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  • dreadful_artist 125w

    Fictitious feelings pg4

    She can't be what you wish,
    lives her life by feeling.
    Has to hide away at times, to promote self healing.
    If you want to hold her love,
    know it isn't easy,
    if she does accept your gift,
    she's yours absolutely.

  • dreadful_artist 125w

    Fictitious feelings pg3

    She never does what's good for her, suffers for the cause,
    you can't save her from herself,
    love's her biggest flaw.
    You may think when you meet,
    you harbor love's dealings,
    it is just energy,
    you have fictitious feelings.
    When she does fall in love,
    you will have to share,
    because her life is not complete unless she helps repair.


  • dreadful_artist 125w

    Fictitious feelings pg2

    She's your cozy threadbare sweater, over used, stitched with patches, made of wool but so worn down never even scratches.
    A mystery that pulls you in,
    leaves you subtle clues,
    sometimes it won't make sense,
    pages have been removed.
    Her mind's always traveling back, dancing in a dream,
    think you want inside her head,
    it's not as it seems.

  • dreadful_artist 125w

    Fictitious feelings pg1

    Her eyes have a stare, like looking back centuries,
    had enough of life and it's pushing past boundaries.
    Scared of what she is more of what she isn't,
    feeling green against the sky,
    a soul that is aberrant.
    People grow toward her,
    plants thriving off her sun, sometimes taking everything until she's left with none.

  • dreadful_artist 125w

    I want you

    I want you, like the river wants to flow, effortlessly, assiduously ceaselessly
    I want you, with your furrowed brow creasing, intensely, adamantly, humorously
    I want you with every part of me that your soul touches tenderly, eagerly, masterfully
    I want you, like the holy live for their chosen gods, faithfully, gratefully, emphatically
    I want you, to see me as I am, without illusion, intrinsically, cerebrally, dreadfully.
    I want us....honestly, absolutely, eternally.

  • dreadful_artist 125w

    Tempest swept distance

    Your eyes testify more than you consent to impart
    My body reacts to the beat of your heart.
    Distance too vast for fingers to fold
    I feel the fear from your disquieted soul.
    My body, inferno of anguish, taking its toll.
    Gasping, gulping, grasping my throat
    the world is a poison,
    you, the antidote.
    All encompassing deafening nebulous of drowning at sea
    Yelling out tempest swept
    amorous pleas.
    Swallowing belligerent sorrow,
    in the sinking sand ashore,
    afford me your compassion,
    gift me life once more.

  • dreadful_artist 125w


    Staring blankly ahead, memories behind
    Dejected tear sliding down cheek, cold, streamlined.
    It should be warm, am I already dead? Questioning the maggots
    residing in my head.
    The chewing, spewing,
    all the while tattooing my sins upon my brain.
    Constrain my pain inside to hide my shame, defame,
    stamp the paper 'INSANE.'
    "Undo my wrongs, redo my rights !"
    Vociferation contrite
    as I benight the light,
    bleed my soul, flood my hell, ignite with contemptuous disregard
    to all wanton delight.

  • dreadful_artist 126w

    YBR pt4

    But most of all......


    For destroying me,
    scrambling my mindset.

    Now everyday you can see
    what your missing,
    and suffer that REGRET.

  • dreadful_artist 126w

    YBR pt3

    fuck you
    for being so beautiful yet hating your perfect work of art
    fuck you
    for the massacre of what remained of my heart
    fuck you
    for using my good and my bad against me
    fuck you
    for not trusting
    fuck you
    for taking everything I was and hoped to be.

  • dreadful_artist 126w

    YBR pt2

    fuck you
    for being accusatory
    fuck you
    for subtle dishonesty
    fuck you
    for taking away my safe place
    fuck you
    for the all consuming ache when I think of you or see your face
    fuck you
    for saying I was your home
    fuck you
    for leaving me audibly sobbing alone