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  • doc_strange_writes 52w


    Be with someone, who wants to be with you❤
    Fight for someone, who wants to be with you❤

  • doc_strange_writes 59w


    हम तेरे बाद उस मुकाम पर आ गये
    जहाँ दिल❤ किसी और को
    गुनाह लगता हैं|

  • doc_strange_writes 88w


    Start studying where you are, start with fear, with doubt , with pain, starts with voice shaking and hand trembling.
    Start where you are with what you have, you can, you should. And if you are brave enough to start, you will succeed one day.

  • doc_strange_writes 189w

    Motivational quotes

    If you NOT❌ doing your work properly,
    It's a direct Insult of the people
    Who believes in you.

  • doc_strange_writes 189w

    Happy ��year 2019
    #mirakee writer.

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    HaPPy YeaR

    Every time you tear leafoff a calendar, you present a place for new ideas, and progress,
    A new year, A new morning,the spiritual rays of the sun, kissing everyone soul &give them new idea's with positive energy⚡.
    I wish ⛲may all your endeavors reach huge success&appreciation.&a great year ahead.
    - R@JesH Y@d@v

  • doc_strange_writes 191w

    By unknown writer

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    You can't reach for anything ,
    If your hands are still full of yesterday's junk.

  • doc_strange_writes 197w

    Indian���� festival.
    Diwali occasion ❤️❤️❤️

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    Happy Diwali

    Light a lamp of fire
    Blast a chain of sorrow
    Shoot a rocket of prosperity
    Fire a flowerpot of happiness☺✨
    Wish⛲ you &your family a happy prosperous and sparkling Diwali.
    -Yadav family

  • doc_strange_writes 200w

    Be aware

    You are always one decision away from a totally different life.

  • doc_strange_writes 206w

    Happy janamastami

  • doc_strange_writes 208w


    If you really want some one in your lif…
    Or you want a honest relationship
    First of all you should -
    Be Loyal
    Be generous
    Be self starter.
    No lies
    No mind games
    No cheating
    - R@j. K. Y@d@v