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  • dr_parameshnaidu 3w

    Mother it's a energy♥️

    Mother it's not a word but whole universe lies with in these word that it which implies wholeness of universe( mean everything) and it's a utmost highest form of energy, ( if you can touch with pure devotion tears will rolldown)when we see at certain point of view everything that is in the universe is a female that we call as a mother ( Universal Mother, nature, land, sacred energys etc.,) when we utter the word Mother (in telugu అమ్మ) it will create some blissful energy in the body, and also scared mantra om will be created automatically from the word Mother

  • dr_parameshnaidu 4w

    if you get into trance or devoted yourself to the divine nature you will definitely get tears from your eyes

  • dr_parameshnaidu 12w

    Don't allow someone into your life
    it will hurt deeply when they leave you

  • dr_parameshnaidu 13w

    I can see her round most black pupil in the adorable eyes of her
    I can see her cute smile on the amazing lips
    I can feel her heart beat how the way it is beating
    I can feel her voice, most beautiful song that which always relaxes me
    Her hair locks are beautiful which will attracts me towards her

  • dr_parameshnaidu 16w

    Don't mess up with karma, if you do than that's it karma will mess up with you

  • dr_parameshnaidu 16w

    scared energies

    Scared energy that lies with in me
    it is Powerfull than the utmost all supernatural powers
    scared energy which ic occupied my left off the body
    And energy referred as great feminine energy
    she is purest form who is slept under the protection of coccyx
    when she woke up it's a beautiful divine ecstasy
    and I burst into tears of ecstasy
    when she touches my masculine energy and woke up it.....
    and both the energies merge into each other and forms a formless form which is divine in nature
    I bow down to her

  • dr_parameshnaidu 17w

    Emptiness shows true nature of individual

  • dr_parameshnaidu 17w

    Hardest pain reveals the Truth

  • dr_parameshnaidu 18w

    Don't take karma too easy it will suffers the way you do the things in your life.
    bad karma most dangerous than the good karma

  • dr_parameshnaidu 18w


    My soul is always open to you your always welcome dear it's yours Heaven