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  • drsanchita 127w

    She has a raging fury residing in her heart
    With a soul full of calmness
    Settling her ocean full of dreams

  • drsanchita 130w


    You were the plot twist my story was craving for a while.

  • drsanchita 131w

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    She's kinda girl who'll make diamond shine brighter.

  • drsanchita 132w

    I'll sink in your soul
    To find me in you
    If you forgot me some day.

  • drsanchita 134w

    और वो जो तुम सुन कर भी अनसुना कर गए हो,
    वो कुछ नहीं बस उस रूह की आवाज़ है
    जिसे तुम छोड़ आए थे किसी रोज़ उस
    शहर में जहां का रास्ता नाप वापस लौट आई हैं ये।

    तुम से मिलने नहीं, बस वो इतिहास के पन्नों में दर्ज़ होने
    जिन पर तुमने तवज्जो देनी बंद कर दी है,
    क्योंकि नए शहर में चिजे़
    जि़द से या रूठने से नहीं मिला करती।

    नए शहर में, नए रीशतो के बंदीश हो
    नए सवालों की भीड है जिन्हें समझना अभी बाकी है
    जहां हर गलती की सज़ा है और ढांकने वाले भी अब अनजान हैं।

    मुसलसल तुम नए शहर के आदी हो ही जाओगे
    और उन आवाजों को, सपनों को,
    फरीयादो को रोंद आगे बढ़ भी जाओगे पर,
    पर वो रुह तुमहारे सामने फिर लोटेगी ने ख्वाबों के साथ।

  • drsanchita 134w

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  • drsanchita 134w

    10 things I know are true

    What will be your 10 things?
    @birajv @impawan @rupal_teotia @iammusaafiir @preetidixit @ayush634 @wiseword

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    10 things I know that are true

    #1 All the love you give away, will follow you back and will hit you some day sure. So be generous.
    #2 to have peace, you need to create not just for yourself.
    #3 You deserve everything, what you can dream of. Dreams are your near future.
    #4 Hugs are under rated medicines.
    #5 The one friend for a life is better than array.
    #6 Friends can be temporary; friendships are not.
    #7 losing someone is easier than losing weight.
    #8 Do more of what you are afraid of.
    #9 Never announce your moves before you make them.
    #10 'Breathe' is all what you can do and is all what you are supposed to stay alive.

  • drsanchita 134w

    There is something under my bed,
    And it's not a monster but
    My dreams of running away from this world
    Full of mysognistic's hunting.

    There's something under my bed,
    And that is not a monster but
    All the self doubts, anxiety, uncertainty
    Traveling around my body whole day.

    There's something under my bed,
    And that is not a monster but
    Fears of death coming close inchmeal.

    All the dreams,doubts and fear seeps from my sheets into the unreal world under my bed looking for realistic trends.

  • drsanchita 135w

    And I thought I could
    Write people in poems,
    But you cannot cage the wild in
    Ruled lines,
    Or crammed into metaphors.
    You cannot expound them with the
    adjectives learnt back in elementary.
    You wished you could fix them with
    rhyming scheme,
    but people are not verse.
    You cannot stuff misery
    Into prose.
    You thought you could put "happy endings",
    But they'll never be happy to end.
    And that's because people are not poetry.

  • drsanchita 135w

    I laugh a little more,
    When I intend to cry.

    I smile a little more,
    When I feel helpless.

    I walk a little more,
    When anxiety clouds my thoughts.

    I sleep a little more,
    When things are not right.

    I wait a little more
    In a hope someday, someone
    Will find out me in all my
    Fake emotions.