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  • drew650 11w

    Lustful encounter

    Bare cheeks
    Sweaty thighs
    Timid hearts
    Lustful eyes
    Impulsive movements
    Devil in disguise
    A gasp for air
    Orgasmic cries
    Here she is,
    The lady lies

  • drew650 23w

    A Days End, A Journeys Start

    A girl who is hard to please
    A girl who puts my tensions at ease
    Silent the day zooms
    Dramatic the night blooms
    Lively and thumping
    As the sun sets
    A day with you I won’t forget
    I’ll kiss your hand
    If that makes you smile
    I’ll cherish you everyday
    If that makes it worthwhile
    Pleasing you is my favorite thing to do
    You already know my heart is true
    A new day will pass
    And what we have is memories
    But the journey of ours is far from over
    The days we lived together
    Will always carryover

  • drew650 38w


    When I couldn't sleep
    As you haunted my dreams,
    I befriended the moon
    Who gently taught me
    That someday,
    The dark phase
    Will come to an end
    And afterwards,
    There will be fullness

  • drew650 41w

    What Never Was

    You're the only thing that keeps my heart beating,
    Your attention is all I want,
    You are the air that keeps my lungs breathing,
    But now I find myself short.

    I want to see the light in your eyes,
    Feeling your magic spells,
    But they've been woven on another
    And now I might as well be in hell...

    Clinging on to dreams of past longings,
    Slowly I'm crumbling,
    Losing my composure...

  • drew650 47w


    Days aren't always sunny. Appreciate every good day and bad day. Every good time and bad time. Everyday is a lesson learned. No rain, no flowers.

  • drew650 48w

    Galactic Dreamer

    The dim dreams of the future passed
    I glimpsed with both eyes clasped
    These are the fragments of my memory

    Basking upon the sight of the glorious Mars,
    Circular and as red as blood
    This fever dream engulfs me like a flood
    Upon the sight of Mars,
    I see the crowns of fallen stars

    While chasing tales of sights unseen
    I allow nothing to intervene
    For these starry great heights
    Will always be welcoming to my dreams at night

  • drew650 48w


    The night’s abyss
    Thrilling and unusual
    Subtle yet eerie

    I pull you close to me
    Body to body heart to heart
    With me, you will never be afraid of the dark.
    Solemnly seeking your body,
    escaping the demons.
    You sit idle with me
    Peering through the lens of a time so calm
    A time of peace you and me,
    Set yourself free and be with me.

    A feeling of fear no longer here,
    Replaced by trust and a new feeling of lust
    Come with me if you’re brave
    Forget your worries, leave em at the grave
    Come with me,
    Plant a kiss,
    Into the nights abyss.

  • drew650 49w

    A midnight sky
    I touch while high
    Filled with stars
    Beauty like those
    Sweet candy bars
    The bright white moon
    Maybe a groom
    Waiting for his bride,
    The sun to bloom
    Covering up the darkness
    With stars of great luminosity
    I can’t help but to stare
    Outta sheer curiosity

    It’s midnight now
    Life has never felt so fresh
    The hues of the moon
    Radiating on my chest
    My eyes consuming the light
    Of my nights delight

    Rustling leaves
    Clapping for the trees
    Comfort in solace
    Slowly ,is being provided
    The bride gets ready to meet the groom
    For the sun to bloom and then some
    Then it’s time
    For dawn to come.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #poetry #love #humans #wod #pod

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    Midnight Sky

    The midnight sky. So divine and pleasing.

  • drew650 50w


    Let me drown in your eyes
    And swallow all your pain
    Feed off of me and don’t give in
    Reach out for The positivity on my skin
    Painted all over just for you
    It’s the least I can do
    I’ll prevent your suffer
    Because I don’t want to see you sad
    And I’ll keep my word
    To keep you glad

  • drew650 51w

    On the Edge


    Overflowing rage
    Absolutely livid
    Words are your stage
    And the expressions are vivid
    Care no longer fills the page
    Consequences become rigid
    Anger dwells
    When unleashed, summons hell