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  • dory_d 5w


    Take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die
    I don't belong, and my beloved, neither do you
    ~the lakes, Taylor Swift

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    For whom?

    When the sorcerer's wand fell
    Someone picked up her pen

    When the last leaf was about to fall
    Someone painted it on the tree

    When all the muses escaped the rose city
    Someone created a fence of thorns

    When the glass was about to shatter
    Someone held its weight

    When the potions from the cauldron leaked
    Someone wrote it's benediction

    For whom?
    The dead poets did it, for you

  • dory_d 6w

    Here is an epigram I wanted to share with you by Samuel Taylor Coleridge -->

    Sir, I admit your general rule,
    That every poet is a fool,
    But you yourself may serve to show it,
    That every fool is not a poet.

    #epigram #wordsnthoughts

    Thanks for ❤️ wn

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    Things you think brings bad omen are often the ones which stay with you in the most difficult times.....


  • dory_d 7w


    ¹Mount Nemrut notable for the summit where a number of large statues are erected around what is assumed to be a royal tomb from the 1st century BC. It is one of the highest peaks in the east of the Taurus Mountains.(source: wikipedia)

    ²solitary reaper - poem by William Wordsworth


    And there's nothin' like a mad woman
    What a shame she went mad
    No one likes a mad woman
    You made her like that.
    ~ Mad Woman, Taylor Swift

    #cees_options #writersnetwork #gdx_refrains #wordsnthoughts @writersnetwork

    Thanks for the repost wn!! Means a lot.♥️

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    How would they describe me?

    Who do they think I am?
    Maybe a vellichor
    of a bookmark
    That used to be pretty
    but is now stark

    Who do they think I am?
    Maybe a saviour of
    the limestones
    That were created to
    protect the bones¹

    Who do they think I am?
    Maybe a daydreamer
    once ebbulient
    And now turning

    Who do they think I am?
    A river that'll flow
    along the course
    And never towards
    the lands remorse

    Who do they think I am?
    Maybe fire that will
    keep the hearth warm
    And they could put it off
    Whenever they want

    Who do they think I am ?
    Maybe purple tinted ash
    From the planets' dawn
    Or the cold wind from
    The long lost brawn

    Who do I think I am?
    Soul diving in the elysian
    Melodies of the solitary reaper²
    Preparing for a comeback
    Yes!! Like a Pied Piper

  • dory_d 7w

    1) Homelessness

    Shivering in cold
    No shelter but blanket holed
    Is what I ahold

    2) Drug abuse

    Pills meant to half kill
    Youth drowning deep down the hill
    Flairs of humankind


  • dory_d 7w

    Dear my younger self,

    Time travels over cascades of the billows as swiftly as flashes of the lightning and it looks like I am on the other side of the door but I cannot go back. It's like completing a level of a game without 3 stars but you can replay it only after starting the whole game again..

    And you, you know that you can always make it right, make it with highest score
    But wait, take a deep breath and ponder upon wisely on what I'm saying next, do you really need to? Do you really need to score highest everytime? Do you realise that no one's going to remember what you were, and you're but only diving yourself down into a paradox where you can never achieve anything an algorithm that will never land on you, a pardigm that will elude you time and again..

    Perfectionism doesn't exist, you can never be ahead of everyone. But you'll never be the last as well. Stop competing. Start being grateful. I never find you grateful. Be grateful for maybe this is the best you'll ever get. Don't push yourself into the anxiety and fears . You're brave enough to go through all . I've not worsened you we'll go through everything together...

    #lifeadvice #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    Do you realise that no one's going to remember what you were, and you're but only diving yourself down into a paradox where you can never achieve anything, an algorithm that will never land on you, a pardigm that will elude you time and again..

  • dory_d 8w

    Stopping by woods on a snowy evening by Robert Frost (in the comments section)

    #art #writersnetwork (lame��)

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    Stopping by woods
    On a snowy evening
    Silent easy winds
    And harness bells ringing

    I cannot spend
    Slightest second more
    And caress some
    Deep Blue Bruises, sore

    I am so sure this roving
    Is worth the misery
    For I am waiting
    For some arduous victory

    But I know about promises
    I'll always be able to keep
    And reach all the milestones
    Before I sleep....

  • dory_d 9w


    Take me to past if there's no one who can take care of me now


  • dory_d 10w

    Happy birthday! @_gk_07 May your day be filled with lots of love and happiness♥️

    Stay the great person you are always ♥️��

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    As the cerulean November sky
    Encompasses the golden sear leaves
    Blushing chrysanthemums bloom
    Covering your clear topaz eyes
    And diving into your seraphic drafts

    ~for these are no words, merely some unexpressed feelings..

  • dory_d 23w

    saengil chukahamnida
    saengil chukahamnida
    saranghaneun Mariyu ��
    saengil chukahamnida������

    Stay happy and healthy always ��

    Couldn't write something better...umm coz I'm writing after a long time��... anyways,

    Happy birthday dear����

    @moon_bunny #dory_wishes

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    I wish I can always see you ,
    soaring above the hazed hues,
    Rising above the grays and the blues,
    And gleaming like August dews.....

  • dory_d 31w

    I miss you all��
    Not back ofc...��
    Take care everyone...��

    'aap humare dill mein rehte hain'����

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    Encircled by the blushing cerulean June sky
    Like a nautical twilight you came into existence.
    As a compass for the perpetual voyages
    Of the dreamscapes I prepare in silence..