FIRE WALK WITH ME/"I try my best to be just like i am but everyone wants you to be just like them"

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  • dreamersneverlearn 12w

    Try again

    There's more than one path ,
    I must Never forget
    I chose the first road
    The path of the jaded cynics
    Where the rain is cold and never-ending
    Friends with two faces greet you with a sly grin
    Lead you down their road of desolation
    First you feel empty , hopeless and sad
    Your feelings begin to fade as you feed off their misery

    But I know there's another path
    With my mind scrambled and knees bloody
    I climb the wall To make my escape
    Where friends are uplifting and the rain smells of fresh dew
    Still rembereing the mistakes I've made
    But its never too late to change and try another path

  • dreamersneverlearn 21w

    Dying light

    Disapointment, anger & pain
    Once again seduce me
    Back to my comfort zone
    Reunited with my toxic ways
    The emptiness comes back like a punch
    I chain smoke till I'm nauseas
    Alone & silent I pop a pill
    and sit and stare
    Overwhelming thoughts of broken dreams
    rembereing to never leave again
    I must stay in my zone of despair
    When I go astray to build myself up
    Life reminds me of the excruciating fall
    My limbs intact ,with a shattered mind
    This numb feeling is nothing new
    I remember the cost of chasing a dream
    The debt has left me winded

    My elusive happy future gives one last flickering light
    Hopeless in my comfort zone
    I reside
    I have no fight

  • dreamersneverlearn 22w

    Ode to the introvert

    I see your face as you walk through the door
    Nervously glancing around the room
    Just an average day ,
    until your anxiety comes out to play
    You don't want to be here
    Too many people with endless conversation
    You'd rather be home
    You're being awfully silent
    They put you to the test...
    Questions and inquiries as to why you're not like the rest
    You feel their eyes on you ...
    They dont understand
    You don't fit the mold
    You're a problem that needs solving
    Why aren't you laughing ? Why do you feel uncomfortable?
    They will help you be normal &
    become someone new
    Don't change a thing , my fellow outcast
    Everyone is different
    There's nothing wrong with you

  • dreamersneverlearn 33w

    I believe in empathy

    I don't believe in organized religion
    Things that require faith over facts
    A holy book that demeans women ,gays and promotes slavery
    I don't follow any leaders
    Actors playing their role
    We cling on their words and choose a side
    Politics and religion will always be our divide

    I do believe in thinking for each self
    I believe in living your own life,
    And allowing others to do the same
    Love is Real . Kindness can heal
    Though we may differ from our beliefs
    If united ,we're impossible to beat
    I don't believe that day will come

  • dreamersneverlearn 41w

    I bid farewell

    Years of yearning , wanting and needing change
    Finally, i walk down the right path
    Anxiety tries to smother it
    Memories hold me at gun point
    To remain arrested in the same place
    But I've never been one to give in so easily
    I will break the cage
    I will escape this horrific past
    Happiness, will be mine at last

    So dear friend , i must let you go
    I can't hold on any longer
    You're in my thoughts everyday
    Soon we will be miles apart
    And i will embark on my fresh new start
    I must let you go...

    Still , we're broken in the same way
    I hate myself for wondering if we'll meet again some day

  • dreamersneverlearn 42w

    Miles away (Governor declares He prefers Annapolis over Baltimore)

    Eyes are blank
    Backs are strong
    Sorrow seeps through every pore
    The grass is balding and brown
    This is the hopeless side of town
    If your luxury allows you to escape to the next
    Where flowers grow ,
    Wooden benches for gathering
    All the pretty people sit and converse
    Conformity is their fashion
    Compassion is for the weak
    Don't let the city plague your mind
    Turn your head Stand your ground
    This is the rich side of town

  • dreamersneverlearn 45w

    That girl

    Theres a voice inside me , that lights the sky
    A presence of both strength and pain
    She laughs at anger and sings aloud
    She is the girl
    I always wanted to be
    Her dreams are endless
    And bound to appear
    Her past is haunting
    But still, nothing she fears
    Anxiety is an illusion she can keep afar
    She is the life of the party
    No awkward exchange
    She believes she's special..
    An orchid that grew from toxic waste
    Her life will be adventure
    Her love will be intoxicating
    Her dreams will not die
    But i am a hopeless broken woman
    A mere fan of her dance
    Desperately clinging to that optimistic girl whose voice can light the sky

  • dreamersneverlearn 45w

    Stop Raping Us

    Every two Minutes in America
    A woman is raped
    A sad unbelievable fact.

    Imagine if every 2 minutes in America a man was sodomized by a woman...

    Would it then be on the media?
    Would those females go to prison
    Unlike the men who rape women?

  • dreamersneverlearn 46w

    Boys will be boys

    A man who was accused of raping over 2 dozen women was released from prison.
    Thanks America,
    more proof that women dont matter in this country.

    The more we fight for equality
    The more hated we become

  • dreamersneverlearn 46w

    Take me to The woods

    This hip modern world is not my place
    Its filled to the brim with absolute hate
    We judge and argue over a simple opinion
    Its almost like we refuse to agree
    All these hateful comments online
    so proud you must be
    You proved to the world you're ever so cool
    This modern world is filled with fools
    The earth is slowly dying
    Wars continue to rage
    You'd think we'd ban together
    We are a " Christian Nation" after all
    I thought you christians believed in peace?
    Instead you're targeting gays and spreading more hate
    Ahh even as a child i could see
    this world was never meant for me