead on to something we can't control.
    Out of everything Jesus has done.
    He has showed me, being responsible
    means not just following your heart,
    But following Success, Greatness, and Victory. Don't plant your seeds to success in gardens you don't want them to grow.

  • djdemiurgos 161w

    Im Moving On

    It's hella obvious,
    People ain't as down,
    For you,
    As they think,
    They are,
    They say,
    Your only loved,
    Your gone,
    Well God ain't never,
    Left my side,
    And you can't say,
    That he ain't present,
    Cause Life is what,
    He gave me,
    It's time to finish writing my book,
    And get away from an anti-social,

  • djdemiurgos 162w

    Game Developer

    I am taking on game developer
    Get ready for/
    A FPS/RPG/
    Mass Online Multiplayer/
    Universal Combat:
    Infinite War/
    It's going to be a bloodbath/
    Can't wait/
    See you around!/
    Dropping 2019/

  • djdemiurgos 162w

    A blunt

    When u get a blunt,
    Hold onto it,
    Take a hit,
    And pass it on,
    To the,
    Smoking buddy,
    Because if u dont pass it,
    Sooner or later,
    Your gonna get burned.
    Oh and btw,
    I only smoke hemp,
    And dutches.

  • djdemiurgos 162w


    When you're trying,
    To run a business,
    And people,
    I'm the homie,
    Why you charging me,
    You ain't the homie,
    If you charge me.
    Well guess what,
    You ain't the homie,
    If you ain't paying,
    Your just a freeloader,
    Trying to scam another person,
    Who's doing a little bit better,
    Than you.
    Like they say,
    It takes money to make money.
    But making music ain't just spending money,
    It's about making an investment.

  • djdemiurgos 162w

    The Universe

    Want to know why they call,
    This place the universe?
    Because a long time ago,
    The devil and a dragon,
    Fought one being,
    That caused,
    The expansion,
    Of this realm,
    By a very,
    In other words,
    The devil,
    Met his match.
    In lamens terms,
    I done whooped the devil ass,
    We done fought mo then a few times,
    Killin each other n shit,
    Don't make no sense,
    But I'll look into the devil's,
    And tell him,
    He doesn't exist.

  • djdemiurgos 162w


    Its 4:20 am,
    And im smoking a j,
    Waiting for the day to roll around,
    Been watching van life videos,
    On youtube,
    Cause its,
    All about,

  • djdemiurgos 162w

    Beauty is Ugly

    I am just walking through life,
    Awaiting the day,
    When something walks by,
    You ever think something is beautifu,
    And want to take it home with you,
    But then you look at it longer,
    And realize,
    Your better off,
    Being alone,
    I thought it was love,
    At first sight,
    But I spent some more time,
    And I've made up my mind,
    Because I loved you,
    And you let me be,
    All alone,
    That ain't beautiful,
    That's ugly.

  • djdemiurgos 162w


    I don't care bout you,
    And me,
    I only care about me,
    Either way,
    You'll still be mad,
    Even though it's not true,
    I only love myself,
    Even though I do nice things for you,
    You think you know something,
    About life,
    But you can't see past,
    The fake you,
    I just had to carry the world,
    On my shoulders,
    And they are,
    Not all,
    And I'm not your BAE,
    And I don't see any halo,
    Or horns,
    Or thorns,
    Just a person,
    Ignored me.