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  • drpshravanithoughts 3w

    STAR ⭐

    The stars are shining in the
    Same way like everything looks
    but there are different stars
    On land everyone do so many
    Things to become a star
    Where some make someone a star
    for everything one do because
    Of getting free comforts
    Where the real star will be struggling
    Seeing the pains of people and making their
    Self empty and soon become a star
    By leaving the world breathless
    With a sign showing with hand
    Lying down on earth directing the sky
    Defining every one gonna be a star on
    Sky one day .


  • drpshravanithoughts 6w

    The today's magna

    People now a days made
    Everything possible from
    Letting it to happen,
    to letting It to destroy ,
    Every one believes that they are
    Closest with the one who are
    Online but far to reach ,
    Every one believes they
    Too have freedom to
    Do anything they want
    but left leading life acoording to their
    Families decision
    There is a freedom for everyone
    Where there choices become complicated
    Simple things will be like more expensive
    To learn ,but life is a circle of experiences
    Those experiences sometimes stuck your mind
    Distrubing your present mood
    Is it what we gonna do
    Being careful !? .

  • drpshravanithoughts 12w

    Every one are different
    Accept the person as they are
    Instead of hurting them to be
    Like what you expect


  • drpshravanithoughts 13w

    Let them leave you,
    to be you .


  • drpshravanithoughts 14w

    Impossible things takes time
    You need to be with hope


  • drpshravanithoughts 16w

    He asked " a suprise present ?
    She said " your presence
    To make me feel every sec you are
    With me ".

  • drpshravanithoughts 16w

    There will be someone
    To say you they like being like
    You one day


  • drpshravanithoughts 19w

    Every one as a Human
    Deserve a sentence called
    "You are mine forever" in
    Life but some are left with
    Moving on , some reminding
    about"You would have made it".
    Some like "Is it still going
    on between you You told it's over ".
    Some like "still doubting
    Themselves are they in relationship
    Fears to take a step and make it
    Forever ".
    I doesn't know people start relationship
    Early , love each other and again breakout
    When someone say love one make that one
    Forever and deserve for truthful love
    They do easily say it's impossible
    But making it complicated or ruining
    possible are what ?

    I don't know
    Why people started loving mess
    feeling loving the people who
    Be with us forever ugly
    And suffocated ?

    Why loving has become like
    Platinum expensive and temperary ?

    What are we presenting to future
    Generations a web of complications
    About people and their relationships ?

    When do they hear truthful love stories?

    How do they know the pain of someone who has lost physically but dieing every day of their valuable loved ones in their half journey of love life which has to be happy

  • drpshravanithoughts 23w

    People can easily believe
    "May be he or she is this "
    Than "ya i am this "

  • drpshravanithoughts 28w

    In the pathway of life ,
    Heard about real people,
    Started finding them
    What I left with realization
    Of being myself real alone..