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  • dollysehgal 104w

    #life #love #friendship #togetherness #emotions #hapiness

  • dollysehgal 105w

    कुंजबिहारी श्री कृष्ण मुरारी
    समस्त जनपद कष्ट हरारी
    राधिकारमण गोपीहृदय विहारी
    रुक्मिणी सत्यभामा भार्या प्राणाधारी।

    देवकीसुखवर्धन यशोदानन्दन
    दैत्यनिकंदन संतमनरजंन
    गोपसखा, बलराम के दुलारे
    श्रीकृष्ण प्राणो से प्यारे ।

    द्रोपदीरक्षक द्वारकावासी
    श्रीकृष्ण घट-घट के वासी
    जगतपिता अच्युत मुरारे
    कृप्या हमारे हदय पधारे।

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  • dollysehgal 106w

    >गुणैर्विरुरुचे रामो दीप्तः सूर्य इवांशुभिः |
    >As the sun shines with his rays, Rama was shining, thus, with his virtues.
    Rama - The creator of the entire Cosmos.
    Rama- The universal Father
    Rama- The Parabrahman himself.

    ***Everything is Rama in this universe but he himself is beyond this universe.***

    *Hairs locked in fine curls, a blueish complexion, wide eyes resembling the lotus petals, all limbs in the correct proportion, eyes oozing off compassion and an all-knowing wide smile on his face.*

    *Heart encompassing love, his actions enchanting hearts of his devotees, his aura divine, giving protection to each and every soul, the ultimate shelter of everyone he is, always having his intent on the welfare of others.*

    *Radiating Positivity by his very presence, sneaking over the negativity, sweet and soft, eradicating the evil of heart and filling it with bliss. His one sight enough to melt even the stone heart!*

    *Powerful enough to annihilate and create the entire universe mere by his thought, the one can turn a blade of grass into deadliest weapon ever in-universe, the protector, the teacher, the friend, the mother, the father. Selfless, Humble, loving, the source of knowledge of this universe. He is Rāma, The Supreme Lord who descended on earth in order to satisfy wishes of his devotees, and who continues to do so!*

    *Sri Rāma, The Paratapar Parabrahman Saketadheesh Sri Ram.*

    *JanakiVallabh, Dashrathnandan Sri Rāma.*

    Rāma the name which can make your hairs stand erect by its very magnificence, his story inspiring, the glorious, virtuous and courageous tale of Rama stealthily enveloping the hearts with adoration for him
    The God who walked on earth, taught a way of living, showcased what love is, what compassion is.
    Walking to the forest of Dandaka, Rama gave a new life to the forest, freeing his dependents from the clutches of Tadka, Mareech and Subahu, The Lord of Justice, upholding it eternally. The Lord who adorning himself with an ever compassionate form approached Ahilya to liberate her from the curse, respected her as a mother, even though she was guilty, but her repentance outshining her faults. A thirsty person searches for water, but the opposite prevailed here, with Rama. Celebrating Ahilya as his own mother, Rama gave her respect, and identity as his devotee, just by His merciful glance.

    Who could be like Rama - the ever compassionate God, who did not care for his own confirts in front of his father's needs? In front of righteousness. The one who left the luxuries, without questions, without doubts, just like a mendicant discarding his attachment, Rama left the kingdom, considering it just like a stray of grass.
    The supreme ruler of cosmos living the life of a forest dweller, The prince having all luxuries at his disposal leaving them easily, treating people as his equal, ignoring their caste or social status. Guha, Kevat and the commoners, Rama talked to them, like their friend, enquiring about the various turns life took for them, solving it by his own compassion.

    A leader having No Parallel, Rama is the ultimate Kingmaker, crowning Sugreeva, Veebhishan and Shatrughana as king of the kingdoms, making Angada the crown prince. The ablest of leaders, Rama trust his people, giving them the space they need, making them realise their potential, completely. Virtue and Righteousness are Rama's soul, his heart Love, Trust and Compassion, his generosity and intent his eyesight, blooming prosperity wherever he glanced.
    The delighter of sages heart, the one who dwells in their thoughts, The YogirbhirdhyanaGamyam who acted for their welfare, the King of forests he was was, he slew the evil taking the form of the fire dissolving the world at its end.

    His lotus feet gratifying the earth, Rama made Panchvati his abode, the starting point of his mission, his love for his wife and Brother hiding deep within the hearts of his devotees, Rama became the king of all-natural wealth the earth possessed. Was Sita different to him? Certainly no, the man much ahead of times, Rama gave Sita the respect she deserved, considering her as his equal, giving the space she needs, respecting her choices, her decisions, by heart. Never Rama forced his opinions on her and she made him happy, by her own virtues, by doing what was right, always conversing with the hearts.

    Were Rama's warrior capabilities second to any? Certainly No, The ferocious warrior Rama outshined every warrior earth had witnessed or the earth will ever witness, Does he need even a bow and arrow to attack? No, Rama's anger has no recourse other than Rama, Rama's enemy has no shelter other than him, With a Fingertip of his nails, he can slay not only one or two demons but the entire race, The one who made a blade of grass the deadliest weapon ever, having no recourse, Who could even stand near such a Rama, having Righteousness as his soul and Intent as a weapon.
    The same ferocious warrior granted the eternal regions to Shabari, Suteekshana and Sharbhanga, honouring them. Befriending Sugreeva Rama annihilated Baali, punishing him for forcing himself on Ruma- wife of Sugreeva. Not only his friends but his compassion was also even for Ravana, ever ready to forgive him, when he asks for it.

    How can someone be parallel to such blue lotus hued lord, who will totally look after you once you want to be under his shelter, None, none else than Rama, the delighter of this universe, the giver of supreme bliss, the upholder of righteousness, symbol of Love and comparison having a firm resolve to never let go one, who wants to be good, forever indulged in the welfare of people, of his devotees.

    Today is Auspicious day of Bhoomi Poojan and this article is my dedication unto Lotus feet. May he bless all! A small surprise is for you all.

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